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I was looking for the nutritional content of agave syrup and found this information on the brand most available to me. I know many say that it is not raw. The manufacturer says it is! Good news.


  • This is the agave I use, and so far, the best I’ve tried ; )

  • I use it to – it’s the cheapest one at Whole Foods

  • It’s the one I use also!

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I just want to make sure anyone who uses agave knows that there is an endagnered mexican long nosed bat that depends on it for food they are endangered b/c of over harvesting (one harvest stops production of that plant) google it and do your research if you are interested. That is there only food source they are nectar bats and we are losing way more than one bat species right now.


  • Thanks for the info, V2R.

  • Hey – speaking of Agave – I just heard from a friend who is pregnant that agave contains a trace amount of a steroid that can cause miscarriages… I was skeptical but has anyone else heard anything about that? Maybe (hopefully) it would only be processed agave?

    Just curious…

  • ungratefulungrateful Raw Newbie

    What do you use agave in? I mean besides recipes.

    Do ya just pour it on stuff? Put it in cold tea? lol. Please, I am really interested and not being sarcastic. I wasn’t much of a sweet tooth before I just can’t imagine what I would do with agave nectar. Aww, endangering bats. That settles it. No agave for me. I LOVE bats.

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