MSG? kelp??

okraokra Raw Newbie kelp or other sea weeds are msg food???

like nama shoyu/miso?

any opinion i'm happy to hear.

thank you so much!


  • seaweeds contain naturally occurring glutamate molecules (as do tomatoes), but they are only harmful when heated.

    nama shoyu, miso is different bc those foods are made from boiled or steamed soybeans, wheat, barley, etc. they do contain MSG.

  • okraokra Raw Newbie

    oh, okay.

    things said "naturally occurring glutamate molecules" means;

    as long as they are not heated, like sea weeds or tomatoes are free from MSG.

    and nama shoyu, miso contain MSG because they are heated.

    i was confused,

    thank you so much DreamBrother!

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