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Just joined the site. I just woke up at 2:00 A.M. with a rude awakening. The reason I binge sometimes is because I believe I'm carb sensitive . . . or maybe its sweets sensitive. I made a raw pie to take to a get together this weekend. I ended up bringing most home because there was too much food at the party (not because it wasn't delicious, which it was!). I couldn't stop eating it yesterday until it was all gone and my stomach was bloated. I do that sometimes and it occurred to me . . . I used to do this on macrobiotics, too, from too much brown rice.

Anybody experience this? Any way to do low carb, raw vegan? Maybe that's the reason that green stuff works? Because it neutralizes the sweets and balances the carbs somehow?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I gain weight when I go raw and would like to get rid of my belly.

Thanks much!


  • yes, it's so important not to overdo high sugars and keep a good amount of dark leafy greens in the diet too, kale is excellent. Sometimes, we have to sensibly just stick to the portions we know are healthy with certain foods ie nuts, cacao, dates etc.

  • Have you been raw a while? Also, I like your blog and your e-book looks like it might be a great buy. I usually make baked goods to send out as Christmas presents but this year I want to make raw. How many recipes do you have in your book that would work to send out in cookie tins?

    Thanks for your response. I knew kale was good but have only tried it a couple of times in smoothies.

    What's your background?

  • chilovechilove Raw Newbie

    Hi there,

    It is very difficult to do a low carb raw diet without over doing fats to a great degree. Greens and vegetables just aren't calorie dense enough to sustain us. Fruit is our natural diet. I think you will find that if you cut way back on fats you be able to handle the sugar in fresh fruits just fine. You may need to limit dates and dried fruits, but fresh fruits should be great. When we eat a high fat diet, it interferes with the assimilation of sugar in our bloodstream which causes blood sugar issues like hypoglycemia and candida. Check out Dr. Graham's FAQ section on his website for more information.

    Have a lovely day!




  • Thanks, Audrey.

    I realized that it was the dried fruits -- too sweet. It sent me over the edge. I couldn't stop but then after I overdid it I wanted something salty and fatty. The whole yin-yang balance thing. I actually talked to Doug Graham over the phone once and I'd like to try his 80/10/10 sometime but right now I think just to stay raw, even if I make mistakes for a while will work for me. When I look at the Boutenkos and the Garden Diet, etc., they all started eating pretty fancy and then tailored down to a more healthy diet. I just need to remember that too sweet foods will send me over the edge and try not to go there.


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