12 Foods You Don't Have to Buy Organic

12 Foods You Don't Have to Buy Organic

By Dr. Joseph Mercola on 10/31/2008 The biggest study ever into organic food


  • Oh thank you !

    Great Info

  • Awesome, ever since the labeling stopped I have been wondering. This is great information. Thank you!

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    What are the actual 12 foods you don't have to buy organic per title of article, did I miss it? I see 12 foods you do have to buy organic and 4 foods that have low pesticide residue. Am I missing something?

  • Great list! I always buy organic bananas because even though they don't have pesticides there's no guarantee they've not been gassed with formaldehyde as a preservative.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    Thanks evergreen! I wonder if those 12 foods were part of the OP article but got cut off.

    I think the hardest and/or most expensive one out there to get organic for me would be the sweet bell peppers. I am always compromising and getting them conventionally grown, many times I see that they've been grown in a green or hot house, but I'm not sure if that makes a big difference.

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi again:)...i think there may be a benefit to the greenhouse grown peppers http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/HS228

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