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I only briefly read about Codex and the plans that will be employed by December 31, 2009, although I'm not sure I completely understand...does anyone have anymore insight on this up-and-coming disaster?


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Copied and pasted from Tom's post of Giveittomeraw, credit tom if anyone asks

    Codex Alimentarius is a ruling that would make all food irradiated, worldwide. Irradiated food means it is no longer fresh and raw. All enzymes will be destroyed. Nearly all nutrients and antioxidants will be gone, while more toxic free radicals will be in the food. Food will not only be dead, but also deadly:

    "Billions of people will suffer from degenerative diseases due to poor nutrition and limited access to health supplements if the powerful global corporations behind the new Codex standards are allowed to 'harmonise' the world." -Gregory Damato, PhD

    Moreover, Codex will make the labeling of genetically modified organisms unnecessary by law.. GMOs have been proven to be dangerous. Lab animals raised on GMOs have smaller organs, including brains.

    Codex will make health supplements unavailable except in small, virtually ineffective doses, and then only by prescription from a medical doctor.

    Codex plan to have it passed on December 31, 2009.

    Go to WWW.HealthFreedomUSA.ORG and sign all the petitions.

    Articles on CODEX:




  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I have to say you are so lucky to be so well educated on the world as a kid. PROPS to you for not being part of the lets ignore reality masses.

    On another note I am glad to see someone posting about this seeing how we are now 1 year away from HELL.

    It is a pain to shop at a regular store now with all the labe reading and searching for real food codex makes it seem like the only food will be what is in our garden. Oh but I heard Brian Clement say on youtube you will need a permit to garden so they are really trying to kill us off arent they? Do the rich no longer need their slave peasants have we grown into to large a popluation they want just a big enough herd to control not to create a stampede. Well stampede I say!!

    The only way out it to opt out of the WTO they are forcing any country who is part of the WTO is part of Codex do you see america opting out of WTO I doubt it after they went after ORGANIC farmers and many others at the WTO convention in Seattle. That is why that protest got so intense I am sure most of them did not want violence but what we are realizing now they knew then that is why that protest gained so much attention it was the turning point for our supposed FREE country to realize you are not free we are all the same peasants we were hundreads of years ago the only difference is we live under the facade of demecracy and freedom.



    why do you think it is not being publicized just like every underhanded law if it passed quietly in the dark of night then once its in it is too late to change it or stop it the ball will be rolling.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    It is nice to know everything in the world, I have to admit. :D

    So we need permission to have a garden too? When I first saw this whole thing I was pretty shocked. But Codex passed the almond pasteurization law so they can pass the produce irradiation law. Except this is worse because I think it's worldwide not just in the US. In my post above there is a link to a petition you can sign voting against Codex. What a nightmare. As many of you know I take a lot of supplements.

  • Wow. I didn't know anything about this and clicked on this forum out of curiosity to find out what Codex was. After reading the links Rawkid posted, I am disgusted and appalled at our human race for the force they are using to take away human life. I felt so blessed to come across information and knowledge about raw, only to now find out it will be taken away from me in a year?! something must be done, and we all must take action to save ourselfs and stand for our way of living. I am outraged in finding this out. I can't believe I never knew about any of this...

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    hmm..... has anyone actually looked at the Codex website? I couldn't find anything on this subject there. In fact, all I saw was some stuff regarding reducing toxic residues like pesticide on fruits and vegetables, and then I saw rules regarding importing/exporting procedures for specific fruits and vegetables. They have all past and future planned meetings and topics of the meetings listed in detail, but I didn't see anything regarding this subject.

    There is a lot there though... maybe I am missing something?

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    There is a very lengthy contract to be enacted in Dec 2009 I doubt it is on their site but you might be able to track it down. I will see if I can find it. They of course want things to look nice and neat but just like the patriot act for our protection while taking away rights I do not want that form of protection.

  • There is a ton of info about and related to Codex Alimentaius at this thread from earlier this year:


    (There is another really great thread about Codex started by Chris Carlton from earlier than that thread (Feb maybe?), but the old links I had saved to it are not valid anymore on the new GR, so you'd have to use the Search feature to locate it.)

    CHICORY- regarding your specfific question: just curious if you have read through the pages and pages (and pages!) of Codex's requirements/laws/proposals? On the surface it appears harmless or even good, but upon careful reading (and getting further into the documents) you will find sentences dispersed throughout that are opposite of what is good and safe to the health of people. They make it mind-numbingly long and boring or confusing on purpose so most people do not attempt to read it through and, instead, take it at face value and naively trust that there is nothing "bad" in it. (Much as do many of the proposed bills and laws that most of us do not take the time or effort to investigate. The Patriot Act is a prime example.)

    But here is some info copied from a couple of posts from the previsoulsy linked thread above:

    *(from Simplyraw)

    "Codex has a 2007 article written about

    organic food standards on their website.


