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i hate food combining

Hi Everyone! I have only been eating raw since June so I am still pretty new. The first book I ever read was Natalia Rose’s “The Raw Food Detox Diet” and she made food combining seem sooooo important. No matter how much it frustrates me to have to properly combine I still always do it because she makes it seem like if you miscombine the food will just sit in your stomach for days.WELL it seems like tons of recipes are miscombined and many of the people here on the forums who I feel really know what they are doing also eat bad combinations. I guess what I am asking is, DOES IT REALLY MATTER???? I feel like my life would just be a million times better if I could eat avocado with everything and if I could put other fruits in my salads.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i think it depends on your digestion. and the day it seems! sometimes i am more sensitive than others.

    although I do not know what you mean avocado not going into salads. greens go with everything since they are neutral. hope that opens up some doors for ya!

  • Thanks Bitt!! I do eat avocado with my salads, but sometimes I would love to put some sliced apples in there or something. What I meant about the avocados is that I would love to put them on things like flax crackers but apparently those 2 things don’t combine. Maybe I shoudld start trying different combinations to see if my tummy hurts? I think you are probably right about everyone being different. Thanks for your feedback!

  • I am currently a nutrition major at Cal Poly, and today we were actually talking about food combining in class. My Proffesor said that food combining is bullshit. Put Avocado on everything! It wont make a difference with your gastro intestinal system!

  • Yeah it really depends on your digestion system, I have broke all the food combining rules and yes sometimes you get the occasional gas, but really nothing horrible. I think i stopped believing in food combining when everyone told me not to eat anything with melons.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    It does matter for me for some things; I just started noticing majorly about five months ago. Fat and fruit is a big no-no for me. I know this because the food sits like a brick in there for about half a day, unmoving, giving me bloating, brain fog, anxiety and an upset stomach. Then I started noticing that when kiwi’s and banana’s are combined, or when I combine watermelon with dates I explode internally – have bad gas, cramping and stuff like that. I feel like my stomach gets confused, like it’s trying to decide how to digest what.

    I don’t like combining a lot of food in general, I guess. Mono-meals seem safest for my digestive system because they’re just one type of food; seems like that helps my digestion run smoothest.

  • Thanks for asking about this, I have been wondering the same thing. The one thing that I have noticed is that combining nuts with certain things seems a little harder than some other food combinations on my tummy, so I try to avoid that or eat that as my last meal of the day. If I feel like I am not passing food though quickly, then I try to not mix food for the next couple of meals, but I don’t think I could ever stick fully to the way that Natalia Rose says to do it.

  • anabanana- I am also a nutrition major! How convenient that you just had a lecture on food combining right when I needed your knowledge!

    ardesmond- I get a stomach ache even thinking about eating things with melons :)

    MOTH- Kiwi’s and bananas? I wonder why! I can usually combine different types of fruit with no problems. You must be ultra clean on the inside!

    Brighteyes- eating nuts hurts my tummy in general. They didn’t used to but now I try to avoid them as much as possible. I think when I was still eating them that they were easiest on my system when combined with leafy greens and worst when combined with dried fruits.

    Thanks so much everyone! I think I will start to eat avocados with whatever the heck I please and that will make me very happy!

  • iknikn

    I follow some basic food combining rules but not rigidly. Just like MOTH, I found that for me fruits don’t work with anything else. Also, you’re right BrightseyeLA about the nuts.

    But, if you restrict yourself too much, than how can you enjoy eating? or anything for that matter? So I think as long as you feel well, than eat the way it feels right for you.

  • I’ve gone through so many phases with my food combining habits… was ultra-pure for awhile, and that worked really well physically, but was a drag in every other sense. Now I try out whatever combinations I want, live-and-learn style, if it works, great!. If your body’s still getting used to your new way of eating, my advice is to TAKE IT SLOWLY! Start with one new food combination at a time and give it a day or two to see how it feels…. otherwise things start getting complicated, you don’t know what gave you gas and it’s easy to slip back into the habitually uncomfortable body… Good luck!

  • I think that worrying about food combining will give you gas. eat the combos you want…your body is telling you something. Listen. If something doesn’t work out so well, keep it in mind for next time. I feel strongly that this should not become a control issue. EAT!

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    I wanted to say what hippie chick said.

    great insight, everyone.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    also good to note that you spent most of your life completely ignoring these rules. then you TOTALLY change your diet and start to also follow a new set of rules. i think it’s too much all at once.

    your body won’t be as sensitive to poor combinations in the beginning anyway. NR actually talks about that a lot.

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