80/10/10 for infants in Hungary?


I am from Hungary and just joined the site. I like the idea of these introductions because it makes the whole thing more like personal.

My husband and I have started reforming our diet when I was pregnant with my now one year old son and had some minor problems with my blood sugar level. By this time my daughter was already one year old and we tried to keep her food organic but nothing else. After my blood sugar problem the whole family started organic and soon we ended up at raw vegan (through acid/alkaline, vegetarian, cooked vegan). Now I got the book 80/10/10 and wonder if I can do this also for my children (the doctor has been constantly concerned about the whole process - and I cannot rely on him).

If you have any relevant experience on this issue, I would more than appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.



  • what is the 80/10/10 book's philosphy? 80% raw? 10% something 10% something?

    btw, you can look up karen knowler's web site. according to her web site she ate raw nearly all of her pregnancy. then at the end she was craving porridge and ate it.

    what a blessing to be pregnant. congratulations!!

    i'm from the states, by the way. i love hungarian cooking. i just made rakott krumpli for my husband.do you think there's a raw version?

  • hi,

    the philosophy you can read about but roughly it says 80% carbohydrate (coming from mainly fruits and some green leaves and other vegetables), 10-10% proteins and fats from your calorie intake. Everything raw.

    However I dont' know I were pregnant right now. What I am afraid about is my two little kids (not infants any more as I wrote).

    How do you know about rakott krumpli? I have not heard about raw version. I don't think there are a lot of us being raw in Hungary.

  • i have a friend whose mother made it. she flew over when my friend gave birth. they are originally from hungary. that's so interesting.about the 80-10-10.

    i'm glad to hear so many people are open to being raw in hungary.


  • Hi Rita,

    My 19 month old only eats low fat fruits and vegetables. Since he's still nursing he's not 8/1/1, but once he decides to wean I'm sure he will be. Visit Dr Graham's message board as he gives a lot of good advice on this and other subjects (http://www.vegsource.com/talk/raw/index.html).

  • As a nurse, if it were my young child, I would want a little more fat in their diet than the 811 calls for. They are at the age when their brains/ nerve sheaths and mostly everything is developing. Healthy fat is very important in these processes. Good Luck :)

  • thank you, gourmet, can you please help me to contact them? It's so nice to be able to communicate in my mother tongue, if possible

  • Karmyngirl and Spirit, I am so thankful for your thoughtful comments. I feel much better by them, already. I will visit the link and see what he writes. Btw, my both kids nurse still, though the older one, who is over two, only once a day. My son - the one year old - nurses 4-5 times a day, so, so far I feel safe about him. But it's interesting about the fat and the development of their brain, I will give it a thought.

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