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not sure if raw is going to work out for me

rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

I want to commend others for sticking on this diet…I have been about 80% raw the past 2 weeks (raw breakfast and lunch and cooked dinner)..however…the ONLY way I am not totally hungry is if I bulk up my foods with nuts and seeds…i had been losing weight before when doing even less raw but eating really lean protein and fish….now that i have increased raw foods, i am starving all day and am eating way too much fat…i also cannot eat fruit…

anyway,...my weight loss has plateud after a few months of eating alot of raw foods and 2 weeks of eating high raw….and i am really feeling discouraged…i know people say to limit nuts and seeds and avocados when trying for weight loss but i just truly don’t understand how people are satisfied by only eating veggies all day…i also look at people who drink green smoothies or juices for breakfast and are good to go till lunch or dinner..not me…i am eating a ton more on the raw diet than i did cooked….though i don’t eat any raw desserts except occassionally

any encouragement will help…i got all the basic raw food tools and I’d like to continue but i can’t see how i can continue this lifestyle if i cannot have nuts/seeds and avocados to bulk up my diet.



  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Don’t give up. Are you only trying to loose weight? I don’t believe someone can loose a lot of weight with only weight loss as a goal. I lost over 160 pounds, but I wasn’t trying to loose weight, I was trying to be healthy. http://www.purelyraw.com/ourstories.htm

    What you think is hunger is not hunger. Raw Food does not parylize your stomach like cooked food does, so you don’t get that same ‘full’ feeling that you are used to. The Nuts & Seeds help add bulk and convince you that you have eaten enough. Make sure that the ones you are using are actually raw. Here… http://www.purelyraw.com/deadfoodlist.htm In my and Zoe’s experience Nuts are hard to find Raw so we use mostly sunflower seeds.

    You should also know that ‘plateaus’ are normal. Especially after 2 months. I ate 2 to 3 times the amount of bulk when I went raw. But I did it before the internet was full of people saying that just ‘Raw’ alone is not enough. 80/10/10 wasn’t out yet and no one was scared to eat an avocado. Ahh, The Good ‘Ol Days…

    Much of our fat is actually toxin storage not the result of too many calories. If you commit to stop putting poison in yourself, then your body will eventually believe you and it will then decide to detox and dump all that weight. I took about 16 months in my weight loss. It doesn’t happen overnight, It took me over 10 years to gain all that weight so 16 months seems quick enough. Also If you are Raw Vegan you will reduce the possibility of loose hanging skin. I don’t have any at all.

    Here is a good (very recent) article by Debbie Took… http://www.rawforlife.co.uk/ezine/sep08.php

  • Oh, rawforhealth, keep up the try, I had the same issue, I had lost so much weight, then when I went raw, I started gorging on stuff, it was very disconcerting. I would try to bulk up on your greens, I wasn’t sure I would like them, but pretty soon, I couldn’t go without! Eat in stages, when you are hungry, eat a bit, then have a drink, then eat later, so on. I hope this helps!

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    Omigosh! It sounds like I wrote everything you said! I know exactly where you’re coming from. I’ve been on and off raw for 5 months. Now, it’s my second week totally raw (without breaking) just like you, and yeah…I’m always hungry.

    So, I figured I wasn’t eating enough, tried adding a ton of raw fats and then wouldn’t you know, gained weight!!!! So, I stopped eating all that fat, and I started to think about counting calories, to find out how much I was eating. I ate normally one day, and found out that by lunch, I had reached 1,700 calories! Not including a 600 calorie dinner and snacks! So, that’s way too much for someone of my frame.

    I immediately came up with a diet plan of 1,500 calories per day, and have been sticking with this (for the most part) for several days now. I am just waiting for my body to adjust and stomach to shrink so that I will stop being hungry and feel full on less. I think this is what happens to long-term raw foodists. They are hungry at the beginning and eating less calories, so their stomachs shrink and they eventually require less food, I am not sure it has anything to do with simply eating raw foods…I really think it’s the calories.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I don’t mean to be harsh, rawforhealth, but you’ve been fighting raw for the entire two weeks you’ve dabbled in it. I’ve read all of your posts and your attitude has been pretty negative throughout. You seem determined to fail at it. If it’s something you truly care to do for yourself, then I think you should give it at least 3 months. This is not a magic pill. You need at least that long to adjust to the changes, sort out what’s really enough to nourish you without being too much, AND feel the benefits from eating so healthily. I haven’t been at it long and I know I’m struggling a bit with feeling full enough yet not eating too much, which has been a lifelong issue for me. I didn’t expect everything to fall into place on Day 1 and it hasn’t. After a few weeks of being tired during my major detox phase, I’m starting to feel really energetic. I’m still having trouble not eating constantly during the morning and afternoon, then being too full by the evening. I’m expecting this to even out as time goes by. I’m conscious of it and trying to choose my food carefully, to prevent eating too many nuts and seeds. The only way to do this is to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I know you’ve said over and over that you can’t eat fruit, but I’ve read in the 811 posts that many people with candida are unable to get rid of it until they switch to 811 and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I don’t do 811 myself, but I’m not trying to kick candida.

