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My 80-10-10 experiment

lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

If you’ve been floating around the posts, I, who is the biggest skeptic on 80-10-10 am giving it another go with humor and I hope some bit of dedication. It is a little fun at the end of the day (thanks to www.nutridiary.com) to tally up my day. I must say i was dying on day 1. I got maybe 2 hours sleep last night from my last cacao high so i dragged all day despite all this fruit. At the end of the day, i don’t want to see any more fruit. My only added fat was 1/2 an avo on a humongous green salad (lemon juice only) at the end of the day. I’m still over 600 cals short, but I seriously can’t eat anymore. day 1 question: I ended up at 79% fruit carb, 5% protein and 10% fat and 6% alcohol (had to have the 2 glasses of wine…it’s made from fruit and it has no fat?) The question is-how do i up the protein without upping the fat? I ate an entire clamshell of lettuce and 1/2 a clamshell of spinach-still not enough protein! What I felt? Pure misery until that big green salad. I might have to move the greens to the 3pm meal. Tomorrow should be a better day as long as I sleep.



  • I tried experimenting with 80 10 10 a couple months ago. Found it really difficult. The whole theory seems to make a lot of sense, but I had a lot of trouble consuming the huge amount of fruit needed to get the calories. I started loosing more weight. 5’3” and down to 92 lbs. I just didn’t want to loose anymore. I did notice that my digestion seemed better with 80 10 10. It’s hard to find tree ripened fruit I wonder about how healthy it really is to eat such huge amounts of fruit that’s picked unripe. I’ve read if it’s not picked ripe it could be missing a lot of nutrients. It does seem like the most natural diet for man but we’re just not living in a very natural world anymore and so many fruits are so hybridized. It would be wonderful if we all had a variety of fruit trees growing in our yards. I guess some people are lucky enough to have that. It sure sounds like some people really thrive on 80 10 10. Don’t mean to sound negative or discouraging . I’d even like to give it a try again sometime. Just not ready to try it right now. I’ve also been told by some other knowledgeable people that my body is overly acid and that eating all that fruit would make me more acid and contribute to inflammation. I’m still really confused about the whole acid/alkaline thing. Sorry about all the rambling. As far as upping the protein maybe some green juices could help as a source of easily assimilated protein. Not sure if green juices would be an acceptable part of an 80 10 10 diet. I ran into the same problem as I think I’m a body type that needs more protein than some and also I’m a Vata/pita ayruvedic type. Would love to hear more about your experiment.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys,

    I don’t add any protein; I just eat enough fruit and lots of greens, and I have been putting on a lot of muscle. You might have trouble consuming massive amounts of fruit in the beginning because your stomachs have lost natural elasticity, due to consuming more dense, heavy foods. I know that was my case.- and I just kept increasing the amount of fruit each meal. I know Dr. D says that if you feel like you’re full of fruit, eat a little bit more – to help your belly regain that elasticity. I used to think 7 bananas was a big meal when I started 811 – now I can go up to 12-14 depending on hunger, and even if I am STUFFED, my fruit meal easily digests and I’m feeling light and bouncy only about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes later, sometimes faster. Massive amounts of greens are harder for me to consume, for some reason – don’t digest as swiftly for me, but I eat them anyway because I have learned they are necessary to ground your energy.

    My first few days on 811 (whenever I restart it after eating too many overts – I’m in the restarting phase right now but getting past the curve) I don’t feel that great – I crave fats like MAD – but it’s mostly a psychological thing rooted in going for what I consider “comfort foods.” Adding fats, spices and even herbs are emotionally based for me; I don’t really need them, but sometimes I think I need a way to comfort myself with food. I know Durianrider is a figure of controversy for this website, but he did say a few things that resonated with me, one of which is, “Eat for fuel, not feelings.” It really helped me on 811 to monitor my own feelings and see how that related to my interactions with my “fuel.”

    Don’t forget to move your bod and sweat too! That really helps make you hungry for more fruit.

    I find if I am tired of sweet fruits – which in the beginning can happen – it might be that I need something ‘salty’ so I eat lots of cherry tomatoes or celery and it makes me feel a lot better. For some reason, it just really helps satisfy my “savory” needs – which makes me think that being sick of sweet fruits is a sign that the body is craving natural sodium.

    There is a curve with 811 I noticed – I think for some people it takes longer before you start to feel the magic. It takes me about a week or two to get past the curve. At the end of week one, I notice I have tons of energy, running up flights of stairs two at a time. By week two, I can’t help but dance everywhere; music is amazing, my mental clarity is astonishing. By week three, I am in bliss – so centered and at peace. And it only continued to get better and better – I start having some very amazing and trippy “highs” by the end of the month. Reality becomes SO CLEAR.

