our body's need for salt?

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Hey everybody

I have this friend who is always telling me that we have this great need for sodium or salt in our diets and that I may not be getting enough. Does anyone know a) what our body’s requirement for sodium is? b) what raw foods have naturally occurring sodium?

Thanks!! Janelle


  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    you need roughly somewhere in between (very rough, everyones body is different) 500-600 mg/day in order to maintain an appropriate electrolyte balance. you should be able to JUST get that if you don’t supplement with sea salt or what-not.

  • To break it down with out getting to technical- sodium surronds the outside our cells where potasium is in the middle. Sodium is definately a vital nutrient to live.

    As far as sea salt, what happens when one drinks water? We thrive, it is a necessity. Now, what happens when one drinks salt water? We will die due to dehydration. It will completely tax our liver, since we can’t digest sea salt or any other rock salt, it is inorganic. Also, potassium that is inside our cells is pulled out to create a balance. When there is too much salt on the outside wall,which happens with sea/rock salt (lets call it inorganic salt) because your body can not digest it, potasium is pulled out to a degree where it can kill cells!

    NOW, organic salts found in plant foods are a necessity. Without these, our cells wouldn’t survive, yet once again due to potassium and yada yada yada. Celery is VERY high in salt (good type, organic salts), same with tomatoes. I use to dislike celery with a passion, untill I cut salt out of my diet and now celery is a candy to me :)

    So, no sea/rock salt. It will kill you! But yes, organic salts from plant-based foods!

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