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November 811RV

Hey everyone, it seems I just could not stay away from this forum. I missed reading everyone’s posts and will definitely go back and update myself on the things you all have been going through. I have been doing pretty well 811, but with the changing of the weather here (getting colder), I just have not been very hungry.


  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    i tried to start 811 a week ago. it didnt turn out to well due to the cold, i wanted warm filling food (FATS) but i have my eyes on the goal, i’ll make it eventually :)

  • Maybe when you tried 811, you ate too many “cooling” foods and not enough “heaty” foods. I read somewhere that the heatiness and coolness of foods have to do with their ability to generate sensations.

    “Heaty” foods that could probably be eaten on 811 are: pepper, red and green pepper, cherry, chive, coconut, date, grapefruit peel, green onion, guava, peach, raspberry, rosemary, spearmint, sweet basil, jackfruit, durian, spring onion, apricots, blackberries, black currant, mangoes, peaches, mandarin orange, and grapes. I’m sure there are more…

  • Hello, I was doing very, very well and suddenly something failed: tonight I ate two avocados then junk chips and mayo! It doesn’t matter, I’ve done 811 for quite a long time (three weeks?) which is more than I believed possible and I allow myself a break. I just will be tired tomorrow :(

    It is nice to see you again Kait.

  • Hi, I was just in the neighborhood and decided to say hi. For those who are interested in 811rv I have been on it for 2 years now. It’s been mostly terrific, some setbacks but I always get right back to 811rv and things get back to normal. In case you don’t know Kait, some of those foods are not highly recommended on 811 such as onions, green pepper, grapefruit peel since they are not pleasant tasting to the palate. Remember that 811 foods are the best tasting to a baby, I use a baby because a baby’s taste buds haven’t been corrupted by inappropriate food for years and years. Green pepper is actually another colored pepper that has not fully ripened and for the 811 diet everything eaten is fully ripe. The other two foods would be rejected by a baby because they are bitter and not pleasant.

  • Thanks for pointing that out SocaL. I didn’t necessarily mean that they SHOULD be consumed on 811, just that they COULD be. I think it would be better for someone to eat onions, peppers, & grapefruit peels every once in a while to keep warm as opposed to dropping out of the 811 club due to coldness.

  • Ok I’m ready. The next couple days I am going to eat mostly greens, and get my palate back to wanting fruit and my body back to being hungry. I’m going to buy fruit by the case this time cause it seems one of my issues is not having enough food in the house and not having time to go to the store. What is everyone planing to due on Thanksgiving about 811.

  • SocaL, welcome, it is nice to have an experimented 811er with us.

    circleakitchen, you are absolutely right about having a lot of fresh food in the house, I don’t buy enough and sometimes I am left with only bananas when I want pineapple for example so I don’t enjoy the bananas, don’t eat enough etc.

    I am back on 811rv after the excesses of last night. I feel with a serious hangover though I didn’t drink alcohol.

    Yesterday I didn’t eat enough because I was tired, and I suspect I was tired because the night before I had eaten a salad with non-raw sauce, mostly shoyu and rice vinegar (pasteurized). Is it possible that only the sauce would provoke a detox, in your opinion? It seems that I react badly to rice now that eat raw, so could the rice vinegar have the same effect as rice?

  • hey guys. i guess i am relatively new to raw, let alone 80-10-10, but i have been vegetarian the majority of my life, then vegan, for the past few months raw vegan, but now intending to switch to 811rv… i finished the book and thought it was wonderful and makes sense. but i guess i have a few questions for those of you who have been doing it for a long time – for one, is it really all it’s cut out to be and more? it seems like i’ve heard so much positive information about it, but i don’t know anyone in “real life” who has gone through with it, so i’ll ask you. secondly, what are your favorite snacks that seem like treats (i love dates, for instance, but i eat a bit too many…)

    also, do any of you have any advice for weight training and exercise? i kind of suck at that, too, having not been exposed to it for the majority of my life, i guess.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    1) Yes, it rocks. :) However, how fast you experience results depends upon your current position. While almost everyone experiences some sort of progression within the first few days (i.e. improved digestion, more energy, better sleep, etc.), many people still have problems for quite a while. I’m only 20 and fortunate enough to have found this lifestyle early on. Even after a full year, I still experience improvements and expect to for a while. With that said, I have never felt better in all my life and the mental clarity that has been gained is completely worth any transition woes I have experienced.:)

    2) I don’t eat snacks anymore. I eat 3 meals a day and make sure to get enough calories into each meal so that I’m not hungry until the next one. When I started, I would keep fruits like grapes, clementines and apples on hand because they seemed like snacks to me. Dates are good for this too, but should be limited because they are dried.

