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HELP....BAD Spider bite!

Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

I woke up at 4 am this morning and felt something stinging near my armpit. I looked in the mirror and there’s a huge red white bump surrounded by red skin! Seriously it looks like a 3rd nipple, it’s freaky. It hasn’t improved and I’ve had a couple quick shooting pains down the back of my bitten arm to my elbow. There is no sign of necrosis, and other than the stinging, tender bump and weird occasional pains I feel fine.

I’m going to the doc tomorrow am first thing for antivenom, I’m not going to spend extended time experimenting on various remedies when I live the heart of black widow and brown recluse spider country (among a host of other extremely venomous species) but if anyone does have any info as to what might help prevent any further damage and help healing, it would be much appreciated! And healing thoughts too!


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Oh, ouch! I hope it’s not a brown recluse bite.

    I don’t know any natural bite remedies, but from all I have read I would suggest as much wheat grass juice and wheat grass poultice as you can get. Build up your body as much as possible to strengthen the immune system, and also use the WG as a poultice locally to try to pull out the poison.

    Let us know what the doctor says. You’re in my prayers.

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    Omigosh, that’s horrible! I don’t know much about spider bites, but from what I’ve picked up, if you get treatment that quickly, it generally turns out alright. Especially since there’s no necrosis or anything else really bad happening (save for the occasional pains, which are understandable with any kind of venom) I would say as long as you see the doctor, you’ll turn out fine. Just hang in there! What you could try is apple cider vinegar- I’ve heard that applying that, or lemon juice, has some kind of effect by way of drawing the toxins out of the immediate area, or de-activating them, or something like that. Let us know how it goes- best of luck to you!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    A quick Google search turned up a number of suggestions, including a poultice of ACV and baking soda. Your symptoms could also be descriptive of MRSA, as well as a number of other maladies. MRSA is fairly rampant in Georgia, highly contagious, and can have serious consequences. I am relieved that you will be seeing a doctor immediately. Please do let us know how you are doing.

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hi Branwyn, I would suggest a paste made from coconut oil, add in a little turmeric, cayenne and crushed garlic and honey. This helped me with a tooth abscess and I would use it if I got stung or anything. But you’re right to get it checked over.

  • I agree with emtpdmom, that getting a professional opinion onthe problem would be best, you can also try a drawing salve, they work wonders for us.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I know that for brown recluse bites(I don’t think that’s what you have because your whole body would feel bad) and possibly other spider bites if you slice an onion in half and lay it cut end down on the bite it really pulls out venom and treats any kind of skin deterioration.

    I hope it helps and please get to the doctor soon!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Just an FYI—An onion slice also works wonders for mosquito bites. It stops the itching almost instantly.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I react very strongly to spider bites, and found that some sort of black salve usually works very well for me. Another thing to help draw out the sting is making a paste with meat tenderizer. My mom learned this trick years ago for bee stings from a Dr and since then there is a small bottle of it in first aid kit all the time. Lol, not in the kitchen though :)

  • Branwyn32Branwyn32 Raw Newbie

    Thanks everyone! I will try the salves tomorrow after work. The doc said there’s no way of really being certain if it is a spider bite, but it did look infected. He gave me some antibiotics and said to call if anything changes or it doesn’t go away soon. I I have ingredients for most of the salves mentioned so I will definitely be doing that as well.

    Thanks again!

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Yep…the old baking soda works a treat!

    We use it on bee & wasp stings, spider bites ets

    It takes away the stinging and itching immediately.

    It works by breaking down protein, a butcher was telling me that a lot of the asian countries dunk meat into vats of it to tenderize the meat.

    And guess what…venum is a protein :-)

    So ‘blueyz’ Mom is correct!

    It is FANTASTIC stuff to have in a first aid kit, we even keep some in the car. Twice we have had bees come through car windows whilst driving and both myself and my son have been stung this way. We just spit in the palm of our hand, mix in some soda to make a paste and slap it straight on the sting or bite. The last time we used it was 5 days ago when my son got a spider bit :-)

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