Raw vegans in Germany?

dodododo Raw Newbie

im sure theres only a couple of us from what ive seen but are there any other raw vegans in Germany on here? (she asks hopefully)


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Here’s one German raw girl I see on the internet a bit


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    thank you zoe :P she looks pretty cool :)

  • Hi there Dodo. My name is Zoe (zöchen). I’m an Australian living in Heidelberg, Germany. My normal account is not accessible for some reason but I am the little lady with the user name that’s causing me grief when signing in. Hopefully that will be fixed up soon.

    Anyhow. Finding it increasingly hard to remain as raw as possible in Germany due to the lack of vegan/vegetarian options on menu’s, so I end up eating in all the time. It’s also soooo damn cold that all I want in warm food. At the moment I am compromising and having a few cooked vegan meals a week to warm up, needless to say, I’m absolutely loving the amazing produce. I might add that I am still feeling fantastic even with a bit of cooked food. So….Where are you from?


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    hi zoe, another stranger in a strange land, germany rocks tho doesnt it :). I’m in Göttingen in niedersachsen. I’m still having a couple of cups of tea a day, and have one cooked thing a day on average, but everything else is raw or tea :) We dont tend to eat out a lot either as raw vegan isnt happening, dont have too many problems with non raw vegan meals at restaurants. I find vegan food is sooooo much cheaper here than in england, england is a huge rip off for vegans :)

    how long have you been in germany and what brought you here? :P

  • I have to agree with you on the cheapness thing. Food here is generally great quality and not that expensive. I’m off to London for a holiday soon and am nahkering to go to a raw vegan restaurant but I know the prices will be murder! Finding a salad here in restaurants is not hard at all, it’s just that I’m totally bored with eating the same thing every time we decide to venture outside.

    I’ve been here for 14 months and will be here for about another 19 months. My partner is contracted at the Uni. I have a love/hate relationship with Heidelberg as creatively it is as stale as anything. It’s a university town with half the population being transient and the other half being the American Army base (hmm, that may be a slight exaggeration (te he). Looking to move to Berlin, Munich or Hamburg soonish to find some damn art and culture!!!

    Apart from my whinging, I am loving Germany and what it offers (in other cities). The ökodorf on raw nature child’s site looks very interesting.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    ive been here for 3 years now, göttingen is a university city too but its still mostly german, quite a lot of turkish, but not much else, theres a few foreign students but its not often i hear another person speaking english, gets pretty lonely sometimes. one of my husbands friends is english living here but we dont see him often and when we do he tends to speak in german as hes lived here since childhood. we have family in berlin, and friends in hamburg, and family AND friends in munich, but we dont get to travel too much unfortunatly, hate leaving my furry baby.

    My german is pretty lousy but im trying, ole speaks perfect english so we tend not to speak german as much as would help me, i didnt speak a word of german before i met ole tho so i shouldnt be too hard on myself i guess. hows your german?

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hey guys :))) I am from Germany but live since 1999 in Canada, married here ;)) and live on the prairies on a farm with horses, cats, and dogs :))

    I grew up in Gladbeck, Westfalia, and lived for many years in Baden-Wuerttemberg, in a small town, Neuhausen/ob Eck, by Tuttlingen, ca. 25 minutes from the Lake Constance (Bodensee).

    An aunt of mine lives in Heidelberg and they have a great health food store I’ve found one time, huge and good selection. I do have sometimes more problems to eat vegan or vegetarian here on the prairies than in Germany, but it depends on where you are I guess…

    Thanks Zoe, got to check out the website from rawnatuerchild later one :)))

    And hello to the other Zoe from Australia, well I guess you are used to a way warmer climate… but we’ve had this morning -16 with windchill, brrrr, came pretty fast over the last days this minus weather… wish I would be in Germany sometimes when it goes down to -45 in January/February ;)))

    But we were freezing there when we visited, not being used to the damp cold anymore.

    Anyway, just thought I say ‘hello’ :)) got to go eat now :))

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