    The reason why I have fallen off the 811 path in the past is because I let my calories get too low – and then I crave fats because as DR says, the body will get those calories from somewhere. I did 811 pretty fervantly for a few weeks over the summer, went to NYC to dance, forgot to eat, and a few walnuts triggered me into over-doing it on overts for a week. I could have chosen the sweet fruit, but there was some serious emotions involved as well and I thought, “what’s the harm?” All of my old ailments came back instantly – I got severe knee pain in my knee (old injury from running), pink, runny eyes, terrible manic-depression and anxiety, not to mention brain fog, and I didn’t go to the bathroom for three days.

    I felt horrible – it was proof to me that “the way” for me, my personal Path with raw foods, is the 811 style of raw. I am just sharing my experiences with it for you – as it helps me also to talk about it.

    After I restarted 811, I finally went to the bathroom = THE RELIEF was beyond simple language – incredible.

    Anyway, I really love the simplicity of this diet. How natural and “right” it feels. Feels awesome. I’ve been trying a new fruit every weekend.

    Anyway, best of luck on your trial. :-)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hi what IS 80 10 10? i have no idea :P

    Limelady, i just wanted to mention you seem to be at least a stone, maybe more, underweight for your height so its very good that you dont want to lose more, dont want you fading away on us (hugs)

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    dodo-80% carbs from fruit, 10% raw protein, 10% raw fat. It’s all outlined in a book by Dr. Douglas graham entitled “80-10-10”. Day 2 and i feel like crap. I woke at 3:00am with bug dreams and had trouble going back to sleep. I have a nasty headache. MOTH- on the exercise-I just didn’t put all that boring stuff down here, but i’ve been logging it on Nutridiary and I did get surprisingly close to my 1200 cal burn yesterday, 1 hr of Pilates and 50 min on the eliptical, plus walking the dogs. i was surprised. Off to the spin bike now.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    I just wanted to add that 10% protein is the maximum amount of daily protein. It’s totally fine if you don’t make this number…In fact, I’ve never hit 10% eating 80/10/10. The most I’ve gotten is around 8%. Usually, I’m between 5-7%.

    Also, great job on all the exercise. Being active will really help you to detox quicker. Make sure you get lots of sleep and sunshine, too! :)

    Swayze :)

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    The whole 80-10-10 thing sounds more like a burden to me than anything. I admire those that can do it, it takes A LOT of discipline. My lifestyle is too busy to even attempt it. I am sure it’s super healthy for you, but in my world view I believe our days are numbered anyway but we can take steps to be more healthy and enjoy our time here, but something like this for me would just cause me pain. Raw was really hard for me to get into to start with and I am finding is still hard to maintain. Then again meal preparation would be much easier with this ;)

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    i am curious how one measures out daily food so that it’s 80 10 10. Do you split it up equally with each meal, or do you eat all the carbs in the morning, protein and fat later? Do you estimate or use actual calculations? I just know that I would mess this up lol!

  • Moth thank you for this long post.I am on day four, after nine 811-days followed by a little pause (not enough calories, i was craving fats). Now by reading you I feel like living a week 3!

    Chicory, all fruits contain about 90/5/5 ratio naturally so finally the daily intake is easy to measure, just complete with a bit of nuts or seeds to rise the fat and protein ratio but this is not necessary, and lots of greens for protein and nutrients.

  • Swayze I was a little concerned about the protein part, difficult to achieve a 10% so it is ok with less, thank you. For how long have you been on 811?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Caleb, 80/10/10 is actually very easy to maintain. I go to the supermarket 2x per week and spend no more than 15 minutes inside (that’s including the line wait). As far as food preparation, it’s virtually non-existent. Bananas require no preparation at all. I guess juicing oranges could take a little while, if you juice them by hand. But of course, you could always eat them whole. :)

    Chicory, it’s very simple. Say you eat 3 meals a day. Your first meal could be peaches as much as you need. Lunch time could be bananas and then dinner could be a dinner salad prefaced by grapes. The goal here is to eat as much fruit as you care for so that you are not rummaging around in the kitchen an hour later. Also, you do not have to eat greens only for dinner. I often eat them for lunch with my fruit meal. Fat, however, should be eaten last so that it does not interfere with the sugar from the fruit.

    superpapaya, I started last November with a few minor slip-ups (mostly chips and salsa). I stayed 100% for 5 months this year…until I went on vacation. ;) Basically, I’ve been working my way back to 100% for the past couple of months. :)


