sensitivity to additives

Here's a question I'd like to put forth; Has anyone, after having been on the raw food lifestyle, found themselves to be more sensitive to the environment, i.e. pollutants, cosmetics, etc? I'm wondering if, after 'cleansing' one's system of toxins and such, if it makes you more 'aware' of what's out there?


  • Yes. I am really sensitive to smells. For example, my daughter plays at the neighbors, who have potpourri smells in their house, and her clothes and hair smell when she returns. It is really strong to me. Also I cannot go near the perfume counter at the department store. There are many other examples. I have been sensitive to food additives even before raw food and have eliminated them from my diet for about ten years now.

    I can smell people's shampoo, and other artificial smells seem so strong. Yet I am not as sensitive to natural body smells!

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    Yes, very much so. My friend proudly uses Bath & Body products and I can't stand smelling them, I can feel the chemicals in my lungs.

  • Definitely yes, I am very much sensitive to everything that is toxic now, this is great on one hand as it prevents our body from getting intoxicated again on the other hand it is somehow stressful as we live in a very toxic world and as such there are dangers everywhere that we have to pay attention to. I give you an example, a couple of years ago I got intoxicated from a bedroom set...yes you understood well "a bedroom set", it turned out that the bedroom I had bought, a nice solid wood and contemporary design, was filled with chemicals (after an in-depth investigation I suspect also pesticides) that caused great pains as my body being so clean started immediately to detox and it caused all sorts of painful symptoms. Another example, I used to be a smoker 5 years ago before going RAW, well now I couldn't anymore, if I were to smoke say a couple of days in a body will start detoxing immediately through my skin..pimples, rushes and what not!

  • I was wondering, too, if anyone has done the raw foods for awhile then "slipped up" and ate cooked? Were additives, preservatives and such even more noticeable and what kind of reactions did one's body have to these things? Did anyone get sick from the cooked stuff after the fact?

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