    Chriscarlton offered you some very valuable advice. I was once obese too. Plateaus are normal. He’s quite right in that SAD eaters equate the paralyzed stomach feeling of fullness with satiety. This is the most crucial lesson for me right now. I don’t understand why my stomach sometimes feels empty even after I’ve eaten. It makes me want to eat more even though I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE! You should consider Chris’ explanation of toxin storage very seriously. You should be very motivated to release toxins, perhaps more motivated than simply shedding excess weight. Once you detox, you’ll actually start to feel stronger, happier and on the road to better health.

    I believe in one of your posts you mentioned that your doctor was encouraging juicing. Your doctor obviously wants you to detox and take in a lot of nutrients, to help you heal. Has your doctor suggested going raw or was it your idea? I’m sensing some teenage-esque rebellion from you with regards to the changes you’re trying to make. The fact that you resent aspects of this new regimen and are already suggesting your intended failure indicate to me that this was not really your idea. You will only be able to succeed and be happy if you are self-motivated. You have to want to do this, or you’ll find reasons not to do it. Before you abandon raw altogether, please look inside yourself and ask yourself what your motivation is. If it’s to improve your health, lose weight and be happy, then regroup and give raw veganism an honest to goodness try. If not, then it probably isn’t for you right now. It’s not all or nothing, though. Even if you only go 50% raw, it will be an improvement over 100% SAD. You can always increase later, when you feel stronger and more motivated by feeling good.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    “get through this diet”

    That’s what AA call stinkin’ thinkin’. That sounds horrible! I would not wish this Raw Food stuff on my worst enemy.

    Your user name is RawForHealth. That’s is your answer!

    You could not possibly understand how good food tastes to me now. I love Raw and nothing else even tastes like food. It’s not a diet, it’s an understanding of reality that allows you access to your own potential. The plus is that the food is incredible. If your food isn’t good yet, don’t give up. You will learn.

    Rawsiki: What is the recipe on your profile photo??

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    thanks everyone!

    chris…i used the word “diet” for lack of better terms..i actually don’t believe in diets…it assumes you will change your ways once you “go off” it..i meant lifestyle, “Diets” don’t work long term and I know this.

    sweetpea…i am offended by your comments,,,,actually it WAS TOTALLY my idea, not my drs.,,my dr simply confirmed and supported it. As for my motivation, i have been bedridden from serious illness and it has been very difficult for me to follow the diet because i do not have anyone to help with prep, etc and i had been in and out of a wheelchair to get to kitchen when i could,,,as for motivation and rebelling like a teen,,,,i have extreme motivation to get well and have embarked on this the best i can, buying inexpensive tools, organic foods, etc and am going broke in the process..i have been dragging myself out of bed and trying to prepare tasty meals for myself in order to keep myself motivated since i hate just eating greens all day…i even sliced my finger bad with a knife because i was so exhausted, i was falling asleep while cutting veggies for a green juice. I attended a raw food cooking class the other day as well. If you look at other posts, i have been continiously asking questions to gain more knowledge of this lifestyle..so if this is all not movitation, well who knows what is! I am doing everything I can to continue this lifestyle and was looking to this forum for support, not judgement or discouragement!

    Anyway..sorry if you got the wrong impression but your impression coudn;t be further from the truth. Oh, and I know a ton about toxicity….i have SEVERE mercury toxicity, among others and have learned the hard way that eating even “seemingly healthy” foods results in this. As for rebellion…yeah, i admit…i have lost so much in my life, i.e. ability to work, ability to have kids, my house, close friends, pretty much almost everything from a serious illness so i am angry i have to give up yet another thing, but i AM doing it and weight loss is among one of the goals I have,certainly not the only one. And yes, my hunger and thirst responses are totally screwed up…i have a neuro illness that damaged my hypothalamus and the two signals get mixed up so i have to deal with that.

