anxiety/panic attacks

anyone got any ideas other than valerian? i havent slept in what feels like ever because i just lie in bed and shake.. ive spent all day on the couch just freaking out too. i dont handle stress well and i guess panic attacks are what it manifests itself into..


id just like to be able to eat something before i go to work.. as opposed to just feeling like i wanna throw up. :(


  • loorin – sorry to hear your dealing with this before work! :( About two months ago I had a severe mental break down with full on anxiety/panic attacks. I’m totally against taking any type of medication, so I picked up some positive energy/self-healing/body transformation type audio cds and I listen to those in my car first thing when I leave for work. I realized music was giving me panic attacks (like out of nowhere I would freak out and couldn’t breathe and would break down crying thinking I was going to be late for work) so I gave up listening to my music for a while and just really focused on these audio cds. I also spoke to a counselor and he helped me realize my deeper issue, because most of the time anxiety/panic attacks is due to a underlying decision/issue that we have to make or is going on. It really helped me talking to a complete stranger and just telling him everything I was feeling about everything in my life because I ended up wearing my boyfriend out because I was always turning to him with my problems and it really started to effect our relationship. Sorry these suggestions can’t really help you before you go to work, but when I had my mental breakdown, I talked to my boss, told her what was going on, how I was depressed, not eating, severe anxiety and panic attacks, and she totally understood that sometimes people go through these things and she let me go home early and gave me a couple days off. Maybe talk to your boss too to let him know your situation, otherwise you won’t be able to focus and concentrate on work.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Years ago, I had anxiety. (I was a meat-eater then.) I became vegetarian and drank my 64 oz of water a day…. and my symptoms went away. Just a couple years ago, they came back… and raw food didn’t work (not really, and not for me, I must’ve been doing something wrong like not eating enough greens). I had a cleanse done and my symptoms vanished. I’ve been doing well since. For me, the key was several things (that help those with anxiety).

    Get sunlight, at least 15 minutes a day. Go to bed by 9-10P. (One hour before midnight is better than 2 hours after midnight.) Sleep in a pitch dark room for more sound sleep. This helps the seratonin/melatonin levels.

    For nutrition, stay away from sugar! It depletes your B vitamins! You need those. Calcium… calms! And, it is used to “balance” cortisol which increases with stress. (I can’t remember if that’s correct, but I do remember cortisol, stress, and calcium are related… google it.) Keep away from stimulants (maybe even cacao).

    That’s all I remember… for now.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    have your tried kava? kombucha? both have worked for me.

  • Avoiding screens that emit blue light, like computer and TV screens after 10pm should also help your melatonin levels, as the blue light inhibits the release of melatonin. Bananas, tomatoes and walnuts contain small amounts of melatonin, I eat mashed bananas before I go to bed every night.

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