Flax crackers stuck to the sheet!

Ack, I’m kind of stuck, and I’m hoping someone else has been where I’m at, lolz! I’m using my oven on the lowest temp as a dehydrator to make golden flaxseed and sunflower seed crackers, and the door’s been cracked while the crackers are dehydrating. I’m ready to flip them, but they are totally stuck! I used a lightly oiled cookie sheet (I know) and now I’m not sure what to do! Any suggestions? They are not cracker like yet, but they are solid and getting dry around the edges and pliable but firm in the middle.


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Take the bottom of the sheet and push the cracker up. Should do the trick.

  • Ah, I will go try that now :) thank you!

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    It might not work out this time. :( Try parchment paper next time. You can get unbleached at health food stores, if you want.

    This time, use a spatula to try to separate the crackers from the pan. Salvage as much as you can.

  • Superfood – well, the crumbs taste wonderful! I think I will use them anyway, and I’m definitely going to look for that paper. Does it sit on a baking sheet, or by itself in the woven/dehydrator?

    Edit: I see that even Reynolds brand makes it, I should be able to find some easily. Thanks again!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Another option… score/cut the dough into cracker size then work with a spatula to lift off the cracker size pieces and flip. This will give your smaller amounts to “destick” at a time and a better chance of getting the size you want in the end. If this doesn’t work… you have some croutons or cracker crunchies to sprinkle on stuff.

    ... just had another idea… try using “extreme” temperature to “help” in unsticking the crackers. I’m not sure which might work. Try icing down the bottom of the pan then try to ply them off. For another try, have a bowl of hot water next to the pan. You can either run a section of the pan over the hot water (or a burner on the stove) to warm up an area and then try plying off crackers in the warmed area. Or, dip a spatula in the hot water, dry it off quickly, then ply away. Repeat the spatula “jacuzzi” treatment when the spatula cools off. I’m not sure if this is clear… but I hope you get the idea. :)

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