    Anyway…thanks for your brief psychotherapy session ;)

    Again, thanks everyone who is encouraging!!!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    you may want to read this also… http://www.purelyraw.com/changeyourmind.htm

    It was the “get through” bit that bothered me the most. This sounds like you are punishing your self.

    You may “know” that it isn’t a diet but you might want to talk to your sub-conscious about this. They were your words and they came from somewhere.

    I certainly don’t intend to be harsh with you so I hope I have not also ruffled your feathers. I take your situation and requests for advice very seriously though and don’t tend to hold back on truth.

    You are welcome to contact me privately at any time.

    Lovebows, Chris

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I don’t think sweetpea meant to offend. I think she was expressing some frustration, and I feel the same, actually. I’m not sure why you think you’re poisoned by toxins like mercury or why you’ve been told that if you eat fruits, you’ll be infected by yeast, but something doesn’t sound right.

    I know it can be devestating to be bed-ridden and become a shut-in(I really do know because I’ve been there), but you really are going to have to fight harder than most folks you know to get on back on the track to health. It’s going to hurt at times, and you’re going to go through many powerful emotional upheavals, but you have to do it for yourself. It’s really, really worth it, and utterly enjoyable when you let go of fears.

    I do know it’s hard and scarey, hon.

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    chris..i wasn;t offended at all by you..no worries..was just clarifying. Thanks for the follow up!

    toms….i know my candida gets worse when eating fruit and all those that want to get rid of yeast need to rid of all sugar, even agave, etc..(been shown in tons of literature and I myself can concur from personal experience. I have a tremendous reduction of my candida problems when ridding of all sugar, even fruit and lowering my intake of grains, animal fats, etc. What I am left with is mostly greens. As for punishing myself, no i don’t feel i am..i am just struggling to make food that is pallatable that will help me continue on this and also keep me full.

    We all differ in our beliefs..i.e. i don’t understand why many raw foodists believe they should consume soy because it has been shown that there are many things in soy, besides gmos that are harmful so i guess it depends what you read. I don’t know how many raw foodists go 100% raw and eat non organic produce filled with pesticides, though i guess they claim they are not getting it from other goods like meat. I have professional experience in the health care field and know my sources are very trustworthy and that’s all I need to know what is right and not right for me..actually…I asked my dr, who was once 100% raw nd is now high raw if I should look into the 811 plan or whatever plan has lots of fruit and less fat to lose weight and he said “yeah, if you want to see your candida go through the roof from the sugar, and become even more anemic, among other things…anyway…my point is..everyone has their beliefs and whether or not I agree with or understand them, I respect them. if someone tells me they are mercury poisoned or eating fruit makes their yeast get worse, then i tell them, eat less fruit or look into detoxing your mercury.

    Also…although many people advocate going 100% raw and going “cold turkey”, as I am sure you all know, when you go raw you detox and if your detox pathways are not working well and the toxins are not excreted, they will back up into your blood, which they have with me (the result is not fun ;( so…one needs to go slow if you are really ill.

    as for the mercury poising…i have had multiple testing and my dr concurs that my mercury levels are off the charts and must be reduced as it has gone to my brain. They once thought I had beginning alzheimers but it was really mercury and microbes affecting me neurologically. I need to get mercury fillings out and go for chelation down the road, along with raw food lifestyle. I have worked in the field of chronic illness and many people who are chronically ill have a tough time detoxing mercury as well as candida and other issues that are present in healthy people’s bodies but do not affect them as badly.

    anyway sorry for frustrating you guys…yes i know i have to work harder than the average and i am still trying to do that and if i didn;t care, i wouldnt be posting or asking so many questions.

    I am sorry to upset people…I think i will try to seek out some books and maybe do it on my own so I won’t offend anyone again with my posts!

    Thanks guys for your support! ;)

  • schmoopeeschmoopee Raw Newbie

    hmmm. HI rawforhealth!!! To answer your question…you won’t ever feel a sense of fullness like you would on meat or grains/breads. I believe it’s simply because you are eating foods now that digest easier + faster which is what you need in order for your body to use its energy to repair itself rather than focusing on harder to digest foods like animal protein. You will need to eat a ton of greens. I usually have a kale salad every day that is HUGE—like 8 cups, a full head of kale, avo and lots of veggies. And that’s just one meal!

