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Goji Berries in Smoothies

When putting them in smoothies, i know that you would soak them first but how long do you soak them for over night or what?

And does anyone have any good recipes for adding them in smoothies


  • Goji berries only need about half an hour to soak. You can then just dump the gojis with the soaking water into your smoothie.

    Here is a good recipe of mine.. http://www.goneraw.com/node/16407

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I don't even soak them, I just through them in. They got shredded enough that they go down well. I like having them in smoothies with mango and granny smith apples. Somebody has a recipe for that on here, I think it's called the "Love Yourself" Smoothie. It was really good. Although recently I decided not to buy Goji's anymore because of the price. Granted I can get them half the cost as Sunfoods sells them for it's still expensive.

  • I don't soak them either, I grind them in my coffee grinder then just dump them in my smoothies. I usually grind them together with my flax or hemp seeds.

  • I like to soak mine for around 15 minutes with just enough water(not so much that it covers the top of the berries).

  • joyous figjoyous fig Raw Newbie

    I don't soak mine either. The vitamix pulverises those little guys and then I figure they are soaking in the smoothie for awhile anyway.

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