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List your favourite things about the GoneRaw community and how it has improved your raw lifestyle

I know there’s a lot of constructive criticism going on right now about Goneraw due to the website improvements being made, so I thought this thread would be a good idea right now. List your favourite things about this website, your favourite people, favourite recipes, best advice or anything from this website that has changed your raw lifestyle for the better.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie


    Is that clear enough? I found raw from goneraw, I became raw because of gonerecipes, and I stayed raw because of goneforums. :P

  • Love the recipes! I’ve also learned a lot from the forum, plus I feel like I have a community in every sense of the word. When I go to a potluck and hear people who only read raw recipe books and how they struggle and feel isolated, I’m especially greatful for this community!!!

    I’d like to suggest that people search for previous topics before posting the same questions over and over again, though. That gets a bit tedious for the long-time members.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    It would be nice if there was a way to search past forum posts by keyword or by multiple keywords, separated by commas. If it exists, it’s not obvious. It’s kind of painful to try to through dozens of pages in the hopes of finding a thread that answers a question I have. I’ve only been active on this site for 6 weeks or so, but already I’m seeing the same questions over and over again, as Jenoz pointed out.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I love the community of it, and how we all learn together & from each other. I love getting recipes from thousands of other people. I love that I can ask a question and know that I’ll get answers from people with a variety of knowledge, opinions & ideas. I love just knowing I can come on here & communicate with other people with similar goals & mindset about food & health – very refreshing! I’m with Winona – this site keeps me raw!

  • I didn't list mine so here goes..

    -I love that I have people to talk to who understand and practice the same lifestyle as myself

    -I love how no one is judgemental of those who are not "%100" raw, doing what is best for your body is most important

    -I love how amazing every single person is on this website, how each contribution means something to someone else and how creative every member is in their own way

    -THE RECIPES. This is the best website on the internet for raw food recipes. So many incredible, creative minds have come together here to produce raw masterpieces. I could name off several members that could publish beautiful recipe books so easily!

    I would not have been able to stay raw without the support and friendship of the members on this site.

    Thanks to Kandace and Ray for creating it.

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