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Braggs Aminos Healthy??

rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

I noted that Braggs aminos are a very popular ingredient in quite a few recipes in this site. I have never used it, since I seem to remember somebody saying that Braggs aminos was not healthy because it comes from soy beans.

I’m now debating whether or not to include this in the recipes I make. People’s comments seem to suggest that the aminos have a great flavor. I dont eat soy or soy products since I don’t trust the bean. Am I right? should I worry about this?

I would appreciate any comments. Thank you!


  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    Braggs Aminos is MSG soup. There is a another post about it somewhere, maybe someone can find it for you!

  • See info below:

    simplyraw writes, Sep 15, 2008: (326 posts)

    Topic: New to Raw / What exactly is Braggs Aminos?

    Here is some information on nama shoyu, bragg’s liquid aminos, and tamari sauce. Any of them could be used. None of them are really considered raw. And I believe those with certain health issues use Tamari sauce. They cannot use nama shoyu or bragg’s liquid aminos. But all three do contain soy, which takes us back to the soybean issues.

    The following was in the Pure Magazine Winter 2008.

    Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

    - not technically raw, Bragg’s is a liquid protein concentrate. It contains naturally occurring MSG in the form of glutamic acid. made from non-GMO soy, and water.

    Organic Nama Shoyu

    - fermented, not a raw food, but is a living food. Also contains naturally occurring MSG. Made from soybeans, spring water, whole wheat, sea salt.

    Organic Tamari

    - not a raw food, also contains naturally occurring MSG in the form of glutamic acid. Made from whole soybeans, sea salt, water, and koji (Aspergillus hacho)

  • Rawcloud – Thanks for sharing.:)

    Rawlizard – You can find more information and advice from others at the following thread…


    For me… When I started incorporating a raw lifestyle, I found lots of recipes using one of the three Braggs Aminos, Nama Shoyu, or Tamari Sauce. So, I made a couple of those recipes. It did not take me long or my body long to move away from the too salty flavors I found in some raw recipes. I did come to the conclusion that these were transitioning recipes. Now if a recipe calls for one of these ingredients…I first make it without. But my family and I usually tend to stay away from those products. Bragg’s Aminos does state on the bottle that they use non-GMO soy. But it has come down to MSG issues for our family. My daughter and I have started to notice MSG symptoms, so we sway away. Do what resonates right for you. Best of Health on whatever path you choose.:)

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    this stuff made me so sick after just one spray… I had migraines and twitching for a whole day and night! MSG soup indeed

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Thank you so much for all the links and your feedback! I’ve been using apple cider vinegar instead, and the recipes come out very good. Thank you all.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    sweet! that stuff is nasty in my opinion~ I was sucked in my how cheap it was, and all the “healthy” stuff on the label. no more labels for me

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