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Detox Rash?????

I went 100% raw vegan about two weeks ago, prior to that I was a cooked carnivor. I have been doing really well, I feel better than I have in a long time and to top it all my asthma which was chronic has completely dissapeared after two short weeks. However, I am now breaking out in a rash, so far it's all over my hands, ascending and descending colon area on stomach, around nose, back of neck and feet. My assumption is that this is merely my cells kicking out a lifetimes worth of crap and replacing with good nutrition. I've heard that apple cider vinegar can help with this but wondered if anyone knows if this is purely down to detox? Thanks


  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    Same thing here. Last night. I would not say that it is happening in the same areas, ;-) - but it is a rash alright!

    And I am *not* allergic to anything. Until now... The only thing new in my diet is that I finally cracked the raw burger milestone (using the recipe at kandacerae - smashing!)

    Apart from that, I have been juicing like a fiend. Anything green in the fridge has been going in. For like the last couple of weeks.

    Any ideas anyone? Insead of reaching for any drugs, I am thinking of reverting back to fruit, fruit fruit (known quantities) until I can figure this out.

    If it is a detox rash, then I assume that anything which accelerates sweating might assist?

    Dec22 update: I just realised that a bunch of the greens that I have been mercilessly juicing have been non-organic!!!. That was a WTF moment! It stands to reason that I could be battling a chunk of pesticide!!

    Anyone experienced anything similar?

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I had a rash that lasted 3 weeks. It covered one arm, my face and neck. I was also occasionally itch in the ribcage area. It went away, but a few weeks later, I used an organic lip balm and my lips blew up to 3 times their usual size and had tiny bumps all over them. The rash spread over the next 10 days to my entire face and neck, including behind the ears. It got worse every day, until I gave in and took Benadryl. It did nothing. Yesterday, I woke up with a face so swollen my eyes were nearly shut. I went to the emergency room and they gave me heavy meds to bring down the inflammation, which in my opinion is only a temporary fix. The real question is: what is causing my immune system to go bonkers? I saw an acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese traditional medicine this morning. She thinks my digestive system is not working properly, which in turn, has set off my immune system to react to everything (or nearly everything) that goes in my mouth and onto my skin (moisturizers, soaps, lip balms, etc.). I'm going for some type of body scan tomorrow to determine what the sensitivities are and what organs are affected. Her preliminary observation is liver, gallbladder and large intestine. I'm not sure what all of this means, but I'm fascinated. If following her advice sorts out my problems, I'll happily abandon all medicines for acupuncture and herbs. In the meantime, I'm headed to India in a little over a week and I'm very concerned that these wild immune system flare-ups will continue. If I've developed allergies, then I'd like to know what they are, but as Derryck pointed out, he (and I) have no specific allergies, so the rash, hives and inflammation must be the skin ridding itself of mass quantities of toxins. I wonder what would have happened had I not gone to the emergency room at the hospital and instead waited to be treated by the acupuncturist. I just couldn't wait. The burning, itch and inflammation were too much ... and too scary to ignore.

  • I had something similar when i first went raw. it lasted about 8 days--very itchy candida rash (ears, neck). Colloidal silver applied topically helps the itch. Let it run it's course. It will leave. There are many threads here for dealing with systemic candida. I can only tell you what worked for me was going directly to Gabe Cousens' Stage 1 foods only. You''ll get lots of advice and contradicting advice from the 80-10-10 group. Both systems work--either you cut out fruit, sweeteners and grains or you cut out all fats. They both work because you are no longer combining sugars and fat. You just have to see which works better for you. I got much worse on 80-10-10.

  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    Well, I am now in day three of this blight. I still look handsome, just that with my clothes off you can see slightly raised bumps. It is now all over torso and neck, and is also a little bit on forearms. I hit an organic shop in Columbia MD (my organic market - what an excellent store) - and I picked up some epsom salts. 1 cup in a hot bath, and a 30 minute soak. Feels better, the bumps are still there.

    My wife thinks that it will take about 3 weeks to go away. Seems a bit long to me!

    I have decided to stop ingesting stuff for a few days (yes, fast) I am 60% sure that it is something that I ate which got me here! I'll see if the fast helps any... On the face of it, it feels like the worst time of year to make this decision (Xmas)... but intuitively it feels right. If your liver needs to do work on internal detox, stop giving it more food to try to detoxify...

    Oh - I also soaked some uncooked oats in a sock, and rubbed the sock over the affected areas - seemed to offer temporary relief...

