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Which is best?

Which shop would you say is best out of Trader Joe and Whole Foods? We went to Trader Joe on Sunday and I wasnt able to get some of the basic things I thought I would like pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, dried coconut/coconut water or even flax crackers but have ended up finding some of these on Ebay as a lot of the raw food sites are so expensive.

I’m still having trouble finding coconut water though.


  • I would say it depends on what you’re looking for:

    Whole Foods – for nuts, seeds, and superfoods. I’m pretty sure most Whole Foods have a “raw food” section. They have some items that I usually cannot find anywhere else.

    Trader Joe’s – for produce, as I find them to be cheaper.

    I’ve recently stopped eating nuts, seeds, and superfoods so Trader Joe’s is my only stop. Good luck

  • Wow. I didnt know Whole Foods actually had a raw food section. I shall definitely go there next shopping trip. I do find that our local Shaws has quite a good selection of nuts and they have rice/nut milks and greens etc.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    i can never find anything at trader joes….. the one that is nearest to me has minimal produce, and then there are nuts and dried fruits, but I don’t think those are raw. When I was SAD I couldn’t even eat their canned veggies or beans cause their was either gluten or some other wonky preservative in them. I think you will find more variety at whole foods. Also, I wouldn’t spend too much time looking for coconut water… why not just crack open a coconut :)

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    There is no Trader Joe’s here, but we have a Whole Foods and compared to my locally owned “whole food store” the small local owned is OFTEN a lot cheaper. Especially on things like nuts and seeds. But if you have a dehydrator you should be making your own flax crackers, you can make them a helluva lot cheaper than a small package for $5. They are easy to make too. I have found some online sources too that are nice. I found one place that sells Organic Raw Almonds for $8 a pound!!

  • hey kait..

    im interested in knowing, if you don’t really eat too many nuts, seeds, and superfoods, what are the foods that make up your main diet? -and what are your main sources for getting your complete proteins.

    im new to raw, and today started taking bee pollen..

  • meloe: My diet is completely based on fruits and vegetables, but the majority of my calories come from fruit. I was never a big fan of nuts or seeds because I don’t digest them well and they tend to weigh me down. I think the best superfoods are fruits and vegetables themselves – no need to spend loads of money on raw products via the internet.

    I would definitely suggest you read ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ by Dr. Douglas Graham. He suggests that we should be getting 80% of our daily calories from carbs (fresh fruits), 10% from protein, and 10% fats. Also, you may want to check out the ‘October 811’ thread for more information. I highly recommend the 811 lifestyle :-) good luck x

  • EloisaEloisa Raw Newbie

    Alabastardragon – I go to TJ’s for Raw almond butter (dump out the oil if you want instead of mixing it in), and that’s pretty much it. They do sell little pouches of raw almonds, but mainly I shop at Sprouts and Whole Foods. The Whole Foods I go to have a giant tower of coconut water in individual carton type containers, if you don’t see any around at your whole foods, ask someone to show you. And they do have a raw food section, but I don’t trust that those crackers and granola is TRUELY raw. Like Caleb said , you’re better off making your own.

  • Thank you eloisaweesa. I shall definitely go to Whole Foods for the coconut water.

    Where would one buy a dehydrator and are they expensive? I’d have no idea how to use one either.

    Where is TJs?

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    By the way, that coconut water is not at all raw. It is completely pasteurized.

  • All of the nuts and seeds at trader joes are irradiated. There is a thread somewhere on here that says. You have to check with the distributor, and if they claim their stuff is raw, then follow up with the store. I know whole foods uses fungicide on all of their citrus. It gets sprayed on in the warehouse. We order nuts directly from the grower, although our almond farmer is on the watch list for sending non pasteurized almonds to people, so we can’t get them anymore. But we did get some pecans from Missouri.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Dehydrators. Go to forums/ upper right hand side will be search/type in dehydrators/ great amount of knowledge about dehydrators.

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