    3) Start slow. For cardio, I would start by taking walks around the neighborhood. When you feel up to it, add in jogging. For weight training, start with bodyweight exercises. For example, one day could be push ups and hanging leg raises and the next day could be squats and pull ups. That way you are not working the same muscles back-to-back. Once you feel comfortable, feel free to add in light weights and become comfortable with your form. For stretching, I do 10 minutes of yoga every morning. This is 10 times better than the usual 30 minutes 2x a week that is recommended. Trust me, you will see huge gains in your flexibility in no time. :)


  • 811’s been good to me lately…

    i’ve mostly been having smoothies for breakfast, lots of fruit for lunch (no mono mealing), big salad for dinner, then more fruit/some nuts for dinner.

    i’ve definitely been having more fat than 10% but i’m feeling pretty good and i’m working on reducing the fat.

    the other day i bought 60 bananas (!) and it was the first time that a cash register actually thought it was cool! haha…usually they ask why or make a playful remark on how weird it is, but he was like Man I ate 4 bananas before work today…you don’t have to prepare anything, just eat em…and i was like Yes! Finally someone gets it!

    lately i haven’t been in the mood for apples at all though…weird…i’ve really been liking pears and bananas the last few weeks though.

    what i love about 811: -the simplicity (hardly any preparation and i only go to the produce section at the grocery store) it’s starting to take the bad emotions out of eating (i eat when i’m hungry and stop when i’m full-i used to always graze “just because”—for taste, boredom, whatever…) -i always feel light…i had some chinese take out last week and i just felt like crap the whole day. it was so hard to run.

    marta—you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll progress. i don’t know where you’re at now…but start by walking every day…when you start running do half a mile, then work up to a mile, and so on…...run SLOW! a little over a year ago i’d try running 2 miles at a 7min pace and wondered why i never progressed/always felt like crap. once i started running SLOW i progressed so quickly i couldn’t believe it.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Once I discovered 811 it took about a week for me to get on the wagon, and since then I haven’t really gotten off! I haven’t had any slip ups in at least 2 weeks… which is actually a long time for me. And I seem to be going strong… Breakfast for me is a cantalope Snacks=bananas 3oclock meal=32 oz smoothie dinner=fruit salad snack=salad

    I’ve never been happier! I am thinking of getting some chia seeds to be the 20% parts. I’ve been eating extremely low fat. Probably 100 calories every couple of days… and I’m happy like that I guess. Not sure if it’s entirely healthy.

  • Excellent, all of you!

    Marta, if you follow the 811rv you should feel like moving, as if the body put itself on motion on its own. I never practiced any sports before, now I need to exercise everyday. This is a huge change in my life. Yoga especially is good.

    Kennyt you are doing fantastic with your 150 bananas! lol

    Zinfandel, no slip ups in your first two weeks, this is amazing. I am not sure either whether it’s so healthy not to have fats, or so little, so for the moment I try to respect the 10% ratio. Sometimes a little more, sometimes less. I may change my mind when I have the book, I just don’t know for the moment. If I am very low fat for a few days, I need more fat the next day as if my body would need its 10% ratio.

    Well I am not an expert, this is just how I feel right now.

    Does anyone know about seaweeds, are they recommended by Dr Graham? also, what is his position about sprouts (I don’t eat those but a friend asked me)?

    Good 811rv everyone.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Alright, I’m in. I fell off the 811 path recently, but I’m back and willing to give it my best shot.

