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Hello – can anyone recommend some good books on running marathons or half marathons? Looking for books that have some training guidelines. I’m a former road bike racer (10+ yrs ago) but don’t know a lot about training for marathons. My knees are finally allowing me to do more running lately. So I’ve been kinda entertaining the idea of trying some smaller races just for fun and even thinking about trying to do half of the local Key Bank Marathon here in Burlington (Memorial Day weekend). I’d love to do a full marathon someday but it’s all dependent upon my knees…...


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    I would recommend any of Jeff Galloway’s books. He is the creator of an interval training program for marathons (I just ran my third). Google it, you should find tons of info.

    I would also HIGHLY recommend the book The THRIVE diet by Brendan Brazier.

  • i’ve read several :) (still haven’t RAN one but i’m almost there!)

    training: anything/everything by hal higdon (easy to find) marathoning for mortals 4 months to a 4hr marathon jeff galloway like annabelle said i haven’t checked out thrive diet but i want to

    annabelle…3! that is so awesome. had one in oct i was gonna do but was injured for awhile so now it’s either gonna be in december or one in the spring, we’ll see what happens…

    memoirs/inspirational (i love all of these): #ultramarathon man by dean karnazes (crazy ultramarathoner tells his life story and very modestly recounts stories of his craaazzyyy endurance feats) #marathon: a story of endurance and frienship by richard harteis (memoir of poet richard harteis deciding to run a marathon on his 40th birthday while being there for his life partner whom has several health problems) #what i talk about when i talk about running by huraki murakami (famous japanese novelist talks about how he’s a runner, talks about being a novelist, and a little of his past) #marathon by bill rodgers (might have a different name. famous runner recounts his top runs, his life in general, his past, running tips, very good writer)

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    Thanks Kennyt!

    Sadly I think it may have been my last due to recurring IT band pain. I ran the final 16 miles in intense pain… that was October 12th, and it still hurts! Not to discourage you Joyce… my first two were great!!

    Maybe it was my shoes… ha ha

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    Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions! Much appreciated!

    Annabelle77 – I do hope your IT band heals and allows you to run freely again. I know the feeling and frustration. I had to end my racing career due to chronic knee injuries that even 2 surgeries couldn’t fix. Everyone tells me that running is so much worse than cycling but our bodies are unique. Right now I’m doing the best ever with my knees and need to believe this trend will continue.

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    Surely it all depends on the type of knee problem. Joyce, you’ve inspired me to find a spinning class. I used to LOVE (and HATE) spinning, and the benefits are amazing! I could do that for awhile and give the IT band a good long break! Injuries sure are frusterating!

    I’m glad to hear that your knees are treating you kindly. Could it be due to better diet? When did you transition to raw/vegan? Spending less energy on digestion, the body can use it to fix other ailments…

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    Annabelle77 – I’ve been raw for a little over a year now and I don’t believe that has helped my knees as of recently. Things got drastically better after getting back into this concept:

    Dr Sopher is in New Hampshire and I met him a few years ago. Recently, his is work led me to Monte Hueftle, a marathon runner, who suffered all kinds of physical ailments. His work is a continuation of TMS and incorporates Echart Tolle’s ‘the power of now’: all about being in the present moment.

    Monte’s book has helped me tremendously. The websites have a lot of info (his is a bit cheezy but the book is really good)

    I’m a firm believer that the mind and body are so closely tied that when we are unhappy, stressed and/or upset, these emotions can manifest into chronic injuries and pain.

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    I just ran my first marathon last weekend and I used The Thrive Diet book and the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. Brendan Brazier is amazing. Because I followed his advice I felt great before, during and after the race. My recovery has been perfect! All the best to you!

  • Right now I have a pair of Nike running shoes which I feel kind of bad about, considering they’re practically the leaders in sweatshops these days…but my concern is what else can I do?

    Nike just happens to be the shoe that fits me best…I know New Balance does made in America stuff so I’ll have to try some of those on. But I can imagine most other shoe companies aren’t much ahead of Nike? The difference in Nike versus…say…Saucony is probably just paying factory workers a few cents more?

  • Look at the chi running. It helped me to train for 10 day race. Previously my knees were hurting after 1-2 hour run. Now it happened only after 3 days. You can find the book on And also in my eating I follow 80/10/10 guidelines which helps me a lot to stay away from problems. Good luck with your running!

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