What's happening to me???

So, about six months ago I got in touch with a raw guru guy who started me on green smoothies (morning and night), with that, everyday I ate for lunch/dinner a big green salad with a bunch of different veggies added in, among eating other raw foods. Everything went great during the summer/fall -- loved the food -- felt really healthy -- lost weight -- it was all coming together. Then one day (within the last month) I made my pitcher of green smoothies and just looking at it (and the smell) turned my stomach. I also couldn't stand the sight of a green salad. So, I gave myself a break for a few weeks hoping I'd get my desire back for the green stuff. Today I made a pitcher of green smoothies again, and the same thing. I could puke looking at it. I only got down half a glass so far. I also ate a spinach salad for lunch, but didn't really enjoy that either. I know since it's winter, and living in the northeast, the fruits and veggies are not fresh local produce. Everything tastes bland and old, and I'm freezing most of the time. Is anyone else going through this -- and how are you coping? Help!!!


  • Are you rotating your greens? Each plant has something in it that if eaten in LARGE quantities, over a long period of time will cause you to become repulsed by it. This is a survival mechanism for the plants so that they are not over eaten in nature and therefore eaten to extinction. Perhaps you could go to the store and just walk around looking at the greens and find some that speak to you. Your body will tell you what it needs. I live in the northeast too. I know what you mean in regards to less than farm fresh foods. I choose to use more root veggies at this time of year (carrots, carlic, parsnips, turnips, beets). Last night I whipped up some rawvioli, using thin turnip slices as the wrapper. It was so good that even my SAD dh ate it. Perhaps you would do better eating more citrus right now? It may not be local, but it is in season. ?

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    I get sick of green smoothies too and don't eat them all the time. I'll make a marvelous oj/banana/mango smoothie or an oj/banana/strawberry smoothies, or grapefruit juice, orange juice or just eat fruit. You don't have to eat greens every day of your life and there are many raw foodists who hardly eat greens at all, and thrive.

    Definitely don't tie yourself down, really you can eat iceberg lettuce if you want to, you will still get nutrients, after all it's mild and raw and tastes good.

  • I am still doing green smoothies every day. I used to drink one at night but now I drink them in the morning. It's not about the taste for me, I used to drink vodka straight, I can drink anything!

    However, lately, I just haven't been enthused over them. It has to do with winter, I think. I usually have, half a cuke, a 2-4 of handfuls of spinach or a head of red lettuce, what ever vege is laying around, like that half a carrot from last nights dinner, celery and lemon, with e3 live thrown in for good measure.

    I've never been much into sweet.

    I get up early and make one for my bf before he goes to work, he likes em sweeter so he gets banana and apples in his, too

    Today I poured warm water over steel cut oats and a tsp of nutritional yeast. I added raisins and dates. I had this before my smoothie and it worked for me. Winter, snow all over and I can't have cereal? lol. I don't eat grain often, but when I get a craving for it, look out! If i don't have something healthy, I will make vegan cookie dough and eat the whole batch raw. After all, even raw and (mostly) sober, I am still compulsive.

    Maybe you should make smaller smoothies? or try them with just a couple of leaves instead of a blenderful, like I do.

    Oh and I don't remember who said it up there but rotate your greens.

    But when it comes down, listen to your body. If greens make you want to hurl, quit them for a while. It doesn't mean you have to go back to cooked foods.


  • Thanks for your comments. Each one has something I can relate to. I'll rotate the greens and hopefully get my desire back to eat/drink them, or maybe forget greens for awhile and make fruit smoothies. As I'm freezing most of the time I have been eating warm oat bran in the morning so I can warm myself from the inside. I'm realizing I can't eat in the cold months the same way I do in the warm months because the luscious local grown produce isn't there. This weekend I'll make some raw lasagna and zucchini hummus, which I haven't eaten since last winter -- and pray for an early spring.

  • fwiw-i *have* to stay 100% raw-even in the winter months (for medical reasons), but have VERY hot green tea or mate' in the mornings-and herbal tea all day long on cold days.

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    LOL to Zucchini Breath - raw cookie dough and mostly sober. Heh. I now have a girl-crush on you.

    Also, we're liable to use more frozen fruits this time of year. Frozen pineapple and romaine is a smoothie most people find palatable if not downright tasty. Oh! We've recently found goji berries in the freezer section at our Whole Foods, and they're delightful - not tough and raisinlike like the dried ones, these are the whole, ripe berries.

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