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Coconut Oil

Hi all!

I am new to this forum and am intruigued by the amount of praise I am seeing for using coconut oil on the skin after showering. I really want to try this out but can I ask where you can buy coconut oil that’s for skin and not for cooking? (I am British by the way) I have looked on the net but I keep finding cooking oil- or is it the same that you are using on your skin?

thanks :)



  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I’m using the virgin coconut oil that I bought from the health food section of my supermarket. It’s for cooking and eating, but I’m just not quite sold on eating it yet. That’s just me, though. Coconut meat and milk gives me indigestion. I know it’s supposed to be super healthy, though. So, instead, for me, it makes a lovely, if oily, moisturizer. I use it on my hands and feet, elbows and even my neck, occasionally. I don’t use it on my body because I’m afraid it might stain my clothes with oil, unless I were to walk around naked for long enough for it to be absorbed. LOL! I’ve even been using it to lube up my boyfriend’s psoriasis-affected spots. I don’t know that it will have any positive effect, beyond just moisturizing his dry patches with a high quality, pure oil product. He does enjoy the pampering, though. ;-)

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Hi Louloubelle! Coconut oil is indeed a wonderful thing! As someone pointed out, if you can eat it then it is definatly ok for use on skin, (as long as it is just oil and not oil and little bits of the coconut meat). the stuff I use comes from a health food shop and I use it for uncooking and for my body. Sorry I can remember the brand name.

    There is also a raw in the uk thread on this site, usually has some activity everyday, and you can always ask us uk-ians any uk specific questions there if you want, we are a friendly bunch!

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    sweetpea posted whilst I was writting… but makes me think, yes you can use it for lube in other places as well ;-)

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    That wasn’t exactly what I was referring to, though I did think of that when I chose the word “lube” :-P It’s not a bad idea, though!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    haha sprinleaf, that was a good one.

    1sweatpea and louloubelle, I put coconut oil before I shower and when I get out and dry myself my skin is silky smooth and moisturized with no excess oil.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Troublesjustabubble:)—Does the shower get greased up? What about your towels? Do you use a bath brush to exfoliate your skin with the coconut oil or are you just getting in the shower, rinsing off, doing your hair routine and getting out again? Not to pry or anything. I’m just looking for winter solutions, when my skin starts to get alligator-dry.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    1sweetpea-I dry brush before showering and put coconut oil on right after dry brushing. Then I pop in the shower and rinse all the dead skin off and shave(with my already coconut oiled legs(No soap required)) and wash my hair then pop out and dry. The hot water helps my skin to absorb the oils and it doesn’t get my shower greasy at all. The towels don’t get greasy either since it’s barely any excess at that point and coconut oil is so light weight. I change my towels every couple days anyway.

    All my friends and family now use this routine after seeing my skin. None of them are raw. They just like having soft and moisturized skin!

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    Louloubelle, it’s the same oil for eating and moisturizing.

    Since I quit using soap and shampoo, I really don’t need to moisturize anymore and mostly do it for the massage.

    I love that my beauty regiment consists of dry brushing, comb my hair, wash with water only and a drop or two of coconut oil to finish up.

    It’s the freedom I love more than anything, really.

    As for using it as a personal lubrication, if you are using condoms, oil rots rubber, even pure, virgin, unheated oil :)

    I would think the oil would remain and might cause problems.

    Has anyone tried it for personal lube?

    How was it?

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    ungrateful~ I believe it was in “Our Bodies Ourselves” that suggests coconut oil as a good personal lube. But, I think, if one is using a condom, it is recommended to use a water soluble lube.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I think it would be a great lube if you don’t use condoms as I don’t. I’m afraid my husband will have an allergic reaction to though since he’s got high allergies to many foods including all nuts.

    ungrateful-I totally agree about the freedom. I don’t use any soap except for shampoo(which I really really want to get rid of when I can). It’s such an amazing regimen that makes me feel beautiful.

