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Candle79 in NYC?

Has anyone ever eaten at the Candle79 Raw restaurant? Im meeting some friends down in the City next week and theyre letting me pick the place we eat! mwuah-ha-ha. LOL. Im the only Raw one in the group – but id love to introduce them to some well prepped gourmet raw cuisine. Any recommendations would be welcomed. Ive read some of the city guides – but some of the places have changed, or closed all together. Thanks!


  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    Candle 79 has only one raw dish. An asian style julienned salad. It’s a delicious gourmet vegan restaurant, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to turn folks onto raw foods.

    The only place that I’ve found that can satisfy raw fooders and vegans/vegetarians who eat cooked food (in Manhattan) is Caravan of Dreams.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    There’s also Quintessance and Pure Foods & Wine , all raw food.

    I’d LOVE to go to both one day soon!

    Let us know where you go and what you thought! Whenver I travel I always look for raw food resturants… I have found them/visited them in Ithaca, NY, Hartford, CT, New Oxford, PA, Harrisburg, PA, & Boston, MA. Next, NYC!

  • Quintessence is also good, but more expensive. Pure food and vine is the gourmet kitchen! But most expensive. Caravan of Dreams is vegan with cooked and raw dishes. My favorite was bonobos -18e. 23rd street, madison square – a raw food fast food place (http://www.bonobosrestaurant.com). You can sample everything! That is the best, inexpensive und funniest place, especially if you want to introduce somebody to raw food variety. have fun

  • Sounds Great! i cant wait to try all the places youve suggested. Ill keep you posted on how they are. :) Thanks again..

  • I tried Quintessence 2 weeks ago and although it was pricey, it was the best raw food I’ve had anywhere in the city! I am going to Pure Foods & Wine at the end of the month so I’ll let you know how that is, but definitely try Quintessence, and save room for the Tiramisu! Or even better, the dessert platter;)

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