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? ideas for whole (unhulled) hemp seeds?

I am able to get sproutable,unsterilized, unhulled hemp seeds here. i can get the hulled ones but they tasted bad and im not confident that they are not rancid. so id rather stick with the whole ones, which are fairly cheap, in any case. i also read that some of the protein is contained in the shell and it is better to eat the whole thing…but they are pretty “crunchy”... havent found any recipes anywhere using whole hemp seeds; ive been making hemp milk but straining it because i dont like the crunchy bits, but apparently i should be somehow consuming those too..? any recipe ideas. thanks




  • Whole hemp seeds would go very well in any chocolate/fudge/etc type recipe if you like crunchy treats. That’s about all I can think of though. I have a huge 5lb bag that I’ve been struggling to finish. The whole seeds are definitely a more complete food because of the fiber, but I’m not sure about the extra protein. I’ll have to look into that.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    You can use them to make pate, burgers, cheese, etc in fact any recipe that has nuts or seeds in it you can use the hemp seeds in instead/or as well as them.

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    I use them for making milk with. They do need serious straining after but it makes a great shake with bananas.

  • kaybee1978kaybee1978 Raw Newbie

    hmmm. yeah, chocolate, fudge, etc…except i cant get raw cacao, carob, coconut butter, etc here (ireland) until i make another trip home (US)... james what do you DO with youre 5 lb bag? Zoe—the ones with the hulls still on them, which is what I have, I dont think will work so well for things that need to be smooth…. Fee, thats what Ive been doing and the bulk of the hulls sink to the bottom of the blender, but theres also alot of seed pieces in with them, so i feel like alot of the seed is getting wasted… today i tried leaving it all in the milk, but they still settled to the bottom of the blender; the shells are just too heavy to remain suspended in a liquid. so i tried to chew up the hulls and get them down, as the website (forget which one, but one out of the US selling hemp seeds that comes up if you google “whole hemp seeds” and “recipes), said that they contain some of the protein but also that they are a good source of insoluble fiber, like psyllium husks, that help clean out our digestive track. ACK. it was like chewing a mouth full of bark or something, even when theyd been blasted in the blender for 2 minutes or so…..

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hmm, yes, I’ve had the same issue… I rather like to have the whole hemp seeds because of the benefits they have, but sometimes you just dont need the crunch or it is getting too much…

    I’ve made hemp milk, strained it well and kept the leftover ‘pulp’ in the fridge until I used it. Here is what I’ve tried… I mixed (in the food processor) the pulp/seed stuff with bananas, coconut oil or butter, cacao powder and soaked dates. Out came a really nice dessert and the crunch was not bad at all. Very nutritious in any way.

    Now if you dont get raw cacao, carob, or coconut butter… hmm, maybe bananas and natural vanilla and maybe a nut butter and dates would do it? Do you get coconut oil instead of butter? These are just a few suggestions I can think of…

    But in any case, integrating into a dessert did it for us :) Hope this helps.

  • Lol kaybee. I went a little overboard with the 5lb bag, but I usually eat a 2+ cups a day. It is a bit tough chewing the shells at first, but I’ve grown accustomed to it. There are some uk stores that sell cacao/carob/butters/etc online if that’s an option. Possibly some in ireland too.

  • kaybee1978kaybee1978 Raw Newbie

    2 cups a day! wow thats a lot of crunching! yeah, i could get that stuff from a UK shop, but seeing as my savings are still in american dollars, the price in UK pounds, plus the shipping, make it way beyond my budget. think im going back to the states for a week in December, when ill stock up on almonds (if i can get them unpasteurized…thought i was safe once i was in europe…guess where the bulk health food supplier for this part of ireland that supplies all the hfs in this area of the country sources their almonds from? USA… argh.) I think im going to try just crunching some, and maybe trying to put the hempmilk pulp into some kind of a cookie bar…?...beate64, yeah one day i tried the upper layer of the pulp from the blender mixed with some honey and it was REALLY good, as it already had vanilla in it… but i still left behind the really shelly, heavy layer of hulls in the blender… maybe ill have to hold off on using the hempmilk pulp until i get back to the states and more affordably stock up on nuts, coconut butter, cacao, carob, DATES, etc. brought a few pounds with me but im out. i think the crunchy will be less noticeable in something solid; in the milk, settling to the bottom of the glass, it just doesnt work well. james—funny that im laughing about your 5 lb bag because I was actually thinking of getting the same thing, so i dont know why im laughing about your big amount ;) was thinking of getting 2.5 kg (about 5 lb) in bulk the next time i go to the bulk supplier… i think the hulled seeds might be more palatable, but they come hulled in a can and are not refrigerated; had them once and was not too thrilled. dont really trust the freshness, i think they go rancid fast out of shell…

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Where/how can you get raw hemp seeds? I wonder if I can get them here and it be ok…

    I live in the US and they are illegal here…you can get hemp seeds, but all of them are roasted so they can’t be grown, as ANY plant of the cannibus genus is illegal here. rolls eyes

  • Hey Bran, here’s a brand you can get online or at your local Health Food Store: http://www.livingnutritionals.com/index.php?cPa… If the link doesn’t take you to the seeds, click on Nutiva and go to the organic hemp seeds. Good luck!

  • suer6suer6 Raw Newbie


    Yes, you can get raw hemp seeds in the U.S. Here is the link to the hemp seeds at nuts.com. I've ordered from them many times. They are a really good store. https://nuts.com/cookingbaking/seeds/hemp/

  • alwynnecalwynnec Raw Newbie

    Too much hassle for me I’m afraid

    are they good for my bird table.?


  • alwynnecalwynnec Raw Newbie

    Are they good for my bird table ?


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