    This all seems to tie in very well with

    the plan mentioned in the EndGame and

    America:Freedom to Fascism.



    America: Freedom to Fascism


    I feel like we are waking up in some crazy

    science fiction movie. Where most of us are

    just simply clueless to the agendas in progress.

    The way our eyes have been opened this week,

    has left my husband and I mindboggled.


    *(from Aspire)

    "SimplyRaw, did you read the Organic Standards then? Interesting how they make it appear to be good standards until you read through their Long, drawn-out diction and notice how they leave themselves open to allowing other non-organic compounds, practices, and substances into the food and animal products

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    You guys should listen to the podcast at www.infoWars.com... Its about time for the American people open their Eyes to the Slow and Steady Genocide that is happening Right Here and Right Now... What with Flouride, Chlorine, BPA, GMO's, Etc, Etc, Etc... and its all under the Current FDA that all of this is happening... We are all being inundated with False info from the powers that be... Namely Big Pharma!

    I'd Like to know what Food has to Do With Drugs... If the FDA has its way all Food WILL BE DRUGS!

    I'm an old fart so put me on the front line... I'm ready to die for my kids Tomorrow, If Neccessary! If The American 'Frog' Doesn't jump out of the 'Slowly Boiling Pot' soon it will be too late...

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    Rock on Raw Orleans you are soooooooo right and honorable sacrificing yourself like that. I find it hard to beleive that any petitions will stop the plans they have set in motion and the scary thing IMO is that when you talk about codex WTO GMO or any FACTUAL stuff everyone acts like its just a conspiracy and you should not buy into it. I honestly think a lot of people wont wake up they do not want to see how bad it is. These are trying times and all we can do is ride out the storm and try to make facts known. Thanks ASPIRE for posting that you have awakened me even more and even though the world is somewhat depressing right now I truly believe those who are in harmony with nature will be left to repopulate when either she or the Aliens decide its time to stop our mad race.

    Peace Light and LOVE to all you beautiful raw vegans

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    Scary... www.FlourideAlert.com

  • aspire - couldn't agree with you more...thanks for the links.

  • Just curious.. (and by NO means am I trying to start a political battle here--it's not the time nor place...however, something I found ironic that left me confused)... there is overwhelming support to put an end to Codex and the limitations they plan to put on individuals and their way of life.. However, I noticed that when Pres-Elect Obama was named the next Commander-in-Chief the vast majority of people on this site were huge supporters of him. The irony I find is that most of you don't want the FDA controlling what foods you buy and consume. Yet most of you also support a man whose political party wants to control every minor detail of your lives? I'm left wondering trying to find the logic in this...

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    CNN Breaking News... Food in America... Finally!! I have personally been bitching at CNN For Months, Via Email about all of the stuff that has been going on and had Accused them of being complicities... It may be working!!!!!!!!!! Yepeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone Should Email CNN... Lets get this ball Rolling!!!!

    The one thing I fear is that they will not go far enough.... No Mention Of Flouride For instance...

  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    Great Job... We should all be shaking in our boots.... WIth ANGER!

  • RAW ORLEANS- Where can I view it? I went to their website but cannot locate it. Is it on tv? Awesome job!! Huge kudos to you, too!! : )

  • VEGAN2RAW- I agree 100% with you. SO much more to what we have been led to believe for so many generations now. And we people have been successfully trained and manipulated to automatically shun and disregard any questioning of outside the box thinking that may lead to a truer understanding of what is, and what is possible, with ourselves and our world. But consciousness is evolving and it cannot be stopped. In the end, it will all be good. :)

    It may seem overwhelming and scary at first, wondering why and how some people could think and act in such a horrible, selfish, greedy, and harmful way to so many people and the the earth. It is almost incomprehensible to most of us, but it is what it is never-the-less. But instead of letting the feelings of fearfulness in discovering the truth of what is really going on overwhelm and freeze us into no action at all, we can use those feelings to motivate us to search for answers of how to actually change, stop, and overcome what is happening. And it can be done. :) We have the power to overcome what they are doing to us. That's why they have kept us in the dark for so long about how amazing and powerful beings we really are- if we knew our potential we could never be led to fight and kill each other in endless warring, endless bickering, and thousands of years of societies/cultures based on living in fear and competition with each other, fearing that there is not enough to go around for each of us to thrive. We have been lied to for a long time. But Earth is evolving, along with us, along with consciousness, along with everything else. And more and more people are waking up and realizing there must be a better way to live, there must be something we have never tried before in what we think is history.