    If you need to, create a more regimented daily plan for yourself. i.e 8 cups of greens, .5 cups of nuts, 6 cups of veggies, 2 Tbs of oil/butter, 2 cups of berries (can you have those?)...

    Personally, I am a compulsive overeater, that is what drew me to raw because you can never eat enough to feel that sleepy, satiated carb coma – raw breaks that cycle- you can’t smother your emotions with food. I spent my whole life never feeling hunger pains, now when I get them I smile because I know I’m doing something right- it makes me visualize my body burning fat for fuel. I have a substantial amount of weight to lose, but I never weigh myself, or count calories (really hard to not do). I stay on plan and keep a journal of what I eat and how I feel. I continue to feel better on raw and that is my motivation. Its really easy to get trapped and demotivated by the scale- staying away from it has really liberated me and I know that I am losing weight.

    One last thing…are you keeping busy with other things? hobbies? friends? Try to keep a balance so all your attention is not on the food.

    Please stay on the boards. The first few weeks are the hardest- we are here for you!

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    schmoopee: “you can never eat enough to feel that sleepy, satiated carb coma – raw breaks that cycle- you can’t smother your emotions with food. I spent my whole life never feeling hunger pains, now when I get them I smile because I know I’m doing something right- it makes me visualize my body burning fat for fuel.”

    Words of pure Gold!!!!

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    thanks for support schmoopee…i truly appreciate it!! Right now i can’t do any fruit except granny smith apples (low sugar)...

    Right now all my focus is on getting well..have a few friends here (just moved across the country 2 years ago and left my close friends behind and it’s hard making friends when you constantly cancel…i do have lots of hobbies, though and pursue them when I can..i am an aspiring singer and music and singing is my passion so i spend time on that, scenic drives, following politics, working as a local rep for a national health org, etc. Though, I am spending so much time preparing stuff..don’t have time for much else ;)

  • I’ve just been reading Gabriel Cousens Rainbow live cuisine, and he was saying that it takes about 2 years of eating raw to get through the transition. I think you need to be more patient with the process and yourself. Are you juicing veggies? That may really help. I think that feeling of constant hunger may be a detox symptom, your body is desperately trying to get you to eat the bad stuff so it can feed it’s addiction. Anyway, just stay with it, be gentle with yourself, it’s not going to happen overnight. I’ve been doing raw off and on for a few years and pretty full on for a year and it’s only now that I’m starting to see a deeper detox happening. I’m thrilled but it is not too fun.

    One thing I found super interesting in Dr. Cousen’s book was that “acid” thoughts are just as toxic as eating junk food. So just be patient with yourself, you deserve it.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I’m sorry you were offended by my comments. I did not mean to be overly harsh or rude, but only wanted to point out that in your various posts, you seem to be throwing obstacles in your own way, and I’m certainly NOT referring to your being in a wheelchair or being unwell. Eating raw can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. I think you’re caught between wanting to make raw food interesting and exciting for yourself and wanting this to be as simple as possible. I totally understand this. I think you tried going the simple route initially, but got bored fast and I don’t blame you. I do okay eating whole fruits and simple salads for a day or two, but then I want something with more eye appeal and that fills me up, so I make something a bit more involved, but that will last for a few days. The rest of what I eat is simple. It balances out nicely. On the whole, I’m doing a heck of a lot less prep in the kitchen than when I cook a meal from scratch, using the stove or oven. I used to make complete meals every single night. I’d send leftovers to work with my BF, but make something new every day. That was for me, because I enjoy cooking and like to see something pretty and different on my plate. We eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs. I’ve been able to scale it back a lot now that I’m eating raw.

    I’m glad to hear that going raw was your idea, but I agree with chriscarlton’s comments that you sound like you’re punishing yourself with this. I only want you to get enjoyment out of what you’re doing for yourself. I haven’t gotten that impression thus far, but if I’m misreading your posts, then I apologize wholeheartedly. I can’t imagine for a second what effect your hypothalamus issue is having on your basic desires, ie. thirst and hunger. Knowing that, though, maybe it would be best if you charted what you need to eat and drink each day, then try to stick closely to what’s on the chart, just to avoid overeating, plus making sure you take in enough fluids.

