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zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

Did your partner/loved one go raw with you? What is your experience with your partner and your rawness?

Mine seems to be rather defensive… although always has tastes of my cantaloupe and pineapples. I hope to take him to a raw restaurant sometime since I’m not huge on “uncooking” myself.


  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    My BF is good. Very supportive. Loves his meat and potatoes, big on sandwiches and grilled meat. Has an indoor grill in his kitchen.

    His son is 8 and eats nothing but scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets and mayonnaise. Fruit the kid will eat. Sometimes. if he’s not paying attention and you slip it in his hand while he’s watching television, which i am certainly not above doing. I will come right up to you and put fruit in your mouth if I know you don’t eat enough :) people love me.

    My Bf says he would like to eat more health-ily. When I quit smoking he quit smoking so I think he just needs someone to pave the path for him. He comes from hippie parents and is pretty open to new ideas. I like to call him the enlightened neanderthal :) but not, you know, out loud.

    I am moving in with them in about a month, so we shall see what happens with all of our diets. We are both over 40, after all.

    I’m sure the kid will hate it but I do enjoy cooking so it’s nice to have someone around to cook for. Temptation isn’t a problem I don’t really have a taste for meat or eggs anymore. Esp not chicken nuggets shudders and mayonaise.

    I eat the raw food that I create and chuckle to myself that going raw was the best thing I ever did! Nothing cooked tastes as good as raw feels, and the raw stuff I make really, really, really, tastes good to me.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Grrrrl i hear that! I think it’d take god telling me to my face to stop eating raw for me to stop doing it… I’m glad your boyfriend is supportive. I think mine thinks I’m a little nuts. I am trying to show him how good older raw people look (like Arnold from Arnold’s Way and Karyn from her Raw Food Restaurant in Chicago—both over 60).

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    My boyfriend really loves to eat healthily, but he’s neither vegan nor raw. He’ll happily eat vegan at home with me, but is not so happy to eat raw, particularly now that the weather is getting cold. He loves his hot meals. I love cooking. He’s been very spoiled by my creativity in the kitchen. He tolerates a couple of raw dinners a week, but he always laments the fact that on raw nights he doesn’t come home to a house that smells of wonderful hot cooked food. It’s great that he is vegan friendly. He’s moved from skim milk in his cereal to almond milk or hemp milk. He happily eats my raw grawnola-buckwheat cereal, instead of processed boxed cereals. He does still covet cheese and will devour wings and fries with blue cheese dipping sauce when we go out to watch sports at a bar. It’s nice, though, to see him keep his meat eating to only once a week or so. Cheese and yogurt are the only types of dairy he eats. I’ve encouraged him to move to goat yogurt and cheese, instead of cow’s dairy. The funny thing is, I’ve only lost a few pounds since going raw, but the less extreme changes made to his diet have peeled about 13 pounds off of him. MEN! He’s thrilled and I’m happy that he’s game to eat healthily. I don’t need for him to become raw, as long as he doesn’t give me a hard time about my choices.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    sweetpea- that’s funny and exactly my situation. My hubby is supportive and enjoys what I give him but loves buffalo wings and grilled meat and cheese. He’s lost eleven pounds since I started making more vegan meals and healthy breakfast! I thought he was already majorly skinny! I’m sure he’d die on raw. Definitely in the winter.

    But I enjoy my food and he enjoys his and we eat together and have a good ole time!

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    In my experiences so far, which is all we have to go by, I couldn’t be with a better man or person. He is so supportive, understanding, caring, and he loves to talk to me about food, as I do with him. He is omnivorous but is more mindful of eating healthier than other people. He’s a bodybuilder, and he eats a lot of protein, some of which consists of vegan food I make for him, and other times cow milk protein shakes, egg whites, and chickens’ breasts. He always loves to try raw foods I bring home, loves my kale salads, raw chocolate, and he loves to take me out for good food at places that have decent salads (and for me, that means DARK greens, usually spinach). He respects my love for life and all animals, (I’m a true vegan, no animal products in my life – including personal care products, clothing, etc.) and he’s eager to learn more about me, as I am about him.

    And despite being omni, he’s the only person I’ve ever been sexually compatible with (as far as males go).

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