    For anyone feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and/or angry about what Codex is attempting (which is just one piece of the big picture), I urge you to use those feelings to motivate you to search for answers and not be frozen in fear, turning into depression and feelings of helplessness and lack. The answers are definitely out there. And we can change things for the better. It is in each of us. It is up to each of us individually to change ourselves, take responsibility for ourselves, how we have been, how we will be... then we will see our whole world change with us. 11% - 1 minute video


    Eckhart Tolle's work/teachings/books are a wonderful and powerful start to changiing your world and empowering yourself. There are many good people out there spreading information that empowers us; do not fall for the ones who wish you to live in fear only. Fear allows us to give away our individual power and our self-responsibilty. Then we are easy to control and be told what to do. This is why they want us constantly in fear: bombarding us with news about the horrible economy, wars and fighting, terrorists, fear of losing our jobs, endless celebrity and political scandals, unending crime, and constant divisions between us in inumerable groups- religion, politics, schools, sports, immigration, pro-life, pro-rights, marriage laws, racial issues, nationality, health care, etc, etc. I'm not saying these things are not happening, but much of it is due to their manipulations. They know they must keep us physically weak with our food supply and chemicals, keep us in fear, keep us distracted, and keep us feeling seperate from other people - not realizing the truth that we are all connected to one another, all from the same source, and all more similar than different in the end- so we are easy to keep in check, manipulate and control, and kept right where they want us. A pawn for their self interest and addicted power-mongering egos. But once we are reintroduced to who we truly are, we cannot be held back and controlled anymore. Then we are truly free. And then we are able to help ourselves and help one another and the Earth all at the same time. Small things it may appear at first, but very very powerful in truth. :)

    For those brave and curious enough, here are some links to ponder for yourselves:

    David Icke's "Secret of the Matrix"

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5716133111923564665&q=secrets+of+the+matrix&ei=8jJwSL-LEJDQ4AKMtsikDw "Secrets of the Matrix" - part I (2 hrs)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1075139487878932506&q=secrets+of+the+matrix&ei=HDNwSIiKDqPQ4gLE4dCODw "Secrets of the Matrix" - part II (2.5 hrs)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7069902213330063552&q=secrets+of+the+matrix&ei=UDNwSJTJLpW05ALU8MGpDw "Secrets of the Matrix" - part III (2 hrs)

    http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=5547481422995115331 "Zeitgeist" and "Zeitgeist: Addendum"

    One of my FAVORITE sites with TONS of amazing, positive interviews with scientists, philosophers, doctors, researchers, spiritual advisors, etc (site is completely free, but must join to view- no spam either):


    http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-3719259008768610598 "Loose Change"

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8045542387672451515&pr=goog-sl "September Clues"

    http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261 "Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement"

    http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=5355374476580235299 " America: Freedom to Fascism"

    "Esoteric Agenda" - 2 hrs - Awesome! Like Zeitgesit. *Great ending, too, with info not seen/heard commonly yet.


    "Ring of Power" - part 1 -- 2 hrs 23 min


    "Ring of Power" - part 2 -- 2 hours 40 min


    "Money As Debt" - 45 minute video


    http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=ufo+disclosure+&sitesearch= UFO Disclosure Project - 1 hr 55 min

    William Cooper - 1hr 28 min - US Military cover ups of UFO and alien programs


    Sgt Clifford Stone interview - 52 min

    Dr. William Deagle- (lecture held on Dec 7,2006)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2117196749665804186&q=dr+william+deagle+&ei=iW4gSJW6LZTk4AKdypHKAQ Part I - 89 min

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5553651659362440121&q=dr+william+deagle+&ei=15ogSLOWBKPQ4ALHv8W0AQ Part II- 45 min

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1452505692700911383&q=dr+william+deagle+&ei=O7IgSP7ODqHQ4gLyrqXUAQ Part III - 37 min

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2525720881492693863&q=dr+william+deagle+&ei=EbwgSMqII5ny4QKDg_nFAQ Part IV - 61 min

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5351061315106886661&q=dr+william+deagle+&ei=rN8gSJ3GJJyO4wKQ5L3MAQ Part V - 9 min

    Phil Schneider's last lecture before he was killed (1995)- Military and Underground complexes, etc: - 1 hour 11 min


    "YouTube" video clip of Phil Schneider about Human-Alien War - 6 min



    And some VERY fascinating and amazingly insightful info:

    Ian Xel Lungold's videos:

    "The Mayan Calendar Comes North" - 90 min


    Mayan Calendar Explained (Part 1 of 18) - 10 min

    *You will need to click on the rest of the 18 segments. They are each about 10 minutes. Long, but very worth it!


