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Really really TMI question =(

I have been raw for a little over a month now. My family is not experiencing any of the food sensitivities that I am. Everyone jokes around that pregnancy and childbirth must have really detoxed me and "cleaned me out." But I have been the only one really experiencing truly unpleasant detox symptoms. It seems so backwards and unfair.

The majority of the symptoms are not too uncomfortable and I know that they will pass, but this one concerns me a bit. We've been eating pretty consistently and 75%-80% raw diet. The 20% makes up our cooked food "needs" while transitioning. I have now found that, at least during the past week or so, that each time I eat a cooked meal of any kind, my stools are extremely soft, and oftentimes I get diarrhea. I must admit, I have been giving in to my cravings more lately, and sometimes I wonder if I'm being punished haha. Nobody else in the fam has had anything like this. I know that this means that my body really wants me to be 100% raw. I'm just feeling really uncomfortable and alone and I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything remotely like this.

Am I getting too much fiber maybe? What is going on with me? Seriously. Help =(


  • kaikai

    The same thing happens to me. It's never uncomfortable though, luckily.

    I wish I could give some advice but at least I can tell you that you are not alone.

  • Whenever I give in to cooked cravings, I get the same thing. It is quite uncomfortable and along with the soft stools I experiece serious bloating and gas. (ew). I think you are right, it is our bodies telling us not to eat these foods.

    I recommend eating soup broths (rawkidchef reccommended this to me earlier as I was craving cooked foods now that it is cold)...I find that it comforts me and is filling without making me deal with the repercussions in the way that you described. Try that and I hope things go more smoothly for you- or better yet not so smoothly! ; )

  • I have digestive enzymes on hand and eat a few if I end up eating outside of raw. it helps alot.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    What are you eating, exactly?

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Me too!! It was never the case as I was transitioning but after I was mostly raw and had a really mostly cooked day. Not even what is considered junk, but for me once I start the ball seems to be rolling. The next day yuck, same gross symptoms. I realized I did not want to deal with this at all so I try to remember and not go there again.

    For me, if I do have a little of something cooked, I try to make it very late in the day so I'm going to bed soon anyway and wont get the chance to keep giving in to cooked cravings. Then the next day is always a fresh start and some times I even fast for the first half of the day (something I never thought I would do before raw) and really plan for the best possible living food to end my penance. I joke.

    Then I TAKE NOTICE of how frickin great I feel!

    Namaste' Friends

  • I am the same way - I have been 70-80% raw for a while now and now my body is telling me that it is time to be 100% raw. Every time I eat a cooked meal - usually steamed veggies, clear soups, cooked organic vegan meals, I get horrible headaches, stomach pains, dry skin. pimples, tiredness, spaciness, etc. So, I am going to try to be 100% for five days and see if there is a difference. But I am definetely more sensitive to foods than everybody else in my family and it is very upsetting. I understand your pain. This sensitivity that we have developed is a blessing in disguise as our bodies only crave the best and show us right the way that we have fed them something wrong, instead of waiting months and years before an evil illness shows up... So hang in there, you are not alone!

    Eat light and be the light!

  • Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone for sharing you thoughts and experiences with me. It helps so much to know that I'm not alone and that, yes, this is "normal" haha. I was thinking of doing the soup idea as well just this week. Thanks so much again for all your caring words and advice.

    Love love love,

    Jenny =)

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