  • i eat a lot of raisins—bad idea? i mean they feel ok to me, maybe i’d feel better without them? dunno. but they’re high in calories and so tasty.

  • Hi Marta, I’m still transitioning to 811, but I thought I’d share this blog in case you aren’t aware of it: http://livingfruity.blogspot.com/ Sarah really inspires me. She has been doing 811 for about a year, I think. Of course, Doug Graham’s forum is good, too: http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/index.html. You might want to also Google or YouTube search “durianrider.” He’s a cyclist living in Australia doing 811 and he’s very inspiring. Good Luck, Laurie

  • kennyt, You could experiment in cutting down or eliminating them for a day or more and see how you feel. The downsides are they are low in water (ideal 811 foods are whole, have water, etc. intact) so you are not getting as hydrated as possible, and they can stick to your teeth, so you’d probably want to make sure to brush after eating them. The upside is they are probably a lot better for you than other things you could be eating and they are helping you transition! Laurie

  • oriori

    Oh wow, I’m so in! I was on a month’s vacation so missed all of October, but I’m definitely back! Anyone mind give an opinion about my plan for tomorrow? I’m still pretty new to this. Morning: green smoothie (a bunch of kale, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of grapes)+half an avocado Lunch: salad made of romaine lettuce(one head), half a papaya, 1 peach Dinner: salad made of spinach (I just love spinach!), 1 mango and a few olives what do you think? I really need your opinion!

  • Sounds delicious, ori!

  • Hi Ori, Have you read the 80/10/10 book? You will probably want to eat more fruit. You may want to plug your foods into www.nutridiary.com to see what your calories and ratios are. It depends on how active you are, how much you weigh, etc., too. Laurie

  • oriori

    Does it ever happen to you that you crave salty things? It’s been happening to me quite a lot in the last few days and I just don’t know what to do about it! I know Dr. Graham said that none-sweet fruit and vegetables contain enough salt, but somehow it just doesn’t feel salty enough for me. Any suggestions?

  • Ori, It usually takes awhile to get past salt cravings. Salt messes up our taste buds and some people also say it’s quite addictive. So, veggies will not taste very salty at first, but after awhile, you will taste more subtle flavors, and celery especially will taste salty. Some people even dehydrate celery and grind it up and use it as a salt substitute. I noticed how used to salt I was recently when I bought some boxed cereal like rice krispies—but it was only made of rice and rice syrup. They have a no salt version and it tasted really weird to me. I didn’t think I would need to taste salt in a sweet cereal but it seemed necessary. I could hardly eat the no-salt version. Pretty strange. But cooks say salt “brings out the flavors” of all foods. Not exactly sure what it does, but obviously it does something! And look how much salt the average person eats every day! It’s in almost all processed foods, and most everyone in my family shakes a bunch onto their meals.

    After you get rid of it, though, you will get more sensitive to it. Salty things taste way too salty to me now, and I also immediately can feel my dry and burning lips, and thirst afterward.

    It makes sense to me that fruits and veggies have all the sodium we need. I just think it takes time to heal the taste buds, and have the salt get processed out of our systems. We can also have cravings when toxic substances are moving out through the bloodstream. And it takes awhile for all the salt to get out because the body has to dilute it a lot so it doesn’t harm us on the way out. That’s also a big reason why we retain water when we eat salt. The body is diluting it so it doesn’t harm our tissues and organs. When I eat 80/10/10, I usually lose about 5 lbs. the first week, and lose the puffiness in my face—all that extra water. —Laurie

  • lovin 811 lately…been eating tons of grapes and 8 bananas in my smoothies every day.

    my problem still is finding a good Salad Dressing…i’ve been making this pretty watered down tahini dressing but it’s high in fat and i don’t want to depend on it. any simple, raw, cheap, easy-to-find-ingredient dressings yall recommend???

  • oriori

    kennyt- I love to put 1 banana, 1 mango and 2 tomatos in a blender- the result is surprisingly tasty!

  • Hey everyone!