    I also thought about doing something more detoxifying, but maybe my nil by mouth and hot baths will do the trick (and I should stop panicking). I am in the States right now, I will wait until back in Canada before seeking medical assistance, if at all possible.

  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    So I finally gave calamine lotion a try. According to wikipedia, "....Calamine is a mixture of zinc oxide (ZnO) with about 0.5% iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3)....". It did not look toxic, and I did not want to go down the Bena**** route.

    I had (for the last two days been trying hot baths of epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate) which apparently helps you sweat (out the toxins). The Epsom seemed to offer temporary relief.

    Calamine last night - this morning, the rash is still there, itchy, but seems a bit less bumpy.

    coincidentally, I had just started reading Victoria Boutenko's "Green for Life" - (an interesting discussion for another day, I will see if there are any discussion forums on this book). My interpretation of some of what she was saying is that sometimes overjuicing can leave you with too little dietary fibre to carry away toxins - and this could be a cause of a detox rash. In rerospect, since I started juicing heavily, I efffectively lost one fibrous meal a day (and I think that I also lost one BM too, sorry that was a bit too much info!!).

    How are you guys getting on with your rashes? For me it is pretty frightening,because I have never had a rash in my life! I am really praying that I am not now allergic to something that I really like!

    Ciao guys - and Merry Christmas/yuletide/solstice/kwanzaa/africiapa or whatever you celebrate - to you.

    p.s. on the calamine wikipedia web page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calamine), there is a link to an FDA press release where they are proposing a ban on "ineffective OTC ingredients" - the list is totally unbelievable. They are saying there that (for example) amylase, protease, lipase and lactose have not been proven to aid digestion.

    Prolase, Bromelain, etc. Bacillus Acidophyllus, Peppermint, chamomile are not "proven" either. I should not have been surprised, but I was in shock. There is a list of 415 ingredients that are on the blacklist.

    http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/news/new00298.html is the link.

    I have to given them credit - they do list chloroform as having no proven record as a digestive aid.

  • RASH REASON PERHAPS:Kevin Gianni on YOU TUBE does RAW videos & rumor has it he RAW CACAO.So if you are using alot of this it may be the problem.You Tube is used more then Funny videos .Go to the search and ask and you may see a videos

    Check out the 2 videos he did on his videos.He has been doing RAW FOR YEARS TOO.NO I don't know him I simply watch his videos on Raw eating!!!

  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    Thanks for that pointer. I'll check it out.

  • oh wow thats weird. My husband just got a rash. the next day i fixed him a big salad with raw apple cider in the dressing and when he came home the rash was gone.

  • derrycklderryckl Raw Superstar

    Someone mentioned to me in passing that a rash could be from something dehydrated - for example, if the dehydrator is not hot enough, it can be at just the right temperatiure for bacteria and such. In other words, a pteri dish (as soria puts it) -

    My jury understands the concept (thinks that it is plausible) but is still out on this one in my case.

  • what is oxypowder...not the stuff I use to wash clothes?? what do you recommend as enema ingredients--just water or any additives?

    I have heard from a few people that colonics and enemas deplete the good flora in the intestines and it needs to be replaced. how do you replace it?

    Peace and thx for the input


  • Oh interesting...learn something new everyday! I'm going to see if my healthfood guy can/will get it for me. Is your mag-n-zone only avail in your country? So you drink it down then do the lemon or ACV immediately after...do you feel anything when it starts combining?? How soon after ingestion do you need to hit the bathroom?!

    I have done coffee enema a LONG time ago. A friend said it would help release some emotional stagnation. I didn't/ and still don't like enemas. Not that I hate them but prefer to not use them haha. I have used psyllium and done several herbal type cleanses that I found beneficial. Have used betonite did that whole mucoid plaque thing...disgusting!!

    Anyway...thanks for sharing your info. Knowledge is power. I need all I can get ~; )



  • Who manufactures the stuff you buy? Maybe I can find them that way...thanks

    I found this online...is it the same becoz it is in capsule form is that right?? this one sells for about $45.00


  • Thanks luv...but you said take a spoonful...should I empty out the capsules? And how many should I take at once?

    Perhaps i will try to locate that other one you mentioned as well.

    What probiotics would you recommend? Whats diff with aerobic types? They are pricey...sheeeesh being raw is expensive in USA!!

  • sherryllmillicentpsherryllmillicentp Raw Newbie
    Try forever living probiotics+ I'm having some rashes now due to detoxing for two days and it seems to help.
  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    Sometimes I get a rash from dust in the house or random baddies in the local water supply. Having a shower filter really helps with the latter problem and I've noticed that my hair stays cleaner for longer when I use it. 



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