Vita-Mix blender section now hard to clean,filmy

It’s only 5 mos old. I use it every day. I’ve been cleaning it with a pad with a soft abrasive surface that’s meant to be gentle on teflon. It’s really hard to get it clean now. When I think I’ve finally cleaned it, once it dries, I still see stuff caked on it. I thought in was just the plastic at first but was able to scrape off the stuff with my nail. So I used something stronger, not as rough as a brillo pad, but one of those rounded wire things, lots of soap, and now the entire jar has a film on it, like a glass that’s become etched. Is there a remedy for this? BTW, it’s even been difficult to get the green smoothie residue off of the rubber lid, having to clean it over and over. what’s going on with this?


  • I have the exact same situation with my Vita-mix…But it’s not so much as stuff stays caked on it(though this is happening more and more – mine is about 4 months old), the whole container is “cloudy” looking. I do use Dr. Bronner’s soap to clean it, and I’ve recently been using a hydrogen peroxide soap mixture. I wish I knew the answer to getting it clear and clean! I’ve never heard about this problem before, I thought it was just me. But since ours are were purchased at about the same time, maybe they changed the container somehow?! Hmmmm…I think I’ll email the company, I’ll let you know what they say :)

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I purchased my Vita-Mix in May of this year. The only way I clean it is to run it with a little detergent and about half full of hot water. It always comes clean. I had one small problem with mine and called Vita-Mix Customer Service (1-800-VITAMIX). They were extremely pleasant and helpful. You might want to call instead of sending an email.

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    Mine got cloudy for a while, and I think in my case it was built up oils that hadn’t gotten fully washed off. Running it with hot water and ACV helped a lot, and just using a bit more detergent when I wash it helps, too. But I don’t know if it’s the same for all of them….

  • I don’t know about Vita Mix because I refuse to use something that is so clunky, poorly designed, blade hides all the food/ingredients, the jug is super heavy and hard to use and now one more thing hard to clean! I only use and recommend Blendtec Blenders and have no problems cleaning or anything with them they are so perfect and about the same price or cheaper! Try Blendtec they are high tech and professionally designed! The jug is made of super high tech plastic, it is very easy to clean nothing cakes on it ever it all glides off with water I never have to scrub or struggle with Blendtec like I do when forced to use Vita Mix which is just struggle, heavy, hard to use, never blends right either…

    Bryan Au

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