Hi, 2 questions...for now.

Hi everyone, I’m new to Raw and very excited about it! It just seems so right, something I can’t even explain. I have a couple questions that I’m hoping someone can maybe give me some insight on. 1.) Are prunes raw? 2.) Because I’ve been reading about mineral/vitamin deficiencies, can you take supplements? Thanks to anyone who helps in answering them!!!


  • Hey. I think it depends on how the prunes are processed, so there is no definite, across-the-board answer for prunes.

    You can take supplements; however, they are not necessary for health, except for everyone, omni or not, needs to get supplemented B12 somehow, whether it be from animal products (where the animals’ feed is supplemented) and it’s not even absorbed very well, or from other bacterial sources. Try to get a sublingual, regardles of whatever else you do with regard to B12. If you want specific nutrients, tell us; we can tell you what foods to eat.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    crysp2fresh, some prunes may be raw. i think dried fruits are a good transition food because drying does not kill as many nutrients as cooking. but if you are striving to be all raw, then call the company to verify.

    yes, i am raw vegan and take supplements. my levels of certain things were low and i wanted to be sure i would recover. i couldn’t wait for detox and everything to get higher energy. there is no shame in it. but the best thing to do is get your blood tested and see if you are actually deficient before buying expensive pills.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    One of the main features of being raw is that you do get the maxium amounts of nutrients out of your food – compared to a cooked diet.

    Aside from the B12 issue, you should be able to get everything you need from a raw vegan diet, and your ability to assimilate nutrients will increase the more raw you are as well.

    Most prunes are blanched and steamed and died at high temperatures, but I am sure must be an organic, truly raw, sun dried brand somewhere out there. You could try drying your own plums? Not sure how that would go but it could be worth a try?

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