Cold all the time - why?

I have been a vegetarian since 1964 and was always hot or at least very warm. Since beginning the raw diet, 2 months ago, I find I am cold most of the time. Why is this and what should I do to correct the situation?


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    When the thyroid is underactive, it is not uncommon to have very cold hands and feet and just have a hard time getting warm. You would also have a very low basal body temperature, probably insomnia and soemw eight around the middle that is difficult to lose. If it’s a little feeling cold, nothing serious, you can do many things to increase the digestive fire. Using warming spices-ceyenne, cumin, chili, curry (you get it) in your uncooking will help. Also when you make your soups in your vitamix, add warm water instead of cold. Since you are adding water warmed to finger touch to cold vegetables, you are not cooking the food, just bringing it to around 100 degrees. You can also warm your bowl in the dehydrator. Never underestimate the warming powers of yoga!!! I’m no yogi, just a devoted practitioner, but i’d look into the benefits of modified shoulder stand, plow (or 1/2 plow) and fish pose for adrenal stimulation.

  • lzhpt is so right about warming foods. I think the blood is thinner on raw and moves easier, so your blood pressure is lower. I was always cold when i was juicing, but I have always been a cold person. make sure you keep active and keep your blood moving.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It is a pretty common experience for your first year raw to be feeling the cold a lot. Most people’s first winter raw is a cold one. I think that as you detox, all your blood/energy is going into specific areas to repair, detox and heal them so you haven’t got as much circulating all over to keep you warm. This is what I think based on my own experience, nothing scientific!

    I really don’t feel the cold any more. I walk around with bare feet all the time, wearing short sleeves, people always ask me why I am not cold! It is like when you see kids playing outside in the rain and wind and you know they aren’t even aware of the weather. It is nice.

    To help keep your body temperature up, try doing some jumping around, a rebounder is a good warming excercise. Like Ispht says yoga is very warming, it really helps to speed up the detox too, so you’ll get through this stage quicker if you take up a regular yoga practice.

    Lots of ginger always helps too. You can also drink herbal tea made with warm water. You can warm your bowls up and have warm soup and chili. You can even heat food very gently and slowly and keep it raw. Raw food doesn’t always have to be cold.

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