    Nothing I said to you was intended to be in the form of a psychotherapy session. You’re down on yourself, so you may perceive others’ observations to be attacks, but I was not attacking you. I only observed that after 2 weeks, you sound like you’re ready to pack it in and go back to SAD eating. Ultimately, only you are affected by this decision, but I wish you’d give it a little longer and put less pressure on yourself to do everything perfectly. Don’t jump into the deep end of the pool when you can wade in slowly and gradually adjust to being in the pool.

    People have suggested to you that smoothies are easier and cheaper than juicing. When I make smoothies, I literally toss things into the blender—very little chopping, if any. I give the blender a good rinse afterward, then chuck it in the dishwasher every few days. I don’t use oils, nuts or seeds in my smoothies, so a thorough rinse is okay. Meals don’t need to be elaborate. I can make a meal out of zucchini hummus and an assortment of veggies to dip. You don’t even have to cut them up, if they’re manageable whole. The veggies on their own would be a bit boring, but the hummus makes them taste like a treat.

    I am sorry for your losses in life and I think your anger and frustration are totally justified, but if you are unable to get past your anger, you will never get well. Anger will make you sick and keep you sick. There are raw foodists on these forums who live on very little money. They eat simply and within their means. I won’t lie to you. You are faced with many challenges. I applaud you for trying to make things better for yourself. Keep trying, hang in there, and find joy in the pure and beautiful foods you are putting in your body. If you set your mind to moving forward, hopefully your body will follow and eventually catch up.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    rawforhealth, when I said I felt frustrated, I didn’t mean anger, not at all. I just feel helpless about your situation. I really feel sympathy for you. You have no idea. It hurts to see someone in a similiar situation, to have a good idea of what they’re going through, and not be able to offer more.

    You don’t have to please anyone. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that over and over. If you can’t do 100% raw, then don’t. It’s not a faulure in any way.

    If you can’t afford all organic, then don’t sweat it. Avoid the really high-pesticide load fruits and veggies, and eat the rest.

    I don’t know if the fruits you ate before you went raw were always fresh, but I notice that you feel that fresh fruit sugars are the same(?) as refined sugars and cooked sugars in canned fruits and the same as syrups. It’s not the same. I’m not saying you can eat tons of fresh fruits, but I would’t be afraid of low-sugar fruits like berries. If you omit all fruits, you are going to suffer some severe vitamin deficiences.

    How do you handle cooked legumes? I”m thinking if you just eat greens and non-sweet fruits, that you’re going to starve. At the very least, you could push yourself into a state of ketosis and that positively sucks. It messes up your thinking and causes depressions. There are some vitamin deficiencies that mimic alzheimers, too.

    I didn’t mean to make you look like an hysteric. I”m sorry. It was your doctor that made me wince a bit for some reason.

    At any rate, please don’t give up, and certainly don’t leave! Hugs.

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    thanks sweetpea and toms! I will hang in there. I eat berries…that’s about the only fruit i eat now in small quantities…i never ate canned fruit or syrups…even eating apples and bananas and other whole fruit gives me thrush on my mouth and also…a good idea not to eat fruit when you are fighting candida because it satisfies the sugar craving..if you remove all sources of sugar, which i did, you no longer have sugar cravings…i used to have horrible sugar cravings..not anymore ;)

    Oh…i do eat other stuff or I would starve…i agree there ;) That’s why I say i cannot go 100% raw right now…but when i do eat cooked food, i eat mostly vegetarian now…legumes alot and a few days with wild fish or organic lean animal protein, occasional eggs, (total 2 or 3 days) so i definitely supplement my raw foods.

    Oh…my dr is phenomenal btw ;)

    Thanks again you guys and I will continue to hang in there as best as I can. As for the pressure to be simple but trying to make stuff for myself..yes, definitely it IS a struggle but making the yummy stuff keeps me motivated (and it;s also not tons of raw sweet stuff…it’s mostly seed cheeses, avos, etc.

  • Dear rawforhealth, Why don’t you look into Zeolites for you mercury toxicity? It may be a way of dealing with it. I hope you hang in there because I know you can get some real healing by eating raw, nourishing your body and loving it.

  • Hey rawforhealth, I too am on a healing program for candida, and I’m in the same boat as you. How long have you been working to clear it up? What are you using? Drugs? Natural antifungals? How long have you been off fruits?

