Sex Sex Sex!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

Just a reminder for Californians to Vote yes on Prop 2 for the 20 Million Farm Animals suffering on factory farms:

You can also make donations (any amount) to keep the advertisments on the air during TV shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI, etc where millions of viewers will see them. I don’t live in California anymore so I can’t vote but I did make several donations. It’s quick and easy and of course GREAT KARMA :-)


  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    sorry I know it’s a cheap ploy. But it made you look didn’t it ;-)

    Just trying to get as many people aware of this as possible. You don’t have to live in CA to help this cause.

  • it did make me look. but its for a worthwhile cause too- cheers! I will make my donation.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Thanks Bubbaw6 – I changed the subject title as my original title was called “Californians vote yes on Prop 2” which isn’t too catchy or alluring

    During college one of my many jobs was working at a ski resort. I remember seeing this notice posted in the main lodge “SEX SEX SEX” and then underneath it said: skis for sale with the details and phone number. It sure got my attention ;-)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    wish i were a cali resident. in january i will be…

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. joyceH—i thought that was really funny!

  • jeshuabrownjeshuabrown Raw Newbie

    Actually there is a connection here-did you know cows are killed by the age of 5 because their reproductive organs have been forced into overuse so many times? Ahhhh! What is wrong with people?!!

  • lol! Thanks Joyce!

  • dzdz

    ha … it got me! lol :))

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    jeshuabrown – that’s so sad and terrible about the cows. I was talking to my husband today about this and he was telling me about the small family farm he grew up next to in rural Vermont. Those cows back then would live up to 30 years. They all had names and knew what stall to go into at night. He remembers those cows were treated very well. Now that’s a far cry from what’s happening on those horrible factory farms out in CA. Those poor animals endure conditions that are comparable to concentration camps. (hope that’s not politically incorrect but I’ve heard this analogy several times by undercover HSUS members who’ve witnessed the atrocities)

    Please folks, do what you can to help get more commercials for Prop 2 on the air.

    If every member on goneraw donated $10, that would equate to a lot of commercials to get the message across to CA voters. (there are 7,600 members on goneraws!!) Please help!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    aww slosh-uh, glad I got mine nailed down and married to me. Other wise I’d be frustrated to! Gotta have it.

    Anyway, good one Joyce, I got a good giggle out of it. hehe. I feel strongly about this and hope that it gets passed. I’m no where near Cali and am broke. ha So I’m not much of a help

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    troubles – if it gets passed in CA, many states may follow. You’re in the midwest? Lots of feedlots out there so hopefully you’ll be voting for a similar measure in the near future.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Yes I hope so! I think people are starting to become a little more aware. I definitely do my part of spreading the word. My family(though not vegan at all) have always had a neighbor raise their meat so they wouldn’t have to support in the industry. Now my Dad is raising his own animals in an extremely human way. Even though they’ll eventually eat them at least there is no cruelty during their lifetime.

    Seems contradictory but it’s definitely better!

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