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Buckwheat sprouting failure- help!

First my barley wouldnt sprout and now my buckwheat- my question is- should I dehydrate the soaked groats to make buckwheaties even if it didnt sprout? Does it mean it is old?

Thanks for your advice


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    where the groats brown or with a green tinge, brown arent raw, green tinge are, they only need a quick soak, like half hour, otherwise they go mushy, rinse them a couple of times a day to stop them going "cheesy". you could still make buckwheaties from the non sprouted groats but the chances are that if they didnt sprout they arent raw.

  • thanks - they were greenish and also in a bad labeled Raw Organic Grouts- so, I dont know

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Buckwheat gets waterlogged really quickly. How long are you soaking it? Also, are you rinsing well then totally draining it? I have a tendency to rinse all of my seeds, but then leave them too wet. As a result, many don't sprout.

  • Here is the link that I followed to sprout my buckwheat, and it worked each time. Be sure to only soak the seeds 20-60 mins and rinse REALLY well before sprouting.


    Good luck to you!

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    I buy "Wolff's" buckwheat groats [https://tbmpy.com/product_groats.htm] at my local Central Market. They sprout great!

    I also use the website that rawflamenca posted for sprouting - SproutPeople has great information on sprouting!

    Good luck - I hope you figure something out!

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