I feel kicked out of the site :*(

After the site changes I haven't been able to sign in under my usual screenname and i haven't gotten a response for help....


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  • That happened with my last account since the website changed, but I got it back after changing the old password :-)

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    Gitanaraw -- sorry to hear you've had problems with your original account. Here are a couple of comments Kandace made back in November on the "Welcome!" blog right after they started the updates.

    "You should be able to log-in again by choosing "reset password." If you are having troubles, please write and send your username and email address that goes along with that username (and also your new email address if this has changed)."

    ". . . You should be able to go on and reset your password now. The trouble was that you were signed up with a different email address than this, so your reset notices were likely going there."

    "If anyone else is not receiving their reset password emails after requesting one, this is likely the issue for you as well. Please write me directly (kandace at needmoredesigns.com) and I'll post the correct email address to your account."

    Hope you get the problem resolved soon. I know others had similar problems and were able to regain access to their original accounts. Do keep us informed. The Gone Raw community is still a caring group of Raw Foodies.

    Just in case you're having any problems navigating the site . . . Click here if you'd like to see how to access and use some of the new features.

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