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Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if anyone has or is taking cipralex (anti depressant)? Unfortunately I am enduring an extremely difficult time in my life where natural remedies are beyond my physical and mental reach. I've been dealing with bouts of depression for years but have always been able to overcome it with thought and action but this time I'm as empty as they come.

Having said that, my wonderful doctor prescribed me 10mg of this med a day. I am refusing to read side effects as I don't want to convince myself that I am suffering from something when I clearly am not.

I am wanting to hear ONLY POSITIVE STORIES from those who have been on this or that are currently on it.

If you have negative feelings about this drug please please please DON'T tell me about them.

I only want to hear POSITIVE stuff.

Just to add. I am still following a high raw diet which is making me feel good as well.

Hope to hear some of your POSITIVE stories.

Thanks heaps guys.

P.S Glad to have my account back... Thanks kandice.


  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    Hi, I am not on that exact medicine but I am on Celexa for depression and anxiety. I'm writing to tell you that I tried like crazy to overcome my anxiety/depression via the natural route to no prevail. I finally started taking Celexa and I feel SO much better. It's really hard to explain the difference. It's amazing. I am a different person. I didn't even realize how anxious I got about every little thing because I was so used to it ( until It went away did I realize how bad I was )... I believe that there are alot of wonderful natural remedies for anxiety/depression - but I was so clinically depressed that nothing worked fully for me until I finally took what my doctor had been telling me to for 2 years. Good luck, hope this helps.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    After googling your medication I see that cipralex is the newer version of my medication I am currently taking. If you have any questions or want to talk about any of this - I'm glad to help. I can understand what you are going through. Especially wanting to be as healthy as can be and having to take a synthetic medication was challenging for me at first. I hope my story helped!

  • Thanks Artzyfartzy for you well wishes

    This is also the first time in years that I have taken the advice of a GP. I'm feeling very positive about it at the moment. My motivational reserves were dire prior to 8 days ago. I think it was also a positive step for me because my GP is so incredibly good. How's that! I'm an Australian and it took me moving to Germany to find an English as second language doctor to really see my pain and has offered me so much help that I can say that my trust in him is beyond 100%.

    I am hoping that my life will start for the first time in my life in a few weeks.

    Keep the stories coming guys....GOOD ONES!!!!!

  • Just got your new feed Artzyfartzy,

    I'm hoping soon that I will come out of this zombie like feeling and regain my confidence, motivation, focus and independence. Since moving to Germany, my life has flipped for the worse so I'm hoping this will kick start me into the right direction and give me back the person I lost in order to succeed in what I know I am capable of. Have you been hitting success goals?

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    I've only been on Celexa for over a month but I immediately felt my stress levels lower. I finally want to go out and do things with my husband and friends. I do not feel so hopeless. I also started wanting to do crafts again which was a BIG part of me that I'd lost through the depression and anxiety. I make sure that I take good care of myself along with the medication. I try to relax more, nap if I need to.. exercise, pray and finally LAUGH! I'm glad you have a good GP, that is so beneficial in fighting depression.

  • I'm being impatient, I know, but I just thought I'd pump this lil' topic to the top.



  • HI. I have to tell you, I used to feel the same, severley depressed. I started working at a Health Store. Researched adrenals, and how they're taxed and depleted...started using Adrenal formula by Gaia herbs, 3 per day. Within one week, I could literally feel the calm set in. Then I noticed I was giggling-about everything, and often, and laughing for a long period of time! Whoa! I thought it was like mary jane! Also, take GABA for relaxing moods, and L-tryptophan, also Sun theanine. These are all natural, no drug side effects. C'mon get happy!

  • H ha! Yes! Holyguacamole, you got it, and no one else ever does! BRavo! I just wanted to provide a natural approach that nourishes, where drugs tend to tax the liver and pancreas, not to mention other things.

  • I've been on Celexa for two years now, and it's the best thing I ever did. I was always very skeptical of depression and anti-depressants. It took me a long time before I decided to ask my doctor to give me a prescription. Once I started I was worried it would make me numb or my emotions would be fake somehow, but it was nothing like that. I just started to feel NORMAL again. Things I didn't even realise were wrong started to improve. Taking Celexa has really helped me stabilise my diet, too. I had a really hard time eating raw before. I'm still not 100%, and don't know that I want to be, but I don't have as many cravings as I used to - and more self control when I do. Don't worry about trying it out. You might just need it for a while, even. If the medication does for you what Celexa did for me, then you'll be able to sort out major things in your life, figure out your emotions better. I'm just about ready to wean myself off, so don't feel like this is a forever thing. You might just need a bit of help for a while.

