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Someone pls tell me to RTFM if this is posted somewhere else on this site…

Got a few questions….

Is it OK to combine eating bananas with nuts? e.g. almonds? of course, raw…

Can raw almonds be sprouted?

Irradiated food. I understand that in Canada, food can be irradiated and not require to be labelled as such (as is he case in the US).


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    I’m sure all the info is out there, the search function is not the best.

    Fruit should be eaten alone on an empty stomach, that is the rule of thumb. Any raw nut or seed can be sprouted, theoretically. There are variables. Almonds can be sprouted. Irradiation, I don’t know about.


  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    Hi there – thanks – I am truly grateful (pun intended) for your reply. I am finding fruits are the easiest way to handle the cravings. Yesterday (visiting my mum in Illinois) – I discovered raw snack bars! What a mind-blower, I had no idea that they existed. I clearly have a long way to go!! And a couple of the people who make them, I had heard interviewed before (like on Purohit’s podcast).

    I am really looking forward to trying out an almond sprout… My thinking is that if it can sprout, then it is not irradiated..?

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