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does being a raw foodie hurt your social life?

I've been a raw foodie for years now and while I love the diet and the way I feel, it's tough on my social life. Dating non-vegans can be really tricky - where do you go for dinner? I think most people slip back to a non-raw, meat eating diet for social reasons; it's just easier and more convenient to be social when you're not on a restrictive diet.

With all this in mind, I started a completely free dating site for raw foodie singles like me. No ads, no spam. Just a great way to connect with like-minded people and meet some new raw friends (maybe some raw love!!). Check out http://RawDate.com and let me know what you think .. I can add features to suit your needs .. I just want to build a great community for raw singles looking for love :-)

Peace, Jesse


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I think you're very much mistaken in the statement that "most people" will eat meat or cooked foods when socializing. This is certainly not the case with most of the people here, nor most of the vegans/vegetarians I know personally. (I would be about as likely to eat meat when I go out to dinner as I'd be to drown a kitten.)

    And welcome to Goneraw.

  • That's a very good idea, and the design of the site looks very pro. Nice work. ;)

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I am not 100% raw, so while I might stick to more salads and maybe soup or a small appetixer when I go out(for my own taste) I do not give in to what everyone else is having and in fact even going out eat healthier than most of my friends. For socializing however, there is a new raw foods cafe near me that does potlucks on Sundays so it is very possible for me to go out to dinner with that group and stay all raw(plus I get many new ideas).

  • I dont have a problem with food when going to parties or such,

    it is most of the time made a problem by non vegetarians/raw/vegans.

    After 20 years I know there might be very little to eat and I am prepared for that, no hard feelings or a big deal.

    I find, more and more that people are becoming very considerate, they go out of their way and make special dishes for me. (I am not all raw).. and if not..theres always that salad....

    Vegetaqrianism and veganism is growing, it is a word most people know nowadays.

    20 years ago you were the eccentric, the extremist..in a phase...over the top...

    .I would never eat meat to be polite, I stand by my convictions and besides I would get very sick.

    For others to pressure you into eating to be polite is a sign of ignorance,your friends wouldn't want you to get sick...

    Going out to eat can be a problem sometimes, salads are good, but not all the time!

    When it comes to dating.. I'd rather be with a raw or vegetarian, and they dont grow on trees,

    I dont want to buy , prepare or serve meat, if a guy can make his own.. go ahead! Who am I to judge others.

    But I would like to keep my own cutting board and pots free for it tho...

  • I try to go to as many raw potlucks as I can. I don't like to draw attention to my diet when I'm going out to eat with friends but I do find it inconvenient sometimes when at a restaurant that offers very little raw other than a low quality salad of iceberg lettuce. If I'm really hungry, which is most of the time then I'm very tempted and usually give in to something cooked. I try to make it something simple that's a whole food. I sure wish there were more raw restaurants around.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Being raw only interferes with social life if you let it. ;) I eat before I go out, and then if there's something available that I like, I can eat that, too. As for dating, if a guy can't handle my eating differently than him, then I know we're likely to have more/worse relationship problems than preparing different meals.

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    "I think most people slip back to a non-raw, meat eating diet for social reasons; it's just easier and more convenient to be social when you're not on a restrictive diet."

    I think what RawDate meant by the above statement is that when vegans end up reverting to meat-eating habits, often times it is due to the difficulty of being vegan in a social pack of non-vegans--- I dont think it was meant to say that most vegans eat meat socially-- that's silly

    anyway, I have found it to be pretty hard- I LOVE eating, and I LOVE being with friends and going out to eat-- it's one of my favorite things to do in life. I can usually find something to eat-- and it's not a problem. The problem I have is that my diet usually ends up being part of the conversation and I am sick of that! "What, no bacon-ranch dressing Annabelle?" it gets pretty frusterating. I know people are just joking, but if they knew that someone says something EVERY TIME I EAT SOCIALLY maybe they would freaking cool it. =)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    No, it doesn't hurt it; I think people love to converse with me about it.

    However, *I* for my own personal reasons would love to have more raw female friends.

  • I hear you Annabelle about the constant comments on your food habits, but I see this as great opportunities to inform people of the benefits of being raw and vegetarian. There are many misconceptions and these social discussions are great for clearing them up.

    I never preach about my choice of food, but when people bring it up its a great time to share!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    some strategies I use are:

    Invite people to eat at my house or hope they will go to restaurant you can eat at. most people who are adventurous don't mind. most people like my raw food a lot and are happy to have someone else make a meal for them!

    Second is make some friends who like to eat raw or are vegan. then you can swap recipes and eat together at places maybe your other friends might get sick of

    Hang out with friends in a non-eating situation. go on a hike or go to the movies (bring your own snacks to share)

    I like people who are open-minded in many ways. Those who are not open to my eating raw probably will have a hard time being friends with me in other ways since I am pretty liberal.

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    People who eat meat or cooked food "to make others comfortable" or "to be polite" are obviously not going to get sick or have an aversion to such foods. I would find it nearly impossible to do so, unless I was literally starving and knew there was no way to get good fresh food, I'd only do this in a survival situation. I haven't knowingly eaten animal meat in over 7 years and I've been a guest in many homes and been to many functions where eating is involved so that hasn't been an issue for me.

    In my mind it would be a bit of a challenge to find someone suitable as a mate by just looking at the food they eat. I already have a mate, and we both started out eating the same way, through many years of marriage he changed his eating habits a little and I changed mine a lot but our relationship was built on so much more. The more power to one that finds a mate with matched eating habits, even if you're both raw you could still be eating vastly different diets. I think the more important issue is tolerance, acceptance and support of each other, more than anything else.

  • HI Raw Curls

    I agree with you on that ,my mate is still on a SAD diet and he allow me to be me and I allow him to be who he is

    He has made some changes in his diet .I'm a raw vegan and it don't bother him. So we accept each other diets and lifestyles.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I do think it can be hard to socialize with others.. especially during the holidays. I found myself just staying vegan and not worrying about raw as much (at dinner at least :)

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    durianrider, try meeting that girl here in North Texas, not going to happen! Especially with some of my religious standards. Food is not high on my list in terms of finding a mate, but I do want somebody that eats healthy and takes care of their body.

    I will say that I departed from my attempt to work towards 100% raw for social and religious reasons, but I am completely vegetarian now, eating a high raw diet. I almost always have at least two raw meals a day and several others that are either all raw or contain mostly raw ingredients. I will use things like Ezekiel bread and pockets and load them up with raw goodness.

    I believe that you can be as raw as you want. Some people go all out, others don't and neither should criticize the other for their decisions, but at the same time we shouldn't assume certain things about the other. Many reasons people may not do 100% raw are likely not even social. Mine are predominately religious, but bleed over into social.

    To put it simply, I have come to love raw foods and how I feel when I eat them so I stick to it as much as possible, but I don't let it become a burden for me. I live in freedom, and for me that means allowing myself to eat cooked meals but still stick to a vegetarian diet.

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