  • Hi Zoe! I took Cipralex for about 2 months last year. I was on 10mg during that time too, and I definitely noticed a difference even after the first week of being on the med. I did not want to take the med route, but exercise and raw food were not doing it for me. Cip allowed me to be raised up from a place of deep emptiness

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    For everyone taking antidepressants- what kinds of side effects are there?

  • Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for all you kind words and encouragement. Right now I am feeling much better about choosing to take synthetic tablets. It's day 8 for me and the changes that are happening are very noticeable. One change that has just blown my mind (though, i doubt it is significant for anyone else) is that I was able to fall asleep with a fly in the room last night. I have impeccable super sonic hearing at night, and as soon as I hear the tap dripping in my neighbors house, I go crazy and can't sleep and complain for hours. (ok slight exaggeration, but you get my point!). When there is a mozi in the room I am up immediately, light's on and shoe in hand trying to get the little bugger. Last night however I was completely relaxed and had no qualms about the little fly buzzing around my ear. I just fell asleep. This is a complete breakthrough for me! AMAZING!!

    Bean, to answer you question while still remaining positive, day 8 and my side effect are:

    feeling like I can do anything in the world mentally but my body is kinda like a zombie. This is very normal and passes within 2-3 weeks. Clenching my teeth, but nothing severe (this is not a common side effect). A little jittery in the morning after taking the tablet and constantly yawing.

    To tell you the truth, bean, I am ok with these side effect. I'm accepting them and getting on with life. It's only natural to go with the ebs and flows of new medication. I went into this with a very positive mind and I am determined to stay this way. I have read some not very positive posts on other forums, but I am guessing these people are not in a positive mind set for various reasons. They seem impatient, or perhaps that particular medication is just not for them. It takes a bit or trial and error I think.

    If you are in a position of needing to take them, I suggest you don't read the side effects but know that the tablets could do more good than bad. I took my doctors advice and didn't read the leaflet or research the tablet negatively. I think this was very good advice. I know that there are side effects but really, knowing them now would not help my cause in getting better.

    Thanks again guys and keep the positive stories coming, along with the RAWNESS of course!


  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    That's wonderful, Zoe. S, that you found such a new way to live (and everyone else who has)- I honestly wish I could have that mindset, but the thought of taking any kind of drug terrifies the life out of me. I don't think I've worked up the courage mentally yet to be able to take the leap. I'm particularly concerned about things like dizziness, fatigue, weight gain, and libido problems- a lot of my anxiety seems to center around those kinds of things, particularly the last two, which is something I'm still trying to work on. Does anyone know of anything to do with that? (I know I should be much more focused on the positive effects than the negative- but in my case, if any of the negative came with the positive, it would sap the positive completely and devastate me further, if that makes any sense.)

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    What a scarey thread.

    Zoe. S., you should read about any side effects of any drug you take, not refuse to read them. That information is there for both you and your doctor. You can die.

    I hope your doctor didn't tell you to avoid informing yourself.

    Also, it's worrying when someone starts a thread flogging a drug and pointedly tells other they are not welcome to post anything "negative".

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Wow, I just read the last post that I missed. So you ARE actively advising people to avoid informing themselives and take this drug. Now, I'm sure of what I am reading. Red flag here, folks.

  • Sorry TomsMom if I have offended you. It was not my intention at all to start a controversial thread. As you have probably read. I was desperate for help and knowing me, as soon as I read or hear anything negative about what I'm doing, I instantly convince myself that it's not working, no matter what the issue is. I simply wanted to know if anyone had some positive experiences taking such an awful drug, as yes, I do know that it is awful, but having given the natural path a good 10 year stint, I've caved due to unbelievably difficult circumstances.

    Reading back on my last post, it wasn't right of me to suggest to Bean not to read the SA. It was how I approached this issue. It's a personal choice of mine which I made with my doctor, and one that has been working for me. Admittedly, after years of research on these types of drugs, I do know the side affects, I'm just choosing to ignore them in this case in order to get better.

    In response to flogging a drug, I am not at all wanting to condone anyone taking this drug. I purely wanting to know what others experienced and to get some support from those who needed to take this path. That's all... SUPPORT!

    I started this thread to try and convince myself that what I am doing is OK for this moment in my life and what I needed to hear was some positivity. Heaven forbid, if I was able to do this naturally I would in a flash but it's beyond my capacity at the moment.

    So...I hope I haven't offended others by starting this thread, I just thought that given everything else from the Elections to God to Myspace sites are talked about here, that perhaps something about this drug could also be spoken about. There is a reason I am not going to the depression forums. All they talk about is how bad things are going, not the positive things.

