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Unquenchable Thirst

Hi everyone, I seem to have this problem since going raw. I know that this could be linked to diabetes and I am a little concerned so I’m getting my glucose levels checked this week just in case. I drink at least 3 litres of water per day. Does anyone have experience with this issue or have any advice? Thanks in advance.


  • EloisaEloisa Raw Newbie

    Why the concern? That’s so good for you!!Your body is mainly made up of water – so you have to drink up to replenish it! I drink 3+ litres a day – an entire liter alone at the gym. Water is the only thing I ever drink – just can’t get enough of it! :D

  • I love water too, I agree it’s the best thing for our bodies. However, my concern is that it could be signifying a health concern or condition. What I’m saying is that no matter how much water I drink I’m still thirsty. It’s also really annoying.

  • Hello bronwyn, do you eat a lot of dehydrated food? I know I am thirsty when I have some. If you don’t, yes it is strange…

    PS: I made a recipe of yours last night, delicious, thanks.

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    when my diabetes came on, I was drinking non stop. SOmetimes I’d get up 4 times or more during hte night to pee, and have to drink even more water.

    prior to the onset of the diabetes, I drank about the same ammount, except I didn’t need it at night, and I didn’t feel dehydrated all the time.

    I think you are wise to get checked out.

    are you eating a lot of sweets? As in sugary fruits? There are reports of people doing 80/10/10 having dibetic like symptoms at beyondveg.org.

  • Hello stevio,

    I searched in that site you quoted and didn’t find any scientific argument. I read only personal negative opinion of the author and vague references to vague studies; no names, no figures, let alone stats, no reference to scientists, no large scale studies. I didn’t check all the site because it is dense, I may have missed something.

    I am concerned because I follow the 80/10/10, so if you have more info could you please post them? I wouldn’t want to expose my health at risk.


  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    bronwyn – Have you had the tests yet? I’m curious to know what you found out.

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