My name is matt, I'm vegan and taking 09 to ease into raw. I'm starting the year off with a cleanse and then I'm going to start cutting things out of my diet (like soy milk) and replacing them with raw (like almond milk) each month until I go raw on January 1st 2010.

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    Hey Matt, Welcome!

    I'll tell you, being vegan will make the transition much easier, you may find yourself raw in half that time, probably less!

    I'd say the hardest thing to give up would be bread, anything else fairly easy.

    All the best.

    P.S. Just checked a few of your You Tube videos, dude you've got rhythm! Go go go Tae Bo!

  • hey, matt.

    i've seen your youtube videos before and have found them very inspiring. i hope you keep them up.

    i'm transitioning slowly too. i recently cut wheat out of my diet and this has made a huge impact. i'm still eating rice & rice cakes but have filled the gap with lots of veggies and fruit also. at the rate i'm going now, i think i can make high raw by 2010 too. i'll be looking out for you on the interwebs for more inspiration.

    happy 2009!

  • Raw Curls, yeah bread is going to be one of the last things I'm cutting out. Although, I only eat Ezekiel bread, it's still pretty addicting. I've made my own raw bread out of sprouted / dehydrated wheat berries. It was pretty plain, I'll have to find some better tasting recipes.

    tangerina, glad you like my videos! I'm posting a few more today: One to document my weight loss, one to document my raw transition and one to document the Master Cleanse I'm doing.

  • Hi!

    I'm also a vegan now planning to go raw (mostly for the health and weight issues). I like your plan and think that it's really smooth and yet exciting. I want to do it a bit faster and on trial first, so I will start eating one raw meal every day for two weeks on Monday and then be completely raw in the beginnings of February. I agree with you on bread being the most difficult one - well, beside pasta, I have to admit, but there are wonderful recipes with zucchini looking like Spaghetti and so on. I haven't tried homemade raw bread yet, but I'll let you know, when I do.

    I'll check out your videos tomorrow.. I was just happy to find another new starter and liked your idea.

    Good luck!


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