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    Also make sure that the oil you are buying is cold-pressed and preferably organic.

    I also use coconut oil as a moisterizer, it’s expensive but lasts awhile and you don’t need much.

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    Valeria, as far as the expense, I pay approx $15 for 15 ounce jar at my whole foods (whole paycheck). Not as expensive as, oh, say AVEENO at 9.99 for 5 oz. Not to mention that you don’t use nearly as much coco oil as lotion (which is mostly water and just evaporates off your skin).

    And it isn’t toxic.

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    trouble, isn’t it great? I went through my cupboards and threw out all the soaps, lotions and potions that I had. I now have a stick of toms of maine deodorant, bottle of dr bronner’s and a jar of coconut oil. Let freedom ring. :)

  • I just bought a jar of coconut oil, and find it way too oily to use on my face as a daily moisturizer. My face just looks greasy with it on. I love it for a body moisturizer though.

    Can anybody suggest a good facial moisturizer? I find that my skin feels dryer since I have cut out meat and dairy. I am about 80% raw, and do drink plenty of water.

  • I have not tried this yet because I always think of going into the kitchen and scooping out oil odd. I guess I should just buy another jar of oil. What is dry brushing? I have a surgical brush I use on my kids for sensory impairment. I wonder if it is the same thing. I hate the feeling of it when my kids brush me. I use a scrubby thing in the shower but wonder what you all are doing.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I’m curious what a dry brush is too. I have a standard bath brush (long handle, round, spiky/soft fibres. I use it in the shower on my face and body to slough off dead skin. I’ve also started massaging my face with my fingertips in the shower. It feels nice and my skin really glows when I get out. I’m looking for a good moisturizer for my face too. I’m happy to use coconut oil on my body, but it’s far too oily for my face. I have at least 6 products, some organic, that smell and feel nice, but are full of alcohols and strange ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I’d love to find something natural to use instead.

  • According to Natalia Rose’s book “The Raw Food Detox Diet”, ‘dry brushing on a regular basis lightens the burden of excess waste on your liver and spleen. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is key to delivering oxygen to your cells (the skin breathes). Dry brushing lifts off all the waste matter (your body releases 2 to 5 pounds of toxins a day through your skin) and allows the skin to take in more oxygen, as well as throw off more waste matter. Also, dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, which moves the waste through the body to eliminative organs and lymphatic drainage areas.

    Use a natural bristle skin brush, which you can get at your local health food store.

    She says to remove your clothes, then take the brush off its handle for easier mobility. Start with the soles of your feet and dry brush in long upward strokes. Brush from the ankles to the calves, concentrating on the area behind the knees. Then brush from the knees to the groin, the thighs, and the buttocks. If you’re a woman, make circular strokes around your thighs and buttocks to help mobilize fat stores ( cellulite). Then brush the torso (avoiding the breasts). Finally, make long strokes from the wrists to the shoulders and underarms. It should take no more than five minutes. The best times to brush are in the morning before exercising or showering, or before retiring at night.

  • I use aloe gel for a face moisturizer. I use the one made by Lilly of the Valley. I use it to twist my locs too.

  • Thanks for all the lovely tips guys- I bought a jar of coconut oil from my local health food store on Saturday and applied it after dry brushing and bathing on Saturday night and I felt smooth as a baby! I’ve also invested in some lavender epsom salts for the bath which I’ll test out tonight :-)

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    louloubelle: I looked at the jar of coconut oil that I have at home and it says it is organic, virgin and cold pressed, the make is “Biona”.