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Oh you guys!!!! I’m in such a slump! Swayze-Sleep? What’s that? Sunshine? Haven’t seen any for 4 days. My body is saying “Go to bed!” I want coffee! I haven’t seen the stuff in more than a month, but I’m thinking about it! I don’t want to eat today. i made one of those sick 4 banana,2 date 1/2 a clamshell of spinach smoothie at 9:30 and I’m still bloated at 4:00 pm!!! Caleb-a burden is an understatement. I’ve been raw for 2.5 years and i feel exactly how i felt when i first went raw, BUT I kept my coffee then and it helped me get through this dragging. This nagging headache has not left all day. I’m really trying to prove to myself that I can do something new, that maybe I shouldn’t knock something i haven’t tried. See picture? That was happy me. Now? :( Happiest fruit i know is figs so I’m going to have some now. Maybe i’ll hit the 500 cal mark? I’m going to need to inject this fruit ‘cuz I’m too tired to chew! :( :( :( Whining…Thank you for your support! In typical LZHPT fashion, I set out on this journey thinking I wouldn’t even mention I was doing this. Glad i did because i need you now! Many thanks. Chicory-I use an online food diary called www.nutridiary,com. It’s very easy and creates these little pie graphs not just of the %s, but of my nutrient intake as well. It’s a neat little tool if you are a visual type.

  • Well… good luck with the figs’injections and the end of the day. The dates might be too much, mixed with banana, well it would for me.

    Better start again when you feel good, no?

  • Seems you are detoxing, which is good!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Yeah. I’m not combining two really sweet fruits again. That was just gross. I know I’m detoxing. I remember it well. never thought i would detox after being on raw foods for so long. I’m glad it’s the weekend. I’m better after the figs. no more headache and a little more energy.

  • Monofruit meals are the best! can sound boring but after a while it comes naturally. Now I only mix fruits when one doesn’t taste very good, and I am careful with the combinations. I have learned from bad experiences too :)

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Thanks. I’m now feeling the old lzhpt returning! I made a great dressing from 2 sundried tomatoes, 1/2 c tomatoes, 1/2 clove garlic and 6 basil leaves along w/ 1/2 a lemon, juiced. Oh I LOVED that salad. Things are looking up! I finished the day at 70-5-10 and 6% alcohol from my glass of wine. Still ending the DAY 500 short on the kcals. I learned something interesting today-when I didn’t want to eat, I ate those figs and BAM! An hour later my digestive fire returned and I was hungry. I’m feeling spunky! Thank you MOTH for your savory insight.

  • dodo, Thanks for the hugs. Today I weigh 98. I exercise a lot and have a fair amount of muscle so to me I don’t think I look too bad or too thin. Just don’t want to go any lower. I know I eat way too much fat (lots of nuts, nut butters, avocados etc) but it just doesn’t seem to stick to me.

    Just wondering what people in more northern colder areas eat for fruit in the winter time on 80 10 10. I just don’t think I’d be willing to eat a lot of imported non organic fruit and wouldn’t it be somewhat lacking in nutrients. Are you able to find enough variety?

    I think I’ll just stick to being regular raw for now and maybe try 80 10 10 again next summer. I’m really impressed though by those of you who are successfully doing 80 10 10. I’ve got to get more disciplined with just being raw and over-coming my food addictions.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    LimeLady – I am up near Boston and trust me, I definitely felt a pang when summer ended. I’m plan on just eating as simply as possible for the winter and intend to stick to 811 as best as I can. I can still get organic fruit pretty easily but it wouldn’t be local. I lament this, but I will live with it for now. Everyone has priorities with their diets – and I know eating local is a big one for some people. For me – I’m thinking of myself and I’d rather feel healthy and good in my body and just eat my imported organic fruit. One day I will be able to eat local year round. This year, it’s just not an option and I can’t stress out over it anymore. A few weeks ago, it really bothered me and I was about ready to pack up and move to South America. But I’m not ready for that type of move quite yet. :-) .

    Hey guys – glad my 811 ramble helped folks out a bit. I haven’t even read the book yet – just been gathering info online for several months now and using the program with my own body. If there is anything I love to go on and on about, it’s my diet, LOL.

    Izpht – That salad dressing you mentioned gives me yummy feelings in my mouth at the very thought – I haven’t had my daily salad yet today but I’m about to go whip one up. I’m glad to help out anyway I can with your experiment, as I am still very very new to 811 myself and it’s fun to talk about our experiences.

    Once I ate a mono-meal of bananas followed almost directly by a mono-meal of golden-kiwi – I have never been so bloated and cramped by fruit before. That combo destroyed me.

    These days I am very cautious about combining stuff.