    Once again Tomsmom, I'm sorry. :)

  • Don't worry, Zoe. The mind can be so powerful that trying to avoid the negative seems like a good idea to me - in your case anyway. You can't help but know the side effects, you're just trying to stay positive right now. I understand that perfectly. I thought you were very clear at the beginning that this thread was for your encouragement, not for anyone's education.

    A word for bean on side effects: I was worried about weight gain too, but I actually lost weight just because I was doing less emotional eating and being more active because I felt happy and motivated again. I do notice a decreased libido, but it's not like I don't want sex anymore. If it happens I'm right into it, but I'm also okay with not having sex. I'm pretty sure this isn't natural for me, but I actually don't mind this part of it - for now anyway. I'm single, so it just means fewer nights of being totally aware I'm alone in bed. About the side effects like anxiety, dizziness, etc.: if those don't go anyway within a few weeks, then you could try a different medication. Once you realise how much better you feel overall, these side effects might seem really minor. If anything is worrying you, or if you don't feel better, tell your doctor.

    Zoe, if you're feeling good already after just over a week, then it'll just get better. It sounds like this was a good choice for you.


    Do not take the drug! You can do it without it!!! Good luck to you!

  • hi zoe, totally understand you feeling you need the drug, it did not do it for me but then we are all different and at the time i just didnt want to give up the alcohol and the two together nearly did kill me. however, i KNOW how awful things can get an i don't believe yu should beat urself up about it. for a start, moving to a different country can be well scary however lovely it is, and you can feel alienated for ages. I lived in Hong Kong after my second baby was born and it was such an amazing experience that I missed because I was so deep in the blues and homesick and couldn't pull my head out.

    I DO however, want to offer some advice - get yourself a litepod - with at least 10,000 lux, that should be totally safe with what you are taking and it really has helped me hugely.

    love and hugs

  • Y'know...

    I spend, oh, $300 or so, monthly, on supplements to deal with my formidable depression 'cause I don't want to go on antidepressants - and that's a huge luxury that I've never before been able to afford, nor shall I likely ever be able to do so again, once I'm no longer in this position.

    Still, even doing so, I struggle - a LOT - and have done so for a long time, for many years.

    There's nothing wrong or shameful about taking what you need to take to make your life tolerable.

    I've been on antidepressants before and may well be again.

    I hope not, but...

    There's zero shame in doing what you have to do to get through your life.

    That's all I wanted to say, that no matter what, you've nothing to feel bad about. You're doing right by yourself, and you're doing fine.

    Big hugs to you.

    That's all.

    Take care.

    oh, P.S. anothrgrnwrld, your name is giving me lovely 80's Eno flashbacks, hurrah.

  • Hi Zoe,

    I know where you're coming from. I too struggled with depression for years and tried everything natural I could find to help me work through it. It was a constant struggle. I went on Cipralex (10 mg) in October 2008. It took a tremendous amount of courage for me to admit to my doctor that I needed help. Going on this medication was not something I took lightly. (Given that I'm a highly anxious person, that shouldn't come as a great surprise to you.) After 6 weeks I was feeling somewhat better but still not great. My doctor increased my dose to 20 mg. I stayed on it for 1 year and was feeling good. I lasted 5 months and ended up going back on Cipralex again. I felt kind of defeated, but depression runs in my family. Heredity is difficult to fight. It's been less than a week, but I know this is what I need to do for now. Trust me; I'm not planning on staying on this drug forever.

    The thing is Zoe, it's not a miracle pill, but it gets me out of the bed in the mornings. It has really helped me, but there are still some down days. It's only one of the things I am doing to get myself on track. I exercise 5 days a week, I pray and take time to meditate, I try to maintain a healthy diet, I spend a lot of time with my friends and family, and so on.

    I don't really share the fact that I'm taking this medication with many people. It's not that I'm ashamed of it. I recognize my needs and am trying to be well again. I feel like it is the responsible thing for me to do. The problem is that there are many misconceptions about anti-depressants, and stigmas attached to people who take them. I don't feel like I should have to defend my choice to others.

    As for the side effects, for me it was pretty minimal. I had an uneasy stomach for the first couple of weeks but it was usually within an hour or two after taking the pill. As for the sex-drive, I didn't really notice any difference. I don't think I gained any weight as a result of the medication, but I keep pretty active. I'm not a heavy drinker, but I still drink socially while taking cipralex, I just don't overdo it. I did read the side effects. I made an informed choice. I knew what to look out for to make sure the drug was right for me. I have no regrets.

    I'm not sure if that's of any help to you, but that's been my experience with Cipralex.

