I need somebody to tell me how bad soya milk is for me!

Hi, dear friends!

First, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support - without you (your recipes, wise words and unconditional love that I get from this website) I would never have been able to change my eating habits for the better! My transition has been a long process, but I am almost 100% raw these days except the venti Starbucks Earl Grey Soya tea misto that I drink every day from Monday to Friday... I know! I know! I am bad - that drink stands against everything that I believe in, yet I still do it - talk about an addiction:-) No rational thought can save me - how do I break this silly habit? Help please! Thank you in advance for caring! With love and gratitude: PlanetOrganic


  • Here is some information that you might find useful.

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    This may be what your looking for, and I believe it to be true:

    Your Latte may be in the way of you doing something really phenomenal for your body. Your body is putting energy is to cleaning up after your latte instead of cleaning house. There may be some really valuable progress that could easily be made if you where not introducing whack things into your body.

    I have had this experience because I've been mostly raw for 7 whole months but I was still using a lot of salt and drinking a lot of caffeine. I have had some digestion issues I've been wanting to heal so I cut those out (which I recognize is kind of extreme), but then I took a couple jogs and sat in a sauna and whoosh my whole intestinal tract blew out a disgustingly toxic load that could have been in there for years.

    hehe. sorry that's disgusting but like whoah my life is changed. and YOURS CAN TOO!

    p.s. water is way better. :) blessings.

  • Zinfandel,

    Thank you - you are so right and I think your message strongly resonates with me right now - I hope I feel this strong tomorrow morning when I "have" to get my soya intake:-)


    Thank you for all the information - I think I will read it everytime I feel the "need" for soya!

    You are all amazing! I will keep you posted on my progress!

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