  • Isn’t coconut oil the most magic thing ever? :D

    I started using is as a body lotion after showering, with fantastic results. As one book warned, if an animal is nearby they’re always trying to lick your legs! In the past I was using olive oil as my “soap” without dry brushing first and the results were also good. I just didn’t feel too stable in the shower with all that oil everywhere. Plus I love to really exfoliate – I swear I’m the queen of regenerating new skin – and having the oil on prior to getting in the shower seems to totally prevent that. I use these waffle weave cloths from eBay (but you can probably buy many other places) that are SO GOOD at sloughing off dead skin. I will have to try dry brushing then oil then shower and see how that works, tho. Always like trying new things…

    For my face I was using LUSH moisturizer for years. It was good stuff. But after going totally raw my skin needed much less tending and now I can usually get away with water, a skinvac.com cloth, and some coconut oil. The trick to not making your face a grease slick is to make sure it’s still damp. Mist with water or toner if need be, then slather a few drops coconut oil in your palms and gently smooth over your wet face. My skin is absolutely glowing with this routine. High five for the freedom of raw!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I use coconut oil as a cleanser – rub it on and wipe it off with a cotton ball! Takes of EVERYTHING and no need to moisturize afterwards! I usually just do this in the evening and no need for face cream in the morning.

  • I eat coconut oil everyday and I am losing weight. All coconut oil, even cold pressed on the shelves are heated. Even Nutiva brand, I emailed the company. You have to buy a brand like Artisana raw coconut butter that is sold as raw to get the raw stuff. The American beef industry wanted to use coconut oil and palm oil to feed cattle but the cows lost weight on it so they trashed that idea and in the tropics it is not used to fatten pigs because of this reason.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    how high is nutiva heated?

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi troublesjustabubble:)...the nutiva oil is heated to 170 degrees, but they are coming out with a raw coconut oil around january:)

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    sheesh, and they call it cold pressed. Hmm, well I’m not looking for a butter so I’ll stick to the oil. It’s been working wonders so I’m not terribly concerned.

    Thanks rosehebrew and evergreen!

  • itouristitourist Raw Newbie

    I was consuming ev coconut oil (2 Tablespoons a day) and applying it on my face after bath. I applied it to my face hoping that it would reduce pimples. Wishful thinking was telling me that it was, but two or three would pop up each month.

    When I started consuming bananas, the pimples went away. Coconut oil can be messy. I just use the Neutrogena moisturizer without sunscreen and without any of those peely acids. And now I am an Avon freak. So I use whatever stuff I recently purchased as a body lotion.

  • QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

    I’ve been using coconut oil (sparingly) in my hair, letting it sit for an hour or more… then showering. I use Nature Gate’s Herbal Shampoo to get the oil out. I use 1 tsp ACV in 1/3 cup water mixture as a hair rinse, leaving it on and letting it air dry.

    I am noticing my hair has much more shine and life to it.

    After showering, I sparingly rub coconut oil into my face and body skin. I use coconut oil as a lip balm… very nice and tasty as well.

    As a skin cleanser I also use the ACV-water mixture on a cotton ball and then follow with the coconut oil (sparingly). I use the oil around my eyes as well.

    I use to use Pevonia face creme which is rather spendy… and I like the effect of the coconut oil better and cheaper, non-toxic. I was also previously using the Avalon Organics Ultimate Moisture Cream and their Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream… but still like the coconut oil better. Feels so clean and am noticing my fine lines are disappearing. :)

    Baby’s Butt Soft Skin!


  • SCRUB RECIPE : -Jar (with lid, glass or ceramic) -Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Avacado Oil, or Apricot Oil ect. ect.! (any or all) -Sugar or Salt & or Coffee -Any “Esential Oils” you wish.. Lime, Orange, Wintergreen, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree.. ect. ect.

    WHAL LA! The best, cheapest, funest scrubs in the world!!! YEA!

    I scrub my body & face.. Really gives you a nice glow.

  • Maybe I should elaborate…

    Put whatever oils u want in jar (coconut, almond, whatever u choose). Then mix in drops esential oils. Mix. Smell. Keeep adding drops, till you love smell!! Then add sugar/coffee or salt. Done!:)

    Then Happy Time in shower!!! I know.. I’m a little crazy. Must be the raw food.:)

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