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Raw Authors and Books

Hey everyone! So I'm looking into buying some more raw books with gift cards I received for christmas, but i'm not interested so much in recipe books, as I have tons of those. I'm looking for more raw lifestyle-in-depth books, or good raw motivational books about succeeding at 100% raw, etc. Any good authors or books you've read?? I've heard about the David Wolfe book Eating for Beauty, did anyone find this one a good read and useful??? Thanks guys!


  • I recently purchased "The Raw Food Diet Myth" by Ruthann Russo, PhD, MPH and it is very comprehensive and excellent for helping understand the lifestyle. The title to me was a little confusing but I think it means that live food is a lifestyle and not a diet.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    I almost hesitate to say because we are all so different but just my opinion... I really had trouble with Eating for Beauty. Just too technical and slow for me. My favorites are 12 Steps to Raw Foods, A Radiant Life, Skinny Bitch (not raw but kept me going in the right direction, and funny). My very favorite is Happy Yoga which started this whole ball rolling and the one I like to go back and reread often. Happy shopping!

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    80/10/10 by Douglas Graham is the most comprehensive and easy to read book I've read so far. As far as Eating for Beauty, I haven't read it but I do find that DW is a supplement salesperson as a whole and tends to push a lot of it. I believe the basis of a raw food diet shouldn't be processed, packaged and imported, unless it's a banana.

  • I've found Natalia Rose's books, especially "The Raw Food Detox Diet," to be especially helpful, even though it's not totally raw. She calls it raw done right.

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    I really love David Wolfe's "Sunfood Diet Success System". Besides being hardcover, glossy and beautiful; it's a pretty good primer on the raw lifestyle and life in general. As with any 'guru' or teacher, take everything with a skeptical grain of salt and see if it speaks to your truth, not theirs.

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