  • this has been an interesting thread for me. Im super curious about 80/10/10 and have tried to limit my fat intake, but on the days when i eat fruit and salad only i start craving sweets, like baked goods, so intensely that i binge on cooked food. I feel a bit out of control. I went 92 days w/o food but I cant make it one day on 80/10/10. I feel great and lite starting the day and into the afternoon with it, but i just hit a wall in bad ways in the late afternoon. whats that about?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Bubbaw6 – based on your post, I would have to say that you may not be eating enough calories from fruit – especially if you are active. You really get a new appreciation for what a “meal” is on 811. Think really really big. It’s like stuffing yourself, except within minutes you aren’t stuffed anymore; just highly satisfied. You can tell if you’ve eaten enough fruit if you don’t have to eat again for another 4 hours or so. When I eat enough fruit at a meal, I don’t think of food at all and have tons of energy for about 4 hours after my last meal. If I undereat, I’m constantly thinking about food and every waft of cooked food and fantasy of raw nuts gets me agitated. This is why it’s good to track your cal’s in the beginning, just to give yourself an idea of what your target is.

    When I don’t eat enough calories – I crave raw fats and cooked food. If I satisfy myself to the MAX with fruit – I am perfectly fine and feel unfazed by those things.

    I can really relate to the “feeling out of control,” bit. Last year, before going raw, I fasted a lot and returning back to food was really hard, because I was worried about “eating too much,” and gaining weight back, but being restrictive with my calories meant that eventually my body forced me to consume concentrated calories in the form of cooked foods and fats. When I went raw, the same pattern repeated itself – restricted calories until I broke and then binged on raw fats – until I realized on my own that I would rather binge on fruit then fats – and it didn’t seem like “binging” with the fruit, because it digested so quickly that I had no discomfort.

    If you eat big fruit meals evenly spaced throughout the day, with a big fruit meal at night followed by a huge salad – well, that’s what helps me with 811.

  • MOTH – I’d like to hear about what you’re eating during the winter months and what’s working for you. I’m in New England too and can sometimes find some organic imported fruit. Usually quite expensive though. One Stop & Shop in my area has had organic strawberries year round at fairly reasonable prices most of the time. I’ve pretty much been eating them everyday for the last year but don’t think I could afford them in the amounts I’d need to eat for 80 10 10.

    Bubbaw6 – I know what you mean about hitting a wall in the late afternoon. This has been happening to me every day. For me I think it’s related to stress at work. The stress just drives me to want to eat and crave all kinds of fatty starchy things or sweets, and sometimes results in some really bad choices.

  • IZHPT, your body says get to sleep? GET SOME SLEEP! Listen to what your body wants, not craves. Coffee is definately a craving. If your addicted, your craving. As far as the headache, those are just symptoms of “toxima”. Which is pretty much the fact that your body is full of toxins, and since you’ve changed your diet to the best way possible (my oppinion), you can finally work on getting those toxins out. The toxins blast through your bloodstream, most passing through the brain, and then out through the detox process. As they pass through your brain, a swelling occurs; thus producing a headache :)

    Don’t be alarmed. IT’s completely natural part of the a healing process.

    Your body needs sunshine, fresh air, pure water, rest to heal itself. Hmmmm, notice something? Doesn’t all of that make you feel best when your sick? Makes sense.

    Anyone that doesn’t know about this link check it out: www.rawfoodexplained.com

    It’s time to say bye bye to your alcohol! Don’t worry, it’s possible. I’m a former brewer, I loved beer. I loved the ingredients, I loved the brewing process, and most of all, I loved the final product. I haven’t had a beer in three months, nor have I wanted to after researching the effects on alcohol.

    Good luck on your journey!

    Live Love Peace

  • Limelady- Hot seasons you want juicy fruits (melons are best) so you can get a lot of water. Cold seasons you want high packed calories to keep your body warm. Banana’s are a great fruit for this. Large banana’s average 100 calories, and are very cheap :)


    As far as “hitting that wall” in late afternoon. I use to have that feeling and all I wanted was starchy things also. Hmmmm, what are these starchy things made up of? CARBS! High packed carbs- full of calories. Your body knows it needs carbs and calories for fuel and it use to getting it from starches. In the beginning, if you need an extra meal to get you to your right amount of calories, have an extra meal. Your stomach will soon stretch and you will be able to contain what you need in a day for just three meals. Then one day, your body will be able to consume whatever the needs are in just two meals.

    Favorite words from DR, food is fuel. If you need fuel, feel free to eat. DO NOT GRAZE! Grazing causes digestive acids to constantly be pumped through your body to break down food. This will ruin our digestive track, and cause over acidic blood.

