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Natural ways to quit smoking

Hi all!

My husband has been smoking a pack a day for about 4 years now. He really wants to quit and has tried the patch, gum, cold turkey . . . . you name it. Actually he tries about once a week to quit and once he experiences the withdrawals he gives up. He says the withdrawals make him really shaky and irritable (and I can attest to the irritable).

I went to our local healthy food store and found a "Smokers Detox Cleanse", but I'm just not sure if it would work. Not to mention it's very expensive.

By the way. I've just started trying to eat raw. He doesn't at all. Except for some oranges now and again.

I appreciate the help in advance!



  • I just quit smoking 2 months ago after smoking for 14 years. It is always going to be tough, no matter which method you choose. Personally, I spent a few months cutting back and then used the patch when I was ready to quit. Having the patch definitely helped with the physical cravings, it was the mental cravings that were the worst for me. When I'd get done eating, finish a movie, anything, I kept finding myself going to walk outside out of habit and have to remind myself that I don't smoke anymore.

    If your husband really wants to quit smoking, he's going to have to accept the fact that it is going to be hard, there will be withdrawals, but it won't last forever. Change routine to do something else when he would normally smoke and try to avoid places with a lot of smokers for a while to avoid the temptation.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    The best way I know of is by using Allen Carr's method.

    I know so many people who have quit using his book and seminar. The thing about Allen Carr's method is that when you quit you are a HAPPY ex smoker, and I don't know anyone who has ever gone back, or craved a cigarette after using his method. I didn't, and my 40 a day for 40 years friend never did either. It doesn't have to be hard, it can be a joyful, enlightening process. Quitting smoking at the age of 21 using his method changed my life, I was on a high after wards that I have never come down from.Everyone who I know who has quit with his method has had this same experience.

    He does a book which will work, and there are 5 hour workshops too, if you don't quit during the workshop and stay off them for 3 months after you get your money back. The have a 98% success rate or something. I can't recommend it enough. It is really very different from any other technique, method or book. I have actually talked 2 or 3 people into becoming HAPPY ex smokers just because of what I learned from his books myself. And those people have also never gone back to it, and that was after just maybe an hour's conversation... http://www.allencarrseasyway.com/

  • Add a heaping tablespoon of granulated lecithin to his morning smoothie (assuming he drinks one). A naturopath explained to me years ago (think I got it right) that lecithin binds to nicotine receptors.

    It seemed to dramatically help my own cravings when I quit a few years ago.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice! You all have some really good points we both want him to try.

    iSeeSalt-- Do you know here can I get granulated lecithin?

    Thanks again!!

  • That is a good detox, in a sense that it restores vitamins and minerals that smoking depletes, as well as helps to heal the wounds done to the lungs and what not. As far as actually helping you quit, I dont know if it does much..... My boyfriend smokes a pack a day, and doesnt even eat every day.. if he does its a single fruit and possibly some nuts. I dont know if he is actually wanting to quit... He is some how full of energy and never ever gets sick... Though mentally i think hes a bit off..

  • You can get granulated lecithin in the bulk section of any mid-to-large-sized natural/health food store. It's yellow and looks a bit like cornmeal. Otherwise you can surely order it online. It is very cheap stuff.

  • Aylee, if you don't mind me asking, why does he not eat every day? Is he just not hungry?

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I agree totally with Zoe. I quit smoking after reading Allen Carr's book a few years back. I felt amazingly happy afterwards and drove my smoker bf mad raving on about how amazing Allen Carr is. Sadly, I think he died last year (from Cancer), but the amount of people he's helped is amazing.

    I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend his method and book.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I quit smoking bye drinking liquid goji juice and then getting teeth surgery. They said it wouldn't heal if I smoked within 2 weeks, so I took the opportunity to quit. I am so grateful I did!

  • I quit by putting off my first morning cigarette longer and longer every day. It took me three days to quit for good but I was really ready. You can't quit until you re ready.

  • simontiesimontie Raw Newbie

    To quit smoking, you need to tune your brain to it. That is, you need to want to. If he is trying to quit smoking through some special things, then it won't work. It's a matter of human psychology.

  • To quit smoking, the man himself must want to do it. If your husband has the willpower, he should do it. I have heard many stories about people who quit smoking after significant events, such as the birth of a child. But I managed to quit smoking differently. Now I eat cookies with THC in the evening instead of smoking. I buy these cookies here at weedofficials.com. It's a good solution because I used to smoke cigarettes to relax, but now I relax by eating cookies.

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