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Grocery Store Funnies...

Okay, the work reactions post had me giggling, but got me thinking. Being raw certainly gets me some great reactions when I go shopping and I'd love to hear what other people have experienced. So, here's my question. What are the most outrageous, silliest, stupidest, or strangest comments you've received from either the cashier or the produce manager (who I am on a first name basis with)?


  • I'll go first. I buy a lot of my produce by the case: apples, lemons, pears, etc. The first time I started this, I got the

    "do a lot of canning?"

    "starting a catering business?"

    "you're not gonna eat them all before they go bad!"

    "where do you put it all when you eat - you are so thin!"

    that'll start us off...

  • RawsikiRawsiki Raw Newbie

    Well, not so much the grocery store for me, but my college cafeteria. While students load up on a tray with pasta, pizza, and other stuff, I drop like 6 bananas at the counter to pay for my meal. And almost every time (it never fails) the cashier gives me a look --a look that says "You must be joking," or "Are you crazy?"--It's kinda embarassing, so I don't go to the cafeteria often. Just buy my own food and eat it in my room.

    Actually at the grocery stores, usually no one says anything. They are totally oblivious, or they just don't care, which is fine by me! I mentioned in another forum that the one time the cashier noticed my food, she pointed to my 24 bananas and said something like, "Are you gonna make something with all of these?" I thought that was funny.

  • it is kind of funny the looks you get at the grocery store when you buy all produce. People just can not grasp the idea!!!! : )

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    when I have 10 cucmbers and nothing else, there is always some bloke with a twinkle in his eye asking me "what are you going to do with all those cucumbers!"

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I was very happy when my supermarket opened a half-dozen self check-out terminals. Now, I only have to deal with a cashier if the produce codes aren't on file or if my bag of carrots is too heavy or too light for the standard weight that's programmed. I used to get a lot of questions like: "what's this thing called?", or "Do we sell this?"

  • I always get asked "What do you make with that or What is this?" I purchase lots of Kale, Collard greens and Swiss Chard to name a few. People can't grasp the concept, but once I explain they kind of get it and say Wow.....I never would have imagined.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    hehe! I've had that look when I buy cucumbers. Usually it's from the hubby though, always poking fun :).

    Usually the cashier comments on how healthy I must eat. Either that, or damn! at how expensive so few veggies are.

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I read this post earlier then went to the store where the manager asked if I was having a party. He is also the same one that asked if I minded having a dress code when I applied for a job there because "they don't really market to the hippy type"

  • I wish I had a camera with me on this day... I was in the supermarket, and in front of me, this woman was buying nothing but chocolate bars!! Her bill came to $58 so you can imagine how many she bought. It wasn't even close to halloween yet but I guess they were on sale. Then me behind her with nothing but colourful fruits and greens. A pure rainbow of love lol... There was such a contrast on that conveyor belt, it was unreal!

  • hehehe, I'm still giggling over the cucumbers.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    We get most of our veggies at the farmers' market, but when we go to a regular supermarket for something, sometimes we go up and down the aisles just for fun. Also, we're fascinated by what's in other people's carts. We always see overweight people with junk in their carts, completely bypassing the produce department to get to the cake or meat or whatever. I find it funny, unless they have an overweight kid or two, and then I get sad.

    What I'm sure seems odd is that there are things we can't get at the FM that we have to get at Whole Foods, like garlic, ginger, mushrooms, maybe some tropical fruits, and random things. It ends up being an odd assortment and I'm sure the checker wonders what we're making with this combo...

  • sinzofman. i was thinking of a really similar story! except the family behind me was one of my students (I work at an elementary school). I purchased my fruits and veggies for the whole week. so much color! Then the family behind me started loading up the conveyor belt with what looked like their weekly stash, all bags of junk food, 5 frozen pizzas, soda, premade lunches. yuk. that poor kid : (

  • One time at Trader Joes this woman behind me just looked at my basket and burst out laughing. I buy a lot of bananas...

    Although right now apples are replacing bananas as a staple -$1 a bag at the farmers market!

  • When I buy our carrots (juicing for a family of 8) I usually get asked if I have horses :) I also buy about 20 lbs of bananas a week, so I usually get asked if I'm making something with all those bananas or one person asked me if I have monkeys :) I told her "yes.. I have 6 of them" :) I usually get told how well I'm feeding my family.

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