Canadian Federal Election Day

Today is Canadian Federal Election Day. I am just wondering who everyone is voting/has voted for?

I’m ashamed to say I’m kind of indifferent, frankly I’m not interested in having any of the candidates as leaders of my country.

I’m more adament about US politics at the moment, because I have a strong opinion about my hatred for McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden seem to be the right choice.

Stephan Dion’s carbon tax proposition is ridiculous and I don’t support it. The liberal plan is just very unrealistic.

Conservative Harper has screwed up the economy in so many ways such as decreasing GST and his bush-like policies on war as well as other issues are ruining this country. He has also done nothing about healthcare during his time in power. I personally still can’t get a family doctor and emergency room waits are longer than ever. As are waits for MRIs, CAT scans and Xrays.

NDP will never win enough votes and their financial plan (just as the liberals) is idealistic and not logical.

The Green Party is not what this country needs right now, plain and simple. They also will not get enough votes.

Does anyone have input on this subject? I know there aren’t many Canadians on this site.


  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Bronwyn, you’ve just summed up my views completely! I hate to admit it, but I’m not voting this time, for the first time in many years. Indifference and indecisiveness led me to miss the advance polling dates. Now that it is election day, I’m 6.5 hours away from my home riding, at my cottage. It won’t be possible for me to vote this time around, but even if it were, I’d have no clue who to choose. Do you have a four-sided coin I can flip? It’s just that bad.

    BTW, I just added myself to the thread in introductions “where are you from?”. I noticed that you’re in Toronto. I’m a Torontonian by birth and lived there until 8 years ago, when I moved to Windsor to live with my boyfriend. I’m in Toronto at least once a month to see friends and family, so it looks like sharing dehydrator goodies just became easier!

  • I’ve found thinking federally just brings me down, so I try to focus on the local candidates. Maybe we’re lucky here, being in a very small riding – I know a couple of the candidates personally. It makes so much difference when you can actually focus on a “real” person, I find.

    Anyway, I voted NDP. I don’t particularly like Jack Layton, but I hate Stephen Harper. The NDP’s pretty strong here, so it’ll be one less seat for the Tories anyway. I don’t know if either of you watched the leader’s debate, but I was really impressed with Elizabeth May’s performance. There’s no point voting Green, unless you’re in a riding that supports them, but I don’t think they’d be any worse than any of the other parties.

    It’s too bad you aren’t voting. I understand how it feels pointless given the options, but I still feel very strongly that it’s important to participate. If you can’t imagine any of the leaders as prime minister, then do your part to ensure that there’s enough diversity to keep them in check. That’s how I try to think, anyway.

  • Hey 1sweetpea! I think a lot of voters are feeling just the same. However, I still feel compelled to vote. If I was in your situation though, I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way. Haha-I wish I had a four sided coin. I have no idea, in fact I’m not even leaning towards one specific party. I suppose I will make a last minute decision.

    That’s neat you used to live in Toronto! I have only seen a few others from Canada on this site, however you’re the only Torontonian so far. How do you like Windsor? I just noticed your response in my Thanksgiving thread, thank you so kindly for your offer to share your dehydrated goodies with me! My email is maybe drop me a line next time you plan on coming to town? It would be just wonderful to buy some tasty breads and grawnola from you :) Thanks again!

  • Hi penfold, if I knew my local candidates personally, then I would probably agree with you about thinking locally. However, I live in Toronto and I definitely have the same connection with my local candidates as I do with the federal candidates. I actually did watch the leader debates and I was impressed with Elizabeth May’s performance (except for in the french debate when she had a lot of trouble speaking the language and didn’t know how to say “fraud” in french, lol). But you are completely right, there is no point in voting Green. That is one candidate I was able to rule out.

    I think your suggestion about “doing your part to ensure diversity” is a good point. If you really are undecided in the end, vote for a minority. I don’t think I’m undecided yet though.

    Personally, I think Harper is going to win again. Despite how many mistakes he has made and despite the fact that he broke his own law by calling this election. I think it’s inevitable no matter how I vote.

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