    So I just started 811 about a month ago, and feel dramatically more energetic from cutting out the fat. My only setback right now is salt (in the form of umeboshi paste and seaweeds), trying to cut that out as of this week. The book should arrive in the mail tomorrow!

    kennyt-I’ve been using orange segments and smashed tomatoes in salads instead of dressing, and throwing in a few chopped herbs.

    Anyway, hope everyone’s having an amazing tuesday!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Welcome k8lish!

    I've been pretty busy with school lately. I'm about to start working again pretty soon so I'll be even busier! :)

    Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and eating lots of fruit!

    Swayze :)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Hello, everyone! I think I'm gonna join in this. I haven't purchased the book, but I am going to follow this diet since that's kind of what I'm eating. Today I have eaten red grapes, blackberry jam, oranges, (raw honey and blackberries), and later for dinner I am going to eat the Bowl of November recipe made with fresh young coconut milk. I've also eaten blue green algae. I am going to start juicing fruits and vegetables because I love juice and I like the cleansing effect.

    Grapes, grapes, grapes they are so GOOD!!! They are like a snacking effect without the bulky digestion disadvantage.

  • Hi, all.

    I'm fairly new here (a "raw recruit", so to speak!) and am reading 80/10/10 after not feeling too great on a regular raw diet (100% for a month). I'm guessing it was the excess fat from what I've been reading. I seem to feel better on 811rv but am struggling with finding dressings and meal ideas. Because of this (and trying to still eat with the famiily), I'm eating a 811rv for breakfast and lunch and then eating a regular vegetarian meal for dinner. 'Anybody else have to balance eating 811rv with other family "obligations"?

    I did an advance search in the recipes on this site listed within the category of 80/10/10 and only one came up. Are there others? How do I find them?

  • So I couldn't log-in with my old account so I made a new one. I took a break from 811rv for a week--had a guest stay, went to some vegan potlucks...I think it's good to be "naughty" now and then...back to 811rv this week then we'll see what happens thanksgiving week! Had a bunch of pears and apples for lunch today.

  • I agree RKC...Grapes are so amazing.

    I can't get enough of them. The green ones especially.

    My second fruit vice is Red Grapefruit...

    Anyway...my first post, but I've been lurking around this site and others for quite awhile to educate myself.

    Long story made short: I'm going raw (specifically 80/10/10) for health issues. There is a long laundry list of the usual things like high blood pressure and cholesterol, migraines, frequent colds etc etc. The one that finally slapped me in the face was a pre-cancerous mole that I had removed.

    I've been toying with 80/10/10 since early October and finally 2 weeks ago took the dive and committed to it. I've been pretty good so far. One migraine hit from my caffeine withdrawal. Some wicked cravings were hard to deal with at first but they are easing now. Usually a good bunch of grapes gets me through. I'm starting to find myself really loving the smell of cooked food without needing to eat any of it.

    I was trying to think of some good 80/10/10 salad recipes for Thanksgiving dinner but I've decided that I'm just going to bring some salad greens, some tomatoes and a huge bunch of fruit. For me, there's no sense in getting really complicated with things. I'll focus on the people I'm hanging out with rather than the food. It will be a little strange to be the only one NOT in a turkey-stuffing-mashed potato induced coma...ha ha...I hope I'm not the one stuck doing the dishes whilst everyone is snoozing on the couch.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    Hi Guys - I'm sorry I missed this thread this month - I'm going to do the Diva Detox diet from www.therawdivas.com starting this Sunday the 30th. I did it a couple of weeks ago and I really loved the discipline it gave me. If anybody has trouble getting or staying on it (the 811), might I suggest checking this out, it's a free program, you do have to give your info for emails but you can unsubscribe anytime.

    P.S. I hear you on the grapes - they are excellent this time of year!

    P.P.S. Marta in respect to staying on this type of raw, in some ways it's one of the easiest to do socially as you aren't caught up in having to prepare all those gourmet recipes that many times takes a while to get used to (since they aren't really natural) - and you are eating such basic fruits and vegetables, just in larger quantities that it's a lot easier to eat around people and obtain. So, once you actually get acclimated to eating so simply it is so much cheaper and better than having to shell out tons of money and equipment and all those fun powders and strange transitional foods.

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