Grains question???

rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

Just wondering what exactly is in grains that makes them part of the Food Guide??

What are the best foods to eat to replace them??

I'm thinking that we don't really need them, but I have been eating two slices of whole wheat bread daily as a snack at work, I get a lot of breaks.

Just wondering what raw foods I can replace them with, or maybe I don't need to worry.

Anyway, I already eat about 5 servings of fresh fruit while at work so please don't say more fruit lol.



  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    You don't need to eat them. They contain long-chain carbohydrates which the body breaks into simple carbs. You by step that process by eating fruits (simple carbs). The minerals found in bread are in other veggies. Apparently greens, sprouts, and bean sprouts are all you could possibly need mineral-wise. But my tummy is having second thoughts about bean sprouts, so I just up the other greens.

    On a side note, people are so over-fed for the most part that nutrient deficiencies are extremely rare. I wouldn't be worried about it unless you feel something is off.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    A great book that outlines tons of information about grains, called Grain Damage by Douglas Graham. Very easy to read, chock full of info and research and gets to the point.

    5 servings of fruit may not be much for a raw foodist. Usually that means about 5 cups of fruit, I have at least that amount for breakfast in my smoothie. 5 servings is the RDA by the government so that's really not a whole lot. Unless you mean 5 meals of fruit, in that case it surely would be a lot.

    Bananas are a great and filling substitute for bread. You can eat 2-3 as a snack or blend with water in a mini blender and make a quick banana shake. Very yummy.

    If you really don't want more fruit maybe eat a starchy vegetable such as carrots, but eating greens and sprouts wouldn't be very satisfying, then you'll end up eating a lot of fat.

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