    "The World According to Monsato"


    "The Future of Food"


    "The Fuoride Deception" - 28 minutes


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKULTRA - MK Ultra -- Now made public, Unbelievably atrocious and secret acts committed by our own gov't on our own unknowing public and soldiers!!

    http://educate-yourself.org/ct/ - Chemtrails

    http://www.geocities.com/Baja/5692/ - What's going on with Denver Airport?

    http://thecrowhouse.com/message_from_an_indigo.html "The Crowhouse"

    And some sites to uplifting, positive, exciting info, too:



    http://dotsub.com/view/767c68bb-db0f-4bf3-87bb-dfce18217f68 - 3 min video

    http://charterforcompassion.com/ - home site

    A couple of non-mainstream news sources:



    *Just some of the thought-porovoking info out there. Perhaps some is true, perhaps some is not. As with any of us, believe what you feel is true to you. :)


  • Raw_OrleansRaw_Orleans Raw Newbie

    Dazed and Concerned

    Here's how a Reuters Health headline put it: "Amgen's Enbrel in Kids 'Concerning,' FDA Staff Says.

    Concerning. How touching! Someone at the FDA is concerned.

    What in the world could move FDA staff members to work themselves up into a case of actual concern? Well, how about the deaths of a few kids for starters?

    Plenty of good reasons

    In May, an "FDA Talk Paper" offered this note about Enbrel, a rheumatoid arthritis drug: "New postmarketing reports indicate that certain patients receiving Enbrel have developed serious infections, including sepsis, and that several of these patients have died from their infections."

    But that wasn't May 2008. It was May 1999. And in the ten years since the FDA approved Enbrel, this has been the trend: more and more reports of serious side effects.

    Now Amgen wants the FDA to approve Enbrel as a treatment for psoriasis in children. But according to Reuters, in nearly 950 cases where Enbrel was used to treat children for either arthritis or psoriasis, reports of "serious complications in children ages 4 to 17," reveal "14 deaths and 76 other life-threatening complications" including sepsis infections, anemia, and seizures.

    But wait - it gets worse.

    Kids in jeopardy

    In an FDA report last month, officials announced an investigation into 30 cases of cancer in children and young adults who were taking "TNF blocker" drugs. Enbrel is in this class of drugs.

    Okay - let's review. We've got potential cancer risk, serious infections, seizures, and other life-threatening complications in the mix here. So here's an idea: How about saying no to Enbrel use in kids until we're absolutely sure the drug won't put children at serious risk?

    But in FDA World, that's just crazy talk.

    Last month, an FDA advisory panel recommended that Enbrel be approved for use in children who have moderate-to-severe psoriasis. The panel also recommended that Enbrel's label be "strengthened" to inform parents that side effects could lead to hospitalizations and deaths.

    A strengthened label? Oh yeah, it's on! Sepsis, seizures, and cancer don't stand a chance against a strongly worded label.

  • I've heard the overall goal of Codex Alimentarius is global population reduction through malnutrition.

    This lecture is very long, but very informative...worth the time to view. Has anyone here seen it?

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie


    I agree with you I think to most people Obama was the lesser of two evils people wanted to get excited and beleive in their government again so I can see why so many have fallen under a spell so to speak I loved everything he had to say but when I did the research he does not vote the way he talks like all politicians. I was disgusted to see videos on youtube of how the debates are owned and people like Nader and other indys were not even allowed in to watch with a INVITIATION FROM FOX NEWS they were blacklisted by security. I honestly think it would not have mattered how we voted they just wanted to woo us so we would beleve we have some democracy left. He has a few months to prove himself before people wake up and he is already saying "out of Iraq into AFGANISTAN" when he claimed to be against the war he only meant the one in Iraq not war in general.

    Sorry to sound pessimistic I hope he is as great as he was made out to be but for me action speaks louder than words and thats what I will be paying attention to his actions.

  • Wow! This is deplorable. It baffles me that they still allow artificial sweetners and colors, HFCS, excitotoxins etc. into our food supply and now this!!!! I have signed the petition and will send this information to as many people as I can. Thank you all for sharing.

    I also wrote to codex@fao.org and the World Health Organization (info@who.int) and shared my concerns about what they are attempting to do. I know the chances of my getting a response are slim, but I'll keep you posted...

    Raw_Orleans has the right idea. We should all contact CNN and also write to our local news channels along with ABC (Good Morning America, Nightline etc.) and NBC . I will be writing to my congress people as well.

    To find your congress people:


    To contact ABC yourself:


    Can you imagine not being allowed to grow mint, chamomile, or garlic in your own backyard?!?

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Could somebody please explain to me why it is useful for the government to have a sick population? Machiavelli talks about having a lazy population, but not a sick one...

    We are already lazy and complacent.

    Is it just a money maker?

    Someone please explain the political logic to me.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    You're right, none of it makes sense, except that one reason could be bacteria. Like the almonds were pasteurized because of a salmonella outbreak.

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    Either way it is catastrophic. However, personally, I don't buy into the whole conspiracy/big brother stuff, but rather the fact that we all know already : the American system is based on cleaning up the mess rather than preventitive thinking.

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