  • Red sox? You from the boston area? I’m from the northshore.. (MA that is)

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    TOL-I have lived in Danvers, moved to Winchester for most of my kid years. After getting married, we lived in Needham and then Norfolk before moving to Atlanta 11 years ago. Still die hard Red Sox fans. Boston will always be home for me. To update you on my 8.1.1, I am really sick of fruit and I’m rapidly getting sick of salads as they don’t have any taste. Nothing tastes good. Even my glorious figs taste like poo to me because I have to eat so many of them. I don’t like this way of eating. I’m hesitant to put any fat in (avo) at the end of the day because it causes all that fruit to fermment (even gave it a good 3 hours before I had the fat on my salad) and I ended up with horiible gas that even made the dogs leave! I’m having problems with snacking as I cannot go longer than 3 hous without feeling too hungry and I cannot get down more than 4 bananas at one time, nor do i want to! i don’t want to see sweet fruit today. No banana, no pineapple, no dates, No mango. Maybe I’ll just listen to pears and grapes today. Oh, this is sooo boring! I need a recipe!

  • if you have your fats after your fruit they will not ferment. It’s only if you eat them before hand. There have actually been studies that show that your stomach can digest in layers. I don’t know how far the studies go, but I do know that has been studied. Don’t worry about that. What did you eat for fruit, that could have combined wrong. Or maybe your last meal wasn’t digested. Sliced mangoes (base) with raspberries smooshed (topping) is a delicious meal. It helped me during my transition period. Also, tomatoe and mango is my favorite dressing ever. I don’t use dressings anymore because I love the taste of all of my food, including greens, so there is no reason to cover it up.

    The simpler the meal the better you feel….

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Good morning!!!! I really have turned a corner. I got a great night sleep last night, scarfed down a pound of strawberries and hit the greenway for a 6 mile run on this gorgeous,sunny fall day-a perfect temp. of 62 deg. Saw some of the ol’ marathoning pals. No headache-that left yesterday, some muscle aches still. TOL-I totally embrace detox and after nearly 3 years regular raw, I remember it well and this too shall pass. I think it has already. I’m keeping the wine for a bit (a single glass) until my body tells me to get rid of that like it did with the coffee. It will, but for now it fits in the 80-10-10 plan. I’m not meeting those cals, though I easily could’ve chowed down another pound of greens with that wonderful dressing last night. I just got tire of chewing. All hail celery! GO RED SOX!!!!!

  • lzhpt – I did 811rv for over 6 mos. Early on I felt amazing! Then I started to consistently be fatigued… my moods began to ease towards an extreme level of irritability. I don’t advocate this style of raw by no means. I believe fruit is highly important but I certainly do not agree with the mass consumption that 811rv preaches. I honestly believe the excessive simple carbs can lead to mental distress (read beyondveg.com as a genuine source of information – granted it is opinionated as is any literature about nutrition/health… including 811rv). I also became weaker the longer I stayed with the idea of loads of fruit. I feel the need to explain myself here. While I had ‘energy’ due to the loads of a sugar I was putting into my body, I felt general muscle fatigue and not nearly as strong. I could go longer with cardio but when attempting to build muscle the fatigue sat in very quickly. Anyways that’s just my two cents. If it helps, great! If it’s ignored no biggie, lol. Wish you the best on your journey!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    seize-it really helps. Thank you! This is my second go at the 8.1.1 and I’m trying to understand the irritability. All I can figure is this (and getting a physical therapy degree does entitle me to this much i know): You might need all that fruit for energy, but all your nerves (connections) are wrapped in myelin (fat). It’s those connections that require the fat! What good is having all this brain fuel if you are also not providing for the journey—synapses, connections. There is so much clarity for me eating regular raw and none eating 8.1.1. Now that said, i do believe there are many of you who thrive on this kind of diet, but I must blaze my own trail (never been one to follow anyway). I gave it 4 committed days. That’s enough. I have learned some things that will be welcome in my raw practice, but there’s no conviction, no confidence in this for me. Every time I see DR and many of the people in the advertisements for Dr. Graham’s “retreats”, I think they all look very unhealthy. Too thin, pale, thin hair, etc. I know nothing about these people. They may well be recovering from disordered eating or a major health problem. Nonetheless, I don’t aspire to look that way. I like my muscles. I also like my fingernails not to shred, which is what they’ve been doing the last day or so. Anyway…not for me. I would like to thank TOL and MOTH for encouraging me in the most positive way. I truly mean that. Continue your journeys. I’m going to soak some sunseeds for my favorite savory raw burgers!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Izhpt: I admire you for giving it a try and doing what’s best for your own unique, beautiful bod. :-)

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