    I didn’t eat fruits for 6 months and just recently started using them, along with agave, in controlled amounts. I’m happy to say my body is responding well as long as I don’t overdo it.

    I’ve also learned that food combining is very important if you are going to eat fruit while healing from candida. Absolutely no fruits with grains or proteins! It causes way too much fermentation which the candida feed off of even if there is no sugar. That’s why it’s always recommended to clean the colon along with whatever drug or antifungal you are using. You have to get all that fermented stuff out! When it’s gone, you can eat fruits alone and wait about 45 mins before eating something else. Wait about three hours, then you can eat fruit again if your other meal was combined correctly.

    I started at 50% raw because I thought I couldn’t go raw because I couldn’t do fruits. I really wanted to eat more raw foods and gradually ideas came to me for dishes I could eat that were raw, but stayed within my guidelines: soups, sushi, marinated veggies, zucchini pasta, veggie smoothies, macaroon balls (the recipe is posted here), ravioli, etc.

    If you can’t go 100% raw right now, then don’t worry about it. I’m only about 60-70% right now and as the candida gets more and more under control, the more raw I’ll become. There’s no need to put undo pressure on yourself. That will make your symptoms worse and it will take longer to heal.

    You are more than welcome to visit my website http://justsayingno.com It’s my recipe blog of food that I CAN eat while on this healing journey.

    Get well soon, Joi

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    If you want to cure Candida cut out fats for 2 weeks. I had Candida for years, and I did that. I slipped up a couple times so it just took longer. But I feel like a whole new me! The reason is the fat makes it harder for your body to process sugar, so the Candida have a feast. Do not cut out carbs to kill Candida, because your brain feeds on carbs, okay? You have to cut out fats or severely cut down on them.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    It looks like you are getting amazing support I am so glad to hear of your efforts my grandfather had a stroke a bout 3 years ago and we did all we could to introduce him to healthy healing and he was almost out of his walker and depression hit (from all the drugs) and he started liking the pity attention and now is in a home in an electric wheel chair. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING blog on here call a friend anything when you feel that dark wave of judgement or despair do not give in reach out and make yourself laugh it off. You will be feeling great in no time

    My reccomendation if only eating one fruit BLUEBERRIES they are brain happy food and lower in sugar than other berries Maybe take a week or two off eggs they are highly allergenic and have a major energy funk IMO (in my opnion it is a baby chick way worse than some wild trout)

    GOOD LUCK Peace Light and Love

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Interesting responses!

    I will add that wild fish also has mercury, so it may be in your best interest to cut that out completely. Also, for the first two years I ate almost completely raw, I ate greens only about once a week! I still had lots of health benefits that showed up immediately, just by eating what I felt my body needed. Now it is an emergency if I don’t have at least 1/2 pound of greens per day. You’ll find what’s best for you, if you just seek it. :)

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    chriscarlton writes, 6 hours ago: (333 posts)

    schmoopee: “you can never eat enough to feel that sleepy, satiated carb coma – raw breaks that cycle- you can’t smother your emotions with food. I spent my whole life never feeling hunger pains, now when I get them I smile because I know I’m doing something right- it makes me visualize my body burning fat for fuel.”

    Words of pure Gold!!!!

    I think so too!!

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    thanks so much everyone!!

    angie…what did you eat on your first two years if you didn’t do greens? mostly veggies and nuts?

    yes, wild fish does have some mercury but it is occasional i eat it because i am not 100 percent vegetarian and would rather have it than meat….if i stay away from everything i shouldn’t eat, i;d be eating greens, period :) and nothing else. I am eventually going to do a juice fast (or feast as you all call it) but have to take it slow right now and work up to that.

    thanks again! i feel somewhat more motivated now!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Sprouted grains (wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, etc.), nuts, seeds, veggies, fruit, oil, lentil sprouts, avocados, honey, coconut, and sometimes some all natural meat or raw goat milk cheese. There’s lots to eat besides greens, but, like I said, now that Ive started eating greens more this year, I don’t think I could ever go back to being without them! I also don’t ever crave meat when I’m eating enough greens. I wish I’d known that a couple of years earlier! :)

    Gabriel Cousens recommends zeolite for cleansing heavy metals out of the body, and I’ve also heard that burdock root (tea) and cilantro help to cleanse out heavy metals.

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