Ground avocado pits????

I was just on Vitamix website and they had a video about grinding avocado pits saying some raw chefs are using the powder-are any of you out there doing this? I love the idea of it but dont know why or how to use it



  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I've never tried it but I saw a video about it on YouTube. Search it and watch for yourself. A girl made a smoothie out of a couple of pits, along with the avocado. I can't remember what else she put in it. She said it was good, but I can't imagine that the brown coating of the pit (and possibly the pit itself) wouldn't be quite bitter. Let us know if you decide to give it a try.

  • After watching the youtube video (blindguru), I tried blending an avocado pit in a smoothie once. I must admit it tasted a bit strong. I had a light stomach cramp afterward. I haven't tried again since. The pit supposedly has a lot of soluble fiber and healthy oils.

  • I had also seen the blind guru video on blending the avocado pit. It tasted really bad. Not something I would knowingly try again!

  • Try planting the avocado pit. I grows into a beautiful house plant.

  • I saw that video quite a while ago and I laughed because I thought her face was LYING when she said "MMMM YUM!" lol.

    they also blend the cantaloup peel with their cantaloup smoothie. Which isn't that odd I guess since I have blended the rind of baby watermelons along with the flesh in my smoothies.

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