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Hi everyone,

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I need some recipes. I am having a two dinners over the course of the weekend, but they’re with my boyfriend and his mum (who both eat SAD diets). I want to bring a few dishes to both dinners so that I can eat a proper meal and maybe encourage my boyfriend and his mum to try my raw creations.

A few I have in mind are..

-Kandace’s Sweet Potatoes

-OceanBliss’s Mouthwatering Pumpkin Pie…

-And my own raw version of cranberry sauce

I want to make at least 5 different entrees and 2 desserts. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)


  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Someone else posted a thread called “favourite recipes to bring to non-raw-food-eating parties”. There were some very nice suggestions given. You definitely need an interesting greens-based salad. How about a hearty slightly warm corn chowder? You could make a dehydrator bread and use turkey-shaped cookie cutters to make individual pieces to go with the soup. You could even do a nut-based “un-stuffing”. I would also suggest using fall fruits somehow, for a second dessert. Apples and pears are ideal choices. I wish I was coming to your place for Thanksgiving this year! We’re just going to a country club that does turkey and all the trimmings, in addition to the regular menu. I’ll be “thankful” for the regular menu, as it will be the only way for me to try to stay vegan.

  • Hi 1sweetpea! Thank you for your lovely suggestions, I might do a soup or a stuffing. Unfortunately I don’t own a dehydrator, I should have said so. I think you and I were chatting about living in Canada and how I would be interested in buying dehydrated breads/crackers from you :) I will also check out that other thread for sure. Good luck at your thanksgiving dinner this year! I wish I could make you a delicious raw feast! I will be the only one eating the raw feast, yet hopefully I can get my boyfriend and his mum to indulge ;)

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    In that case, maybe you should make tartlets instead of one big pie. That way, you can bring just a few and save the rest for yourself, for later. ;-) E-mail me at if you want to discuss dehydrator treat-sharing. I’m not a big sweets-eater, but I make a mean grawnola!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Hands down the best “pumpkin pie” comes from Matthew Kenney. This recipe came out last year before his new book and was featured in Gourmet Magazine! My whole family chowed this. Everyone at work begged for the recipe so here it is along with some others I used last year:… Raw “Pumkin” Pie—and there’s not a pumpkin in it!

    For the Crust 1 ¼ c Pecans 2T agave nectar 1T coconut oil—this is a white solid at natural food stores. 2 dates ¼ t. sea salt

    It all goes in the FP-Pulse first. If you want to dehydrate this crust for a “candied” taste line the pie plate w/ parchment and dehydrate for 48 hrs!!!

    For the Filling ½ C really raw cashews, soaked ¼ C agave nectar 1/3 c coconut oil ½ C + 2T carrot juice if you have a juicer or use 2-3 carrots and 1/3C coconut water or some other raw liquid-water is fine-in the food processor. 3/4 t vanilla extract 1/4t sea salt 1 ½ t cinnamon 1 1/2t nutmeg 1/2T fresh thyme, chopped

    Blend everything in the vitamix except the thyme, stir in thyme. Fill the candied or raw tart shell, chill in the freezer overnight. Any extra slices (doubt it) should be wrapped and individually frozen.

  • To Bronwyn,

    I recently became aware of "The little book of raw thanksgiving recipes" which is available @care . I don't know of the differences between

    the celebration of Thanksgiving in the provinces and the states but that is as much as I know on the subject.

    Hope it helps,


  • To Bronwyn

    by the way it was priced at five dollars USD.


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