  • My goodness. I haven't logged onto Gone Raw since my last post on this thread however i check the sit everyday. How things have changed since then. Things have definitely taken a turn for the better in my life. I was on ciplelax for just over 3 months and decided to go cold turkey the day I stepped foot in the UK without my husband (who is sadly still stuck in Germany for work). I do not regret going on the drug. It helped me numb up for the last few months of my time in Germany. By no means would I EVER recommend it to anyone. It's purely a personal choice, but one that I had to encounter. My lesson has been learnt. I try not to say never and I try to accept everyone's personal decisions.

    A little bit about my experiences since going cold turkey:

    The side effects were very extreme. I had out of body experiences in the middle of the day where my body felt bigger than it was. I often felt that my body was facing sideways and my head was facing forwards which caused me to sit at funny angles to correct it. My frontal lobe felt like it was about to explode for about 3 months after. I was walkingi n a constant puddle of my own tears etc etc. For these reasons combined I could never try to convince someone that they needed to go on this drug but am happy that I made the decision for myself back in late 2008 to start the course. Everyone must travel on their own course and be responsible for their own choices and decisions. It just so happened that this was the right decision for me at the time.

    Since March 2 2009 (cold turkey day) I started loosing the weight that I gained within the 3 months of the drug but am still struggling. I am not 100% at the moment. Living in London is killing me financially and I am often abroad which causes great difficulty in finding even vegetarian food that I can eat. At the moment, 2 out of 3 meals are raw every day and apart from when I travel I am vegan. It seems to be difficult to avoid dairy in the country. They sneak it into everything.

    So, my life is now going full steam ahead and I am kicking goals with my career and confidence. A far cry from the devastating state I was in just over a year ago.

    For those still struggling with anti depressants, don't give up. You can stop taking them if you choose to. I found that having a lot of personal space and reading a lot of self help books while having a mundane job was key to be able to compute all the things I was learning outside of work time - earning money to survive and having little work responsibility was the first step to getting me healthy again and reintroducing me into the world - this is what worked for me, it may not work for you? Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hays and a little book called how to be an existentialist all found their place in my library. My beliefs are a personal matter when it comes to spirituality and religion so I will try not to hawk these books as gospel, they just happened to work for me.

    Anyhow, maybe I'll start posting again though I still feel like a fraud. i cheat a lot and am not 100% raw vegan which upsets me, but it's just how it is at the moment and I have to be OK with. It's a choice.

  • I think you should inform yourself as good as possible about this drug - not only about its positive effects but also about the negative effects, so in the end you can make the right decision for yourself.

    When I started to take Cipralex I was really desperate - for so many years I

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    for adrenals, I take natures sunshine licorice 2 drops twice a day. works wonders!!! make sure not to do more than that this stuff is potent!!

    My doctor wanted me on antidepressants to but i know to many people who try to od on that stuff.

    almost lost my niece and mother in law due to those. I am not taking them

    wish you all the best of luck!!!

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    I just wanted to add some thoughts on this post in case someone stumbles across it someday. These are thoughts from my personal experience, and not medical advise. Eating right, exercise, meditation and such can really effect your emotional state. Many times these things can fix dpression. Sometimes natural supplements can help too. There are times when a person needs help beyond these. If you do, medicine should help return your mind back to "normal", not numb you to your problems. Try natural routes first, but for someone who has serious problems, I think it can be dangerous to not get proper medicine. I would hate for this thread to discourage people from taking medicine that they may actually need. A person should always be aware of possible side effects of drugs. The benefits have to outweigh the risks. For anyone who has never been in a situation where they may seriously need antidepressents, it is very easy to tell someone to seek natural ways, eat right, etc. If these have worked for you, that's good. But, please remember there can be many causes of depressions, so one remedy doesn't work for them all. Each person is different, and so are their circumstances. .

  • alexbroalexbro Raw Newbie

    Cipralex is an updated version of Citalopram

    Citalopram is primarily used to treat the symptoms of depression but can also be prescribed for social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Also prescribed in Huntington's disease and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Citalopram is generally considered safe and well-tolerated in the therapeutic dose range of 20 to 60 mg/day.

    Citalopram can have a number of adverse effects most in rare cases such as: fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, increased sweating (hyperhidrosis), trembling, headache, dizziness, sleep disturbances, insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia, blood pressure changes, nausea and/or vomiting, diarrhea, heightened anorgasmia in females, impotence and ejaculatory problems in males. In rare cases (around over 1% of cases), some allergic reactions, convulsions, mood changes, anxiety and confusion have been reported.

    Cipralex is used for the treatment of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, include social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The side effects are nausea, somnolence, and gastrointestinal side effects and are reported as relatively common.

    Hope this helps.

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