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wine intolerance?

chicorychicory Raw Newbie

okay, I only have one or two drinks a year, mostly because I can’t drink a lot of different things except hard liquor, which is really nasty.. but a friend gave me a bottle of organic low sulfite wine, so shared a glass with the hubby. Never did I get so drunk in my life, off of a half glass? I remember being able to put away a few before raw, and when I had a few back then, I was still only imbibing maybe 3 or 4 times a year. At least it didn’t give me a stuffy nose lol, but seriously….. it was ridiculous! I had the drink at 8 pm, and was still too wrecked to go to sleep at midnight. I ended up throwing up til about 1 AM and then finally got to sleep. Has anyone had similar experiences now that they are raw? Does one’s tolerance just plummet? I’m glad this happened at home and not at some event or something, because I never would have thought that half a glass of red wine could do this


  • have you had kombucha before? I know they taste very different … but I noticed when I started drinking kombucha, I lost the flav for wine.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    chicory – everyone is different in regards to how their bodies handle and process wine/alcohol. There are just soooooooo many variables. I personally find that sulfite-free wine is the best for a minimal hangover. I drank like a viking in Tuscany and never had a hangover probably due to the fresh local sulfite-free wines. I do love my wine and have always loved to drink so my tolerance is usually good (I’m part Irish and also used to live in Ireland so maybe genetics play a part too..hehehe). When I went raw a year ago, I didn’t notice any good or bad changes in regards to my tolerance. I’ll also add that having food in the tummy usually makes for a better night (and morning) when I’m goin on a small bender. My husband likes to remind me of that :-)

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I don’t find my tolerance has changed, but I often feel like even the first sip or two of alcohol, be it red/white wine or beer, sends a strange adrenaline rush-like feeling through me. My muscles seem to tighten up a bit. It goes away after a couple of minutes, but it’s strange. I also find that if I drink more than one glass, I’m less likely to sleep well. I think it’s the sugars in them. My boyfriend, who is a much more seasoned drinker than me, has the same effect after a few ciders (such as Strongbow), which are quite sweet.

    Chicory, is it possible that you just don’t take in a whole lot of calories, so the wine has a greater effect on you? I went to a party in September on an empty stomach, didn’t eat anything, but drank a few glasses of sparkling wine over 4-5 hours. I had a wicked hangover the next day, even though I ate substantially that evening. I also had some red wine that evening, but not until after I’d eaten. Normally, a glass of wine a day (or less) is ample for me. It was a party, so I just enjoyed myself, but I’m pretty sure that had I eaten while drinking the sparkling wine, I wouldn’t have been such a mess the next day.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    no matter how you slice it, alcohol is a toxic substance. it’s true that certain cultures do fine with wine, beer, hard liquor… (some better than others), but it’s never something you would PRESCRIBE to someone who didn’t already drink. there are health benefits to drinking MODERATELY for sure, but again, if you didn’t drink in the first place, you certainly wouldn’t need to start in order to get those same health benefits.

    my tolerance became void when i went raw. simply put, there just isn’t enough crap inside you to absorb the toxins. it goes straight to your blood system. you become a very cheap drunk indeed. =)

    raw fats help somewhat in mitigating the effect… but again, why you want to “pad” your body just so you can drink? (eating fats because you like/need/want them is a different matter of course).

    giving up wine was really hard for me, so i started eating a little more cooked foods at night last year and i finally was able to give it up SLOWLY without making myself sick every time i had a glass or two. the cleaner you become the more sensitive you will be to toxins.

    a good question to ask yourself is “HOW CLEAN DO I WANT TO BE?” it seems that we have a little choice to make: do we want to be freer in our bodies and feel more vibrant, but be more sensitive to outside toxins? or be more resistant to exterior toxins and feel a little more sluggish daily? the answer is obvious to me… but it’s still something i like to balance out.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I love strawberry kombucha! It has a tiny amount of alcohol and I feel a little buzz from it so I see what you mean about being more sensitive raw. I wanted to share that on raw washington a yahoo group I am a member of someone was sharing an article about how wine makers (even organic ones) used dried tropical fish bladders to give wine a smoothness. I will try to post that article on here today b/c it certainly was an unusual discovery. Apparantly some people were trying to get them to label it for those with fish allergies but I dunno how it turned out.

    Peace and try that strawberry kombucha or guava!

  • I definitely think my tolerance has gone down. I had a glass of organic red wine last night and I was pretty drunk. It was also my first drink in 2 months. I think pianissima is right about the alcohol going straight to your bloodstream because there isn’t enough in your body to absorb the toxins. I also agree with the idea of “padding” your stomach with raw fats, not just raw fats though-a substancial meal of raw fats, veggies and fruit. Although it’s not the best idea, if you really want to be able to hold your alcohol then that should really help.

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Hi Chicory,

    I drink A LOT of wine. I usually have 1/2 a bottle after dinner on most work nights (obviously a bad habit). Usually, I am absolutely fine, as I have a big tolerance, but every once in a blue moon, I will get WASTED off of a small amount, be unable to lay down without the room spinning, and sometimes even throwing up. The next day I feel as if I was at a college party till 7am.

    I am not sure what causes that. As joyce said, there are so many factors! Maybe it was bad wine? Maybe you were dehydrated? Either way, it was probably a fluke… because such a small amount of alcohol really shouldnt cause that kind of reaction…

  • Hi there – I have also found it impossible to drink wine. Red wine especially, probably because of the tannins but white as well – and it doesn’t matter how organic it is. I have stopped drinking it because it just makes me feel awful and I don’t enjoy it so much. But what I can drink from time to time without a reaction is Vodka – I find that strange. I would have thought it would have had more of an effect.I agree it has a lot to do with not having anything in your stomach to absorb it! It feels like it seeps into every cell and pore.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    I found that I loove kombucha! It has sort of a tart wine flavor and the carbonation makes it extra special. Joyce, where do you find sulfite free wine? I was told there is no such thing, only low sulfite which is common in young wines. Anyway, no more for me… not worth it at all

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