kombucha turning mouth black?

I turned on some coworkers to kombutcha and one of them told me it turned her teeth/mouth black. have you heard of this?


  • hi i was macrobiotic for about a year and ate kombucha and carrots all the time and that nevwr happened to me. I would soak it first though and then cook it. I’m wondering if she’s eating it dry? Or if she is eating hijiki which has a much blacker makeup- especially if it isn’t soaked.

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    writeeternity, I think you might be thinking of “kombu” the seaweed? “Kombucha” is a fermented tea (if you heat it, you kill the beneficial probiotics). The names are deceptively similar!

    jkd—I’ve used kombucha for years and have never heard of this happening! However, maybe she used a grape variety? The flavoring is pretty diluted, but it’s possible that it could have the same temporary effect on teeth that red wine does? Blueberry might do this as well. But that’s the only thing I can think of!

  • jkd, was it the black tea variety? any more details?

  • Strawberry.

    Also, might as well as this here. Does seaweed/nori stuff have gluten in it? I bought some yesterday and I feel like I just ate some gluten today. All clogged up in the nose and the like.

  • Hi Jdk- some seaweeds are used as thickeners for sauces, to make jello, etc- that might be it. They also can help eliminate toxins from your body by sticking to them (like heavy metals and radiation). This might be what’s happening.

    Haha- that’s funny I thought you were talking about seaweed.. when you were talking about tea!

  • Oh that’s funny. So now it’s the kombu—kombucha thread. Also we should sing kumbaya and discuss Kombana, republic of the congo.

    jkd, it’s possible the nori people snuck in some maltodextrin or something. food processors are sometimes using that in a spray dry process. Though maybe that’s more for powders then sheets.

  • Well I feel sick. I ate A LOT of the nori though. Like all the sheets in the bag. Ugh.

  • Hey Jdk – This May be SERIOUS! Noti is really high in vitamin A. You could be suffering from a vitamin a overdose. Nori is very high in vitamin a and if you ate the whole bag- jeeze! Hey do you still have the bag and can see how much you ate? There are 2400 ug of vit a in 100 grams of the stuff so that’s 3x the recommended daily allowance and it’s fat soluble which means your body can’t flush it out through your kidneys. In acute vitamin A toxicity, some or all of the following may be experienced:






    Altered mental status

    Abdominal pain

    Blurred vision


    Muscle pain with weakness

    How bad are you? Let me know..

  • Stomach Irritability is just about all. Gas, and stomach feeling all funny. I feel a little tired though, but I didnt get good sleep(bought the 3rd Season of Angel, staying up to late.)

    How long would it take to feel the effects?

    Im at work right now, the bag isnt around. I bought a bag at Wild Oats, oganic. I think it had about 10 sheets in it. I ate it all.

  • Hi – It should pass on it’s own if you stop eating things high in vitamin a for a while. I read that vitamin c helps counter act it- so more oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes could help. I can’t believe you ate the whole thing! Having too much vit a can cause birth defects in pregnant women so it’s powerful stuff. I’ll think you’ll be ok. But you scared me for a minute. Keep drinking lemonade if you can get it.

    Here’s a link if you’re interested. http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/aquasola_od.htm

  • Haha. It was soooo good. And my body I know was telling me to stop eating after the 4th sheet, but damn, it was good.

  • Thanks for your help though!

  • Hi I hope you are still ok- any more after effects? Seaweed chelates heavy metals and radiation from the body so you may have made a drastic effect on your body that will take a few days to work itsself out. Hows everything?

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