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Hey from NZ; New Fruitarian

Hey, I’m a 15 year old vegan girl, turning fruitarian from NZ.

I haven’t eaten raw before, though I have read up on it for a while. I’m aiming to be fruitarian (starting tomorrow). I want to be fruitarian because of the health benefits, and because it is the most kindest lifestyle I can imagine. I don’t like the idea of a plant dying when vegetables are taken from it, even if they don’t feel. I’m pretty confident in this diet because eating fruit and nuts provides all the nutrients I did (apart from b12, which i dont exactly do)

I’m eating fruit and nuts atm, but I’m not sure if i’ll include nuts in the long run.

I just went for a shop and brought a honeydew melon, some kiwis, organic apples, grapes, a tamarillo and a few dates and also some raw almonds, macadamias, pecans and cashews. (Is this an alright mix? Not to sure if I have enough variety, I’m only allowed to spend $40 a week on food)

I’m going 2 get some cucumbers and peppers later on in the week. I’m also trying to incorporate bananas and avocados in my diet thru smoothies and sorbets (is frozen food allowed?) 2, but they really make me gag. Are they necessary to be healthy?

Sorry for all the questions (kinda worried i’ll do it wrong, lol)

I’ve just pigged out on soy ice cream and chocolate sauce and cake LOL Hopefully the detox won’t be 2 painful.

Anyway, thanxs for reading looking forwards to been a part of the raw community :)


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    OK I heard about a lot of people becoming quite ill and developing eating disorders from strict fruitarianism. I was one of those people unfortunately :( I would freak out if I have too much fat, the high levels of sugar would really stress me out, highs and lows in energy, extreme weight loss, started loosing my enamel, lost the color in my skin, muscle and bone loss. Not a good experience for me and I would never take that path again! Right now I am not 100% raw. I include herbal teas and deceotions, moderate amount of fats, moderate amount of protein, and moderate amount of non hybrid fruits. What ever you choose I wish the very best for you :)

  • I’m really sorry about what happened w/ u humanimal :(

    i’m planning on eating a lot of ‘vegetable’ fruits to balance the sugar, and i wont freak out about how much im eating or anything i dont have the time to worry about my weight and arent that kind of person lol

    i am quite worried about my teeth, but i heard that is caused by nuts and eating too many acidic fruits (?)

    so i’ll try to avoid them

    what did you eat on a usual day?

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    Hi there Fairy!

    I’m a 15 year old Raw Vegan! I’ve been Raw for about a year (since I was 14)

    To be honest, in my opinion, I wouldn’t recommend diving head first into Fruitarianism. Especially if you haven’t first covered the base of Raw vegan. :)

    I treed a mostly fruitarian diet for a while (without nuts, some greens), and while there was NOTHING wrong with the diet, my ENVIRONMENT started to catch up with me.. and I got too sensitive to the pollution that I just can’t escape living here in a city/village. I’m not saying that this will happen to everyone, I am just sharing my experience! (;

    Right now, I am 100% raw vegan. I like a simple diet, but I do include some fat (but not from oils) – mostly from avocados and some soaked/sprouted seeds and very rarely some soaked nuts. But i eat LOTS of greens!!!

    I’ve had my blood tested, and everything is optimal!

    Just some more advice, if you don’t mind!: I would focus a bit also on trying to become more alkaline first. And eating only fruits and nuts will disrupt this in the beginning. So I would focus on more greens?

    Anyways, it’s up to you to chose, like humanimal said! (:

    You sound cool, if you have any questions just ask!! Oh, and Welcome to the raw community! (:


  • hey fairy! Welcome to the club!

    I suggest for you to do some, a lot, of research before jumping head over heals. When I first went raw I was definitely not doing it right. I lost (unhealthy) a lot of weight, my hair thinned (luckily I have such thick hair so you can’t tell, lol).

    I wouldn’t consider myself a fruitarian, but a frugivore :). I eat “fruits and shoots”. I would suggest eating greens with your diet. Fruit is awesome, easily digested (it’s actually just absorbed and utilized, no digestion necessary!) and full of great vitamins and calories that our body needs for fuel. Greens are low in calories, but full of minerals. We need these minerals for our body to thrive, fruits don’t provide them. I was doing a only fruit shinding (after high fat raw) and I noticed my hair wasn’t getting any better, just worse. I started doing researched and realized that I was deficient in what my body needed. I suggest to log your food at nutridiary.com and/or use nutritiondata.com to check out the nutrients you are recieving/ missing.

    Also, definitely go out there and check out Doug Graham. He has coined a diet called “80/10/10”. This sounds like the direction you would like to go towards. Also, check out some Natural Hygiene books. T.C. Fry, Herbert M Shelton, and many more authors out there.

    Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions.

    Live, Love Peace

  • i’m pretty committed to changes (vegan overnight) but i might try to slow it a bit and not dive head first into it if you guys recommend it @ aj i live in a small foresty town, which is pretty handy :) i was thinking about incorporating lots of avocados in my diet (they are really cheap over here) because they seem to be really really good for you

    do you think i should start 80/10/10 or just eat lots of vegetable fruits at first?

    to be honest i did consider doing just raw, but im reallyyyyy fussy and the only vegetables i can eat without gagging everywhere is cucumber, pepper, lettuce and carrot

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    Haha, dw.. I went vegan and then raw overnight too. :) Hmmm, I think that you should really experiment and see what works best for you. What (fresh, raw) foods attract you? Eat them.

    Your so lucky avocados are cheap!!! They are so expensive over here in France (understandable really! :).. But I loveee them!

    Also, your tastes will change over time on raw.. I now crave leafy greens!! :O XD


  • haha i could live off apples

    yeah huge organic avocados are only like $1 each over here which is pretty good compared to when i lived in the city

    what’s it like living in france?

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    You absolutely need to eat a variety of leafy green vegetables or your health will suffer over the long term. If they make you gag then simply get yourself a good blender and make fruit based smoothies, hiding solid amounts of greens (meaning more than a few leaves) in them. You won’t taste the greens really at all if you use strong tasting fruits, like bananas, berries, mangoes, etc. I was a picky eater when I was younger, but my tastes have expanded as I’ve exposed myself to new flavours. Please try to do that for yourself. If you live on just a narrow range of fruits and vegetable fruits, you will not enjoy the robust health and energy that you should on such a healthy raw vegan diet. Also, consider sprouting from a variety of seeds. You may not enjoy the taste of the sprouts, if you are as picky as you suggest, but they can also be tossed in the blender to incorporate into fruit based smoothies.

  • Hi fairy…its cool to see several kiwis on this site! I am in NZ too (Auckland region) and have been 100% raw for nearly 2 months. I went raw overnight (cold turkey) because that is the way that suits me best…but we are all different. I had been a vegetarian all my life…so I guess I had a few less things to give up than some people, which is a bonus. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you educate yourself well first…I made sure I had read up on going raw heaps before I started, and I am still